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The Proofreading

While I was in Georgia, I had a task and that task was to proofread all the pages of the book.  Husbandman proofed as well.  At first the proofreading was tough.  I had anxiety about every line, knowing that the time for content changes was over and worrying that the book sounded only so so. I actually became dispirited and glum. Then I remembered someone said that you should proofread while reading aloud.  I think it was the goddess Anne Lamott, but I'm not sure.

As I read the book aloud, a chapter each day, I realized the book was AOK--- interesting and unique, for the most part.  Husbandman agrees that it's a good read. Yay.

On Friday, Husbandman and I had a phone chat.  We went through every page of the book together, sharing typos we found.  These were marked in bright ink and then I sent the proofs off to Heinemann.  I got an email yesterday that the proofs were received.  Now I'm wondering what the next step will be.

We shall see said the Blind Man, as he picked …

The Sweetness

Today's my last day down in the deep south. It's been fun hanging out with my parents and sibs.  My mom's doing well with her walker and we've had some cool field trips to the Dollar Tree, Kroger's, my brother's house, the Veteran's Museum, and sundry parks.  Today I provided a letter writing service for my mom.  Her handwriting has gotten shaky, so she dictated a few letters for me to send.  I loved her line to her best friend, "Dan's being sweet as pie to me because he thinks I'm going to die."

My mom tells it like it is.  I will miss her.

The Braves

The Braves have been doing great, but they're losing 7 to nothing right now.  I pointed to a pesky Milwaukee Brewer and said, "That guy looks like he's about ten years old."  Mom agreed, adding, "Baby Baby Suck Your Thumb."

As you may imagine, we're a bit dispirited because of the score.

The Pacino

We started the day with some Physical Therapy.  The therapist was excellent and added some exercises to Mom's routine.  Mom and I are now watching the Pacino classic, "Insomnia."  Set in Alaska.  Al Pacino is a famous detective, trying to help the local cops solve a murder case.  In the process, he accidentally shoots his partner.  He couldn't see him because of some fairly thick fog.  Pacino is pretty upset about this mistake, but these things happen. Nobody's perfect.  Put the past behind you.

The Review

Down here at 90Cab, we watch a lot of movies.  I enjoyed If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast, a film about a few famous nonagenarians living vibrantly.  It was a little hard watching this with my mom and dad.  Ann turns 87 in August and Dan just turned 88.  They're not super active right now.  My mom broke her hip a few weeks ago and can't walk well.  My dad takes Lupe out for a walk every morning, but doesn't do much activity during the day.  I wonder what it was like for them to watch Dick van Dyke dancing around with his 45 year old wife.  I suspect watching the 100 year old woman who runs 5K races dispirited them a bit.  (To be honest, I didn't feel that gal's running was that impressive. It was more like a quick hobble).  (But Kudos to her for getting out there and caring about her physical health).

Some of these vibrant nonagenarians and centurions were a bit arrogant to tell you the truth.  They had no new offerings or tips for active longevity.  …

The Therapy

Down here at 90 Cab with Mom and Dad.  The doctor feels that mom's recovery from hip surgery is going well.  I'm doing some physical therapy along with my mom so my thighs hurt like holy heck.  I obviously need to kick it into gear this summer with the physical health goals.

The Drive

I drove 399.7 miles today.  Ended up in Chattanooga.  Listened to a great interview with the author of Hue, 1968.  Truly fascinating.  You should probably read this book if you feel like it. That was one hideous war, let me tell you.

Now I'm in a hotel room.  I could have driven the whole way, but I felt tired and just wanted to stop.  Good thing I did, because I'm now watching the Warriors play against the Cavaliers.  I'm rooting for the Warriors, but I like Lebron James too.

The Imposters

We saw Elvis Costello last night.  He played so many fabulous songs.
Today has been quiet.  I should be packing for my trip down to see Ann and Dan, but instead, I'm watching The Leftovers, reading, and noodling about the house.  I ate some almonds.
Tomorrow I'm going to have to kick it into gear PDQ.  I'm heading south.

Another Day on Orcas Island

If you have another day on Orcas Island, check out Crescent Beach.  You will see many Great Blue Herons. Spend the afternoon whale watching.  If you're lucky, you'll see a humpback whale, repeatedly showing off its fluke. If you're extra lucky, you'll see orca families popping up together in their charming way.  Besides the whales, you may see bald eagles, harbor seals, harbor porpoises and one mink walking along next to the dock.  Don't forget to look for the oystercatchers.  They don't eat oysters, but they have attractive orange beaks that you can't miss.

After your whale watching trip, there will be no point in doing much else, so just head back to your garden cottage and nap for a few hours.  Let it all sink in.  Start planning for your next trip to Orcas Island. Or, just decide to stay.  There are some great articles about guests refusing to leave a vacation rental home.  There's not much the owner can do.

24 Hours on Orcas Island

I love everything about Orcas Island, except the internet.  Sending my amazing photos via wi-fi isn't working out well and I'm also having difficulty sending my interesting texts.  Be that as it may, you should probably head out to Orcas Island some time soon if you feel like it.  Yesterday we hiked through forest, saw waterfalls and starfish, had a picnic next to a mountain lake, and ate dinner at the incredible Inn at Ship's Bay.  Right now, I'm blogging in my Orcas Island garden.  A bald eagle flew overhead a bit ago and the rufus hummingbirds zip among the daisies and poppies.  My view is the Puget Sound and snow capped mountains in the distance.  Today we're off to see some whales.  I've wanted to see whales my entire adult life.  I talk about it every day pretty much.  The woman booking our trip said that there's a 99% chance that we'll see whales today.  I read the brochure to Husbandman last night, telling him about all the things we need to br…

8 Additional Hours in Seattle

If you have an extra day in Seattle, this is what you should do.  If it's Sunday, go to Fremont Sunday Market. Mix and mingle, purchase a few odds and ends.  I myself bought two large stickers:  a brain and an octopus.  After shopping, head over to Kubota Garden and walk through one of the coolest Japanese gardens in this hemisphere.  The Kubota family worked hard on this garden for decades.  They only stopped during the internment years when they were incarcerated for no reason.  You will probably want to go to Island Soul for a fine Caribbean lunch.  Then you might venture over  to the airport to say goodbye to your daughter.  Try not to weep, you'll see her in a couple of months when you head to California for a Mighty Brother concert