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Creativity + Patience + Stamina + Knowledge = The Traits of the Great Gardener

I've been gardening.  I want the miniscule side garden to look nice when 20 Something shows up tomorrow.  I'm almost done.

I chose some new plants this year:

The Obedient Plant which I'm hoping lives up to its name.  The Japanese Painted Fern which won Perennial of the Year in 2004!!!!!  Pincushion Plant, which might have been a mistake.  It already looks a little ticked off and reluctant to grow.Lavender because I'm thinking Husbandman might want to start a Lavender Soap Company this summer. 
Every year I don't want to garden, but every year I do and I end up letting our teeny garden turn into a massive time suck.  I spend a lot of time staring at the plants after I stick them in the ground.  I'm talking A LOT of time.  Just standing and staring.  It's kind of odd, even for me. I've been reading about the qualities of the great gardener.  Not sure I have what it takes, but there's something about gardening that appeals to my compulsivity.

Independent Movie Review! Love Story + Dose of Cool + Vampires = Only Lovers Left Alive

Husbandman and I saw Only Lovers Left Alive yesterday at the IU Cinema.  Latest film by Jim Jarmusch.  We both liked it a lot. Here's our review.

LH:  What'd you think?

Hm:  I love the mood of it.  I loved the sets.  It was beautifully shot.

LH:  I thought Tilda Swinton had great hair.

Hm:  Oh yeah.  And she always has great eyes.

LH:  Her eyes are huge.  Tom Hiddleston is becoming one of my fave actors.

Hm:  What else have we seen him in?

LH:  Unfortunately, you missed out on Thor because you refused to go.  He was phenomenal in Thor.

Hm:  That's a decision I do not regret.

LH:  Fist of 5 for Only Lovers Left Alive?

HM:  I'm going to give it a 4.  It was really good.

LH:  A 4?

Hm:  What's your problem with a 4?

Lh.  It should get a 5. We loved it.

Hm.  There were a few times where I thought it dragged a little bit.  5 is essentially a perfect movie.

LH:   That's a wrap for Independent Movie Review with Leeway and Mr. Picky Man.  You should see Only Lovers L…

Mozarella + Nectarines + Basil = Salad of the Stars

I'm thinking of making this blog be a cooking blog.  Yesterday Nance made a variation of this salad and it was extremely delicious.  That got me to thinking about another salad I had once with watermelon and feta.  I recognize the importance of everyone eating these salads as soon as possible. I sent the recipes to Husbandman, 20 Something and #1 this very morning.  Somebody in this family needs to get going on these tasty salads. Stay tuned for more recipes that I believe other people should make.

Latte = Steamed Milk + Espresso

Husbandman and I worked at our local coffee shop today.  It's also a bakery so I bought some 8 grain bread.  I'm trying to eat "cleaner" which means less processed food.  Husbandman insulted my bread and said it was heavy and would make a better weapon than a foodstuff. I officially declare that I will pay Husbandman 25 dollars if he eats a sandwich with the 8 grain bread.  It's way past time for Husbandman to start eating healthier bread.

Last night at the brewery, a clinking on a glass interrupted our clapping for #1 Son's music.  At first I was annoyed, but then when I heard the glass clinker announce tearfully to her pals at her table and to all of us there assembled that she and her partner had just married that day and she wanted all of us to share in their joy, I was gleeful and cheered heartily for these newlyweds.  Indiana has gay marriage now. INDIANA!  I'm still a little surprised, to tell you the truth.  Hoorah!

Thursday + Creativity = Thursday Creativity Share!

Kind of in a rush today.  Spent 3 hours swimming and chatting.  Now I'm heading out again for eating and chatting.  But here's the thing:

If you head over to the Monroe County Historical Society Museum you can see some cool historical photographs that have been touched up in color!

If you go to Upland Brewery tonight you can see #1 Son play music. I hope they play my favorite Stevie wonder songs.

And if you click here you can read a poem about chapstick.

Thursday Creativity Share is in like Flynn.  Not the best, but let's forget the rest.  Historical photos in color, the best bassist in the world, chapstick.  There you go!

(∑ r_j) / 5,367 = 3.7 where the sum is from j = 1 to j = 5,367 and r_j = the rating of the jth voter

Husbandman helped me with this equation.  It's basically a fancy way of reporting an average score for the fit bit.

