I'm here only today

Tr:  Ani po rak hayom.
Akko Port

Western Wall

Yesterday in Jerusalem was fabulous.  We walked all over the old city and then we had dinner with wonderful niece at our fave restaurant. We're staying at a vacation rental home.  Today a guy knocked on the door and was speaking Hebrew to us and we could not understand him.  Then he pulled out a dagger that looked like it belonged to a medieval Crusader.  I was a little nervous, but then he pointed to a tree in the yard.  We tried to make it clear that this wasn't our home, but mostly we couldn't communicate well at all.  Finally we just closed the door.  Today we're moving south to the Masada and the Dead Sea.  

Via Dolorosa.  This is station 6, where Veronica wiped the face of Jesus as he carried his cross.  


Anonymous said…
Why did you open the door???
KC said…
How unnerving. I think you handled it well.
LH said…
JW, we opened the door because the woman who owns the apartment said some people were coming over to drop off luggage. In retrospect, I wish we had not opened the door.

Renting people's apartments is good, but it can be a little weird too. We've done it 3 times now and my opinions are still forming.

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