Saturday, November 30, 2013

I said Happy Holiday to my daughter and also to my son.

Tr:  Amarti Chag Sameach be ha'bat sheli ve gam be ha'ben shili. (This isn't right.  Don't try this at home).

We had the most splendid Thanksgiving / Hanukah dinner with our fun, funny, awesome friends here.   They are also excellent chefs. The food was emphatically sababa!  We ate under the stars, course after wonderful course.  A night to remember. Viva Khaveroot!  (Viva, Friendship!)

We saw some animals today at Hai Bar Park that are being acclimatized to this beautiful national park called Mt. Carmel.  They are in pens now, but some day they will roam free.  Their progeny may be the ones roaming free, I'm not sure.  The guided tour was in Hebrew, so we walked around by ourselves.  A teeny little kid came up to me as I was checking out the Persian Fallow Deer.  He was talking emphatically and pointing at the Persian Fallow Deer.  I looked at his parents and said, "I wish I spoke Hebrew so I could respond."  The mom rolled her eyes and said, "He is teaching you about the deer."  The dad laughed, "I just taught him about the antlers and he wants to explain this to you."

I said, "He certainly had that explaining look about him."  Husbandman and I talked about how cool it must feel to think that you know something that no one else knows about, that everyone needs to learn.

The boys have antlers, a small child taught me today.

Griffon Vulture

Home again.  


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

This reminds me of the scene in Flight Behavior when the suave scientist lets Dellarobia and Preston explain things about butterflies to him. Kind of a shady move. But I like the guy.

mm said...

I love today's translation and the little boy!

KC said...

I love that the kid tried so hard to tell you. Great kid!!

Anonymous said...

Great pic of the pathway leading to your home. Gives me a better feel of where you're staying.