I'm reading about the fit bit because I kind of want one now.  KC has one so why shouldn't I?  Good friend Linda suggested I try out the free PACER app on my iPhone, but I don't really like having my iPhone clipped to my waist band.  For some reason that creeps me out.  Also, the PACER app did not get me to 10,000 steps today so I think there might be something wrong with it. The fit bit seems so pleasant sitting there on the wrist, just racking up the steps.

Sadly, there are a few issues keeping me from ordering the fit bit right here and right now.  First off, its ranking isn't stellar. On a fist of 5, fit bit got a 3.7 on the corporate cyberstore rankings.  Some of the reviews are not great and one reviewer called it a glorified albeit inaccurate pedometer. Second off, good friend Kathala's tech savvy Husb (Hi, RAY!) says that there's goi…

Summer Solstice Declination Angle = 23.45°

I've got to pump up the volume on the gardening.  You should see some of the gardens around town right now.  They're sick. We are featuring a dirt garden in our yard.  Last week we had a weed garden, so we're moving in the right direction.  Feel free to come over and check out our infamous Jardin de Dirt any time!
On summer solstice I joined Mitzker and some pals to see the re-lighting of the light totem outside the art museum. There was some great music there and women dancing with fire, which is something I'm thinking about learning to do. I'm also considering buying one of these hula hoops for some night time shows in our back yard. I'll perform the Hula Hoop shows for Husbandman and #1 Son on Wednesday nights. At any rate, the light totem came to life in all its glory around 9:45 pm.  Welcome back, Light Totem!  
Also saw the movie Chef which was pretty good so you might want to see it if you're so inclined.  After that, we celebrated our 27th wedding a…

.91Hair = Protein

I'm wanting my hair to be a little longer.  Judith, too, has expressed an interest in longer locks.  So I proposed we start a Hair Growing Club.  I proposed this about a month ago.

This week Judith out of the blue tells me she's going to cut her hair, that she no longer wants to let her hair, as we say in the club, "grow out."

"What about our hair growing club?" I asked her.

"I'm bailing.  We can start a new club," she responded confidently. She seemed totally remorseless when she said this.

So come to find out, I'm in a one person club right now.  If anyone wants to enroll, they can, but I hate to tell you this. You have to have short hair.  We're not letting long hairs into the club at this time.  And you have to share our mission of growing your hair to a longer length.  And I'd like a longer commitment than 30 days if possible.

Judith, please let me know when you have information about the alleged new club.  I'm anxious to…

Thursday + Creativity = Thursday Creativity SHARE!

Heading out to see some musical theater tonight.  #1 Son is playing in the band that's providing the music for GODSPELL.  Tomorrow we're probably going to the Kinsey Juried Art Show.   Saturday I'm joining Mitzker for a community garden walk.

On a downer note, I sat for 3 hours in the IU eye clinic getting my eyes examined.  It takes forever because interns check your eyes, and then doctors come and check on the interns. 3 hours is too much. I want to contribute to the teaching of the interns, but I'm kind of annoyed with the whole shebang right now.  The whole time I was there I was wondering if I got one of the higher quality interns. I'm not really sure. I wish the interns had to hand you a copy of their transcript before the exam began. Then you would have an inkling about who these people are.

Luckily, Godspell will cheer me up soon. Do you remember that song DAY BY DAY?  It's upbeat.  I'm impressed with my ability to pull out of my eye clinic doldrum…

e^iπ + 1 = 0

Jess and Alexander came over this morning.  This Alexander kid is incredibly happy and sweet as can be. These pix aren't quite what he's all about. Sure he's cute as a bug in these photos, but I wish you could see him in real life.

 I'm so jealous of his orange onesie.  Sometimes I wonder why they don't make onesies for adults.  They look so comfy.

Husbandman has not been too thrilled with the equations I've been sharing of late.  He sent me the equation above tonight. He really loves it and wanted it to be the title of this blog entry.  I asked him what it has to do with and he answered, "What do you mean?  It's a mathematical fact."

Well, okay.

Then he told me that it's great because it has "the 5 most important #'s in the world all together in a nice simple equation."

