Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall 2012 #49: The Curse

I don't know what was up with the condiment line today, but about a million kids were in line to get pickles, mayo, french, ranch and/or ketchup.  Why do we offer condiments?  Back in my day, there were no condiments.  I ran over to help at one point, rolling sporks into napkins and placing them on trays as I ran down the eternal line of kids.  A little guy asked me, "Is this how you used to do it at Taco Bell?" Kind of nice that the kid remembers deets from my bio.
       Problems in the condiment line segued into problems with spillage. I had to help quite a few kids pick up their fruit salads from the floor which is not pleasant at all.  As I was on the ground with one little gal picking up chopped fruit, I inquired, "What happened here?"
       That's when she told me about the curse of the lunchroom.  "I was trying so hard not to spill it and then I just spilled it."  Damn you lunchroom!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall 2012 #49: The Denouement

I didn't take this picture of a cave at Leonard Springs.

There are a few things I'm not too pleased about.  The cousins and aunt and uncle left yesterday.  Then 20 Something Daughter left today.  In a few hours, #1 son will head back to dormland.  My cold that lingered throughout the fun times decided to ratchet up a notch today, making me tired and glum and nose blowish.  An hour ago, I finished one of the best books ever and now I'm in that post visit, post great book pre back to work kind of funk.  I decided to blog to pull myself out of the blues when lo and behold come to find out, I can't post pictures today because I'm over my photo quota.  Have vague recollections that this happened before and I did nothing and then the bloggers let me post pictures again.  Still, totally miffed.  It's as if the universe doesn't really want me to cheer up and is kicking me while I'm already down.  Damn You Universe.

Husbandman said he'd see the Twilight finale with me tonight so that potentially could help turn this bus around around and propel my head back into the game.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall 2012 #48: The Hands

Yes, we've been busy. We've been doing Thanksgiving right.  As you can see here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall 2012 #47: The Holiday

Have I told you all how great NCTE was this year?  Hard to leave the site of crazy fun and learning, but it was also good to get back to the great stories of Artful School.  Case in point. I noticed one of my fave kinders had a big chunk of his hair oddly cut off.  I asked him, "Did you get a haircut sweetie?"
"Well, no.  I took out my gum and made a crown around my head with it and then I had to take scissors to get it off."
Obviously, that story's worth the price of admission.  Today sameKinder came to school with his head shaved.  Undaunted, he called me over in the lunchroom and held up his sandwich.  "Dr. H.  This grilled cheese is paradise!"
"I too enjoy a good grilled cheese," I told him.
I really love the kids at Artful School.  Just in case you didn't know that.

 We're coming up on a national holiday peeps.  Time for food and kinship.  Let us proceed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall 2012 #46: The Love

Those cirque du soleil characters really know what they're doing.  What a blastorama watching them dance jump and jive to the music of the masters.  I felt like the cirques were throwing a party just for me.  Thanks, Cirques!  Boarding to go back to IndyTown.  This fall is the falliest fall of all.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall 2012 #45: The Vegas

Here in Las Vegas.  Have heard and seen so many incredible talks.  I'm taking a quick blogging break and then I'm running to KC and Rachel's talk.  My talk went very well, imho.  You may not know that I was talking about a study Mitz and I worked on with third graders.  We were focusing on a podcast the kids made about the book, Four Feet Two Sandals.  Today I saw the author and got to meet her.  Had my pic taken with her.  She took my picture too and was so jazzed about the podcasting project.  I bought another book she wrote about Haiti.  This has been a good time.  My new resolution is to up my reading game.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall 2012 #44: The Transparencies

Autumn Pods

Fall.  That time of year when I stress out over the NCTE talk.  It just wouldn't be fall (would it?)  if I weren't running around breathing weirdly and breaking down in tears every once in awhile and snapping harshly at poor Husbandman.   But, let's put all that aside. True to fall form, the talk is done at last and now we can get on with autumnal fun in Las Vegas with Judith.  I'll get to see KC and Pronto as well.  BONUS!
I have my NCTE Conference catalog.  Can't wait for the plane ride, so I can peruse said catalog page by page and plan each and every session I'll attend.  I usually try to focus on one area with NCTE. Not sure if it will be technology this year, or critical literacy, or writing.  

Fall side note:  I actually walked this afternoon for about 45 minutes. I told my physician pal JR that I was trying to walk more.  Last week I walked for ten minutes.  JR was his usual kind caring self when he told me I should probably up that a wee bit, but his point came across loud and clear. 

And another fall side note:  Transparencies cost me 66$.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday, November 09, 2012

Fall 2012 #42: The Risk

I read an article about taking risks.  So yesterday, I ordered a tempeh burger for lunch.  The tempeh burger was surprisingly delicious.  I'm heading out for more risk taking today.  Sure I'm nervous, but that's part of a risk taker's life.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fall 2012 #41: The Results

I have a great sense of relief about the election results.  Didn't get everything I hoped for, but who does? I got a lot of stuff that I wanted here and across the country, including marriage equality and Glenda Ritz for our Hoosier superintendent of education.
 I sang Oh Happy DAY!  with a colleague in the hallway yesterday morning before PLC work.  We were so happy because no one was in the hallway with us and we could really belt it out and dance along to ourselves. Fun times. Cheerful fall days.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Fall 2012 #40: The Walk

#1 Son voted for the first time today.  A woman at the voting place told him to give her his cell phone so she could take a picture of him voting.  I love that woman so much.

After school today I took a 10 minute walk.  Fall's still looking beautiful. Colorful leaves are hanging in here and there, mums holding on to their color. Crisp cool air.  After the 10 minute walk, I worked til 10 at school.  Now I'm home and all's right with the world.  So fall, so good.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fall 2012 #39: The Franks

Okay, we're just past the midway point in the fall blogging challenge.  Frankly, I've got about 35 more blog posts to go. I'll probably make it, but who can say for sure?  Today I am sick and ttytt, frankly, I'm stressed.  I have a bad attitude and quite frankly I'm feeling hideous about everything.  I'm in bed, trying to work, but frankly, I'm mostly just watching TV and pitying myself.

Here's a sweet story about the new Little Red Head at Artful School. Let's get off this bad fattitude of mine. In the caf yesterday New Little Redhead came up to hug me as he does daily.  A caring adult came over, hoping to capitalize on our special relationship.  She suggested to LRH2 that he tell me what he did that morning.  The kid stared in my eyes and wouldn't speak.  Then a helpful kinder yelled from behind him, "He tore up 4 books!"
LRH2 continued to stare at me, frankly, quite plaintively.  I asked him to tell me what happened, but he just replied, "He's right."
I could sense that he didn't want me to have a bad impression of him, so I said, "You won't do that again will you?"
"No," he said frankly.  We hugged and put an end to that nonsense.  There's no way I'm going to be chiding LRH2.  Frankly, that kid's a dream.

Friday, November 02, 2012

The Astronauts

 From a Lynda Barry book, I've used the idea to have the Thirdlanders draw self portraits on occasion.  Draw yourself as Batman, a monst...