Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Turkeys

My photos aren't great, but man alive, we had a good time making these hand turkeys.

The Thanks

Thanksgiving is here.  We have kinfolk here from Seattle, California, Louisiana and New York.  Oh, this modern world.

There's some cooking happening, and some baking.  I'm on a 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off schedule today.  We've gathered materials for the hand turkeys.  This year, we're drawing on New Materialism Theory as a framework for our hand turkey assemblages.  You can read more about it here if you want to. Everybody's choosing different materials.  I, for one, plan on using water colors.

Stay tuned my friends.  And btw, I feel thankful for all of you today and ever day.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The List

Lately I'm obsessed with wanting to have a clean teacher table.  You should see how horrible my desk is.  I try to spend 15 minutes at the end of every day cleaning the table, but it's nowhere near enough.  All day I just throw stuff on there. It's dispiriting.  I know I would feel happier if my table were clean and organized.  I haven't figured out how to make this happen yet.

 I have a laundry list of things I want to do differently in my life.  Write more. Get back to the slogging.  Collect more plastic animals. Feel care free 24/7. 

Probably I should leave well enough alone for now.  November is a month where I hang on by a thread.  I hope Judith's ready for our car trip tomorrow evening to St. Louis.  4 hours isn't going to be nearly enough to catch up on the talking.  I basically have to leave the state to have time to talk with Judith.  What's up with that?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Hybrid

There's an awesome Thirdlander I know who loves football.  He wants to play every minute of every day.  Unfortunately, his crew of footballers has switched over to a frisbee game they've invented. Awesome Thirdlander can not understand this.  He was blue yesterday and asked me to do something about the situation.  I said, "What do you think I should do?"
   "Make them play football with me."
   I told him I wasn't going to do that and maybe he should think about joining their frisbee game.  He glumly walked away.  When I looked for him a few moments later, he was in the middle of the frisbee game, throwing the football up into the air and running and catching it.  The other Thirdlanders continued to play their frisbee game. He seemed okay.  They seemed okay. It seemed strange, but that's how it is sometimes in Thirdland.
Speaking of strange, are you watching Stranger Things?  You probably should if you feel like it.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Regret

Artist:  Betsy Glassey
This was a week I was happy to see end.  When the busy-ness gets overwhelming, I get frustrated with myself and with the world.  Yesterday I took the whole day off.  I've worked the last 2 weekends and that was a mistake.  I need to have fun and frolic as much as the next gal.  Anyway, we went to the handmade market and the quilt show in the morning.  It's neat to see the stuff people make.  I bought a raccoon jaw necklace for myself.  I almost bought a pin for myself that says, "Don't tell me what to do."  I wanted that pin in the worst way and it only cost 8$.  Why on earth didn't I buy it?  The thing is, it's a little abrasive.  Still, I'm filled with regrets.  If you see that pin anywhere, please get it for me and I'll pay you back. 8 bucks.  Geez.

After the craft shows, I went to see Blade Runner by myself.  Husbandman had already seen it.  It's quite good, if a tad long.  I think you should see it if you feel like it.  At the end of the day, we saw The Sklar Brothers at Comedy Attic.  I thought they were adorable.

A day off is a good thing.  Next weekend, Judith and I will be in St. Louis.  I wish #ncte was in a more exciting city.  No offense, St. Louis, but I have a real hankering for a trip to Chicago right now.  Or Tulum.  Or Vancouver.  I'll make do with St. Louis.  The Sklar Brothers recommend Ozzie Smith's restaurant.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Conferences

Art by RS
Conference season is here.  This week I meet with the parents of the Thirdlanders.  I worry about keeping these conferences on schedule, but the chats tend to be fun.  The parents like their kid and so do I. The parents think their kid is awesome and so do I.  We tend to be on the same page.  The Thirdlanders are amazing, so it's fun to brag about them with the people who love them the most in the world.

Then next week Judith and I head to Missouri for NCTE.  I'm not speaking this year and come to find out, I'm a little sad about it. Still, NCTE is usually fun. I'll hear some great talks and I'll get to visit Back and Forth hanging out with its new friends at the Heinemann exhibit.  I'll take pictures.  I'm talking about Back and Forth on Tuesday at our district PD, and I'm not done with the talk yet.  Today's the day to do my best and forget the rest.

I'm not done because I've been working on a presentation I'm part of for LRA with Mitzker and a new friend, Zawan.  I'm reading some stuff about New Materialism for this project, playing around with some Thirdlander book cover designs.  It's a cool project and I'm learning new stuff and I'm not confident that I really get what's going on yet.  So that's fun to be confused and nervous about the looming deadline.

A trio of conference events on the horizon.  November is Conference Month.  It's also Blog Renewal Month. I want to write on the blog 20 to 30 more times before the end of the month. Get ready for some subpar posts, my friends.

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