We've got 0, 1, pi, i and e.  What's e again, you might be wondering, like I was.  According to Husbandman, it's about 2.718, but it's irration…

E = cm∆T = 4.17 Jg-1 K-1 x 1000g x 25°C = 104250 J

This equation has something to do with how much energy you're going to need to freeze water.

I just pop the ice cube tray into the freezer and it all happens magically.

It was in the 90's today and you can't even imagine how humid it was. Okay, maybe you can. Imagine sweat dripping off your eyelids and pooling inside your ears.  And of course your clothing is soaking wet.

Sometimes I think about going to the local swimming pool, but it's super loud there and lots of kids are there, being uproarious.  Why can't there be one pool in town for adults?  I need an Olympic size pool right now.  Sometimes I think about going to the lake to swim, but I'm suspicious about the lake water.

d = s x t

You can use this equation to solve for the lightning strike distance.  Not sure how the variables break down, but it's kind of neat to think that we could use mathematics to figure stuff out if we wanted to.  I guess that's something I'm learning from this challenge.  There's a whole world out there people, and math is a key to that world.  Physics too probably.  As well as other sciences.  All the stuff I didn't study in school.

Basically, I can't figure out jack squat with the stuff I've learned and know.  It's frustrating as all get out.  Not going to lie.

RH = Pw/Pws · 100%

This equation has something to do with humidity.  I have no idea what it means, but I do know it's humid right now and I am sweating.  That's just how it goes sometimes.  Summer in Indiana, you're going to be sweating, so just try to deal with it.

On the good side, #1 Son mowed the lawn today and I love when the lawn is just newly mown.
And on another good side, I sat outside Good Friend KVS's house this afternoon and watched her kids climb a tree.  I used to be awesome at climbing trees.  Seriously, champion level stuff.  No lie.

Before the tree climbing got going, her sweet son asked me, "Do you want to see me run around the house really fast?"  Of course I did, but I asked him to wait until I could get the stopwatch on my phone ready to time him.  He acquiesced and then took off.  20 seconds.  His big sister really gave him some kudos.  "20 seconds?  That's faster than last time."  I really love these 2 kiddos.  They were heading to St. Lou…

.42CD= Cats

42% of Coyote Diet in Tucson = cats.

We had a fun evening on Mitzker's Deck tonight.  We chatted, ate great food, laughed a lot. Thanks for hosting us Mitz.  The sky had such a beautiful color to it this evening.

On a serious note, I was happy Mitz brought the cats in the house this evening.  There are some coyotes lurking about the neighborhood.  And come to find out, coyotes will eat cats if they get the chance.

Thursday + Creativity = Thursday Creativity SHARE!

I was visiting Creative One Woman last night and also Good Friend Marion.  It's always fun to check out the creativity at One Woman's House. Out in her stunning garden, her husby's limestone carvings are placed among the flowers.  I wish limestone weren't so heavy because I always want to borrow a few of these carvings but popping them into my trunk would be nearly impossible.

One Woman doesn't blog as often as I would like her to, but she does just about everything else in Creativity Land, so we're going to cut her some slack.  Last night, she made champagne cocktails for us and here's the recipe.  She also made a delicious spicy peach pie.  She loves this pie cook book and is baking pies like they're going out of style this summer.   I wish everyone in the world could have a slice of her spicy peach pie because I can't even describe how awesome it was. Best pie ever. Check out these cool creative doors she painted in her kitchen. She can draw on …

luciferyl adenylate + O2 -------------> oxyluciferin +AMP + light

This handy equation has to do with how fireflies light up.  The fireflies are in good form right now.  Floating around the backyard, glowing into the darkness.  And speaking of glowing, I was really looking forward to seeing some lightning yesterday.  Though we had some fine raininess, no lightning. No thunder.  Come on midwestern summer.  Get the lightning going.

4 x 2 = 8

We visited the wine bar on the square last night.  I had a flight of white wine.  4 glasses with 2 ounces each. All very tasty.  Husbandman had some pie and port.

2 good pals walked by, saw us there, and came in to sit with us and chat.  That's the great part of living in our town. The slightly bad part is that there aren't too many opportunities to do things that are new or different.  So I'm going to have to put a wee bit of effort into that goal. We had never been to the wine bar before so I found that to be satisfying.  We will return there, even though it will no longer be new or different to us.  Same old same old can be good too. But let's remember not to get stuck in our ways.

