It's raining today.

Tr: Hayom yored geshem.

There's been news from home this week, coming to me in bits and pieces and I'm very happy that pals have kept me up to date with phone calls, texts and emails.  Waiting for news has been an eye opener for me in that I operate under the assumption that news travels hyper fast and we all know everything quick as a wink in this our modern age.  Not totally true peeps.  Sometimes news takes days to surface and may come in dribs and drabs. Sometimes we never know the whole story.  These are soul trying times when I'm reminded that I'm a stranger in a strange land.  While I try to calm my curiosity about home, that's easier said than done, my friends.  Come to find out, that's the lot of the traveler experiencing a year abroad.


Anonymous said…
Hang in there. I wish you were right here in Btown with me sitting at Uptown watching the snow.

Yep, there been lots to hear about this week...I'm sure of it!
LH said…
JW, I WISH THE SAME! OTO DAVAR. That means the same thing. I like to throw in a little heblish when I am able.

Mrs. G. I hope things are settling down at school. I miss coming by to chat in your great classroom. Thinking of you and all my FV friendies.

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