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A Good Year???

Just a moment

Yom Rishon

I'm wearing clothes.


My Darling

Beautiful Rock

I'm here only today

Road Trip


Two Waters, Please


Water and Sky

I write, you write.

I love this blue sky.

Yesh khatool.

I need an umbrella today.

He cooked Wacky Mac.

Here's my son.

Quite Excellent

There's no milk.

Don't like to brag, but I have a great husband.

I want to see Thor today.

It's raining today.

Something Something

I have wine.

I celebrate Hanukah.

I love birds.

I said Happy Holiday to my daughter and also to my son.


Yom yafeh, Nakhon?

Good for you.

Check, please.

I have a lot of time.

Ani s'mecha.