On Sunday, we went to campus and watched a violent, but good, movie called Cold In July.  Right in the middle, a viewer behind us exclaimed, "Man this is dark."  True that, Buddy Boy, but please keep your comments to yourself.  This isn't Israel where talking through movies…

12 cups H20 + 7 scoops of coffee beans = Start to a Good Morning

We're back home with all our peeps and all our stuff and all our beautiful Bloomington ways and means.  Summer mornings have a feel to them here and so do summer evenings.  Right now it's raining.  I love the rain.  Birds have been chirping away since about 4am and I do love the birds.  #1 Son is awake and soon I'll grill him about all the stuff he did last night. He loves it when I do that.   We broke down his jam session room yesterday so now it is our dining room again.  Our return has been a bit of a game changer for him, but he has handled it well and welcomed us with open arms.  The place was a bit dusty, but all our plants are thriving, the lawn is mowed, our furniture is in good shape and all our knick knacks and paddy whacks are just as we left them. Thank you #1 Son, for being the Keeper of the Homefront.
       Re-entry has been pleasant as can be.  I highly recommend the sabbatical leave to one and all.

9 + 1 = 10

We were 9 months in Israel and 5 weeks in Toronto.  Tomorrow we're heading home.  I'm having my Packing Anxiety Syndrome, but it's not severe, at this point in time.  Mostly, I'm feeling happy.  Anyway you spin it, we've had an exceptionally wonderful 10 months.  And any way you spin it, home is where I want to be.  I'm even singing my favorite Talking Heads song in celebration.....

Home is where I want to be Pick me up and turn me around I feel numb, burn with a weak heart Guess I must be having fun
The less we say about it the better Make it up as we go along Feet on the ground, head in the sky It's okay, I know nothing's wrong, nothing

3 x 365 = 1095

I decided that others might want to know about the important documentary film I blogged about yesterday so I put my blog link on facebook. I do that sometimes.  No big deal.

 My friend Fiona posted a link to an article about another woman who dropped off the grid. Joyce Carol Vincent died on her couch in London when she was 38.  Her body was found 3 years later.  Her TV was still on.  There were unwrapped Christmas gifts in her apartment.

Her body was found when someone went to investigate lack of rent payment.  It took 3 years to check into her failure to pay rent. The electricity company seemed to be dozing off as well, since her TV played for 3 years straight.  Makes you wonder why we pay our bills.

 The author of this article went searching for info about Joyce.  She interviewed many of Joyce's former friends and made a movie about her called Dreams of a Life, which I now want to see.

Peeps, if at some point, you notice I'm suddenly off the grid, it's probably not in…

Story ≠ Truth

We just finished watching a documentary called The Woman Who Wasn't There.

It's about a gal who pretended she was a 9/11 Survivor and got very involved with the 9/11 Survivor support groups.  She got a little bit famous, but come to find out, she made up the whole story.  I'm figuring she had some mental or emotional problems.  She wanted to stand out and be part of something important.  I guess we all do. Let's try to cut her some slack.

So many people believed her and cared about her.  Now her life is probably a total train wreck.  She's off the grid right now, so I'm not sure what's going on with her at present. I've googled her, but no luck.  That gal is gone baby gone.

I feel a lot of compassion for this woman, even though she screwed up royally.  I hope she's somehow able to do her best and forget the rest.

It doesn't matter if you know that her story ≠ the truth when you watch this documentary, so I suggest you watch it if you feel lik…

RW + X = S

Bloomington Blue Jays had another win today.  The lid was off the stadium, and we soaked in some significant sun.  Edwin Encarnacion hit another homer.  The game was glorious.

After the game, we ventured to a beautiful little art cafe with our Canadian friends.  We sat in a garden and ordered sangria.  It really hit the spot.  Then we got to wondering about sangria.  Why are we not drinking sangria more regularly?  Besides the wine, what else should go in a sangria?  Should we order more sangria at this very moment?

We didn't order more because it was time for the fun party to break up, but I'm very curious about sangria now and I plan on getting to the bottom of these inquiries upon my return to Bloomington. I predict that by summer's end we'll be making the most excellent sangria in North America.