There's no milk.

Art Espionage, A Megalomaniac Absurd Ready Made Project that's fairly mind blowing.
Tr:  Ein Halav.

Huddle up, we just saw a very good movie on Netflix called The Vicious Kind.  The best part of this movie is the actor called Adam Scott.  I love this guy. Do you remember him in Stepbrothers?  Or how about Friends with Kids?  The weird thing is--- he always reminds me of Chris Eigeman who was in one of my fave movies, Metropolitan.   Chris is a little older, but they deliver their lines in similar ways and I wonder if they're friends in real life, or maybe they could be cousins.   J.K. Simmons is in the movie as well, and I can never remember his name, which is really a little bit rude because I think he's a fine actor and he's in a lot of movies I like. Husbandman says he would give Vicious Kind a 3.5.  I'm shocked because I thought it was really good.  Husbandman once again points out that he believes 3.5 is a very good score.  But when you think it over, that's a C- on the report card, so I'm not sure how he can justify that.  Almost failing. I told him that, but he says he scores report cards differently.  (Than the whole rest of North America, is I guess what's he's saying, which is at the very least, unusual).

Another movie we saw this week is Tiny Furniture.  Pretty darned good.  Now I kind of want to watch that HBO series Girls, because I really like Lena Durham's Tiny Furniture movie, though it was a little bit on the sad side and the main character was kind of rude to her mom. Come to find out, the actress playing her mom is her actual mom, so I think they probably care about each other a lot in real life.  Another Netflix gem, just sitting in cyberspace waiting to be watched by everyone who hasn't watched it yet.  Husbandman gives it a 4 on the fist of 5. High praise indeed.

See these movies if you feel like seeing them. They're right there on Netflix, so I suggest that you watch them while you're eating dinner.  That's what we did.  It worked out great.
Wadi Neighborhood Walk:  Museum without Walls

Yesterday I was anxious about stuff from home and I didn't get much done over here in Israel.  Today I decided to lighten up and do a teensy bit of work here and there.  I may not get this article written by the January deadline, but I'm not going to crumple up into a ball and die, if such is the case.  I'll just keep on living like I always do. Maybe make some web pages about things I'm interested in. Maybe I'll write a different article. Or create some little pictures of amusing characters with colored pencils.  I'm not sure yet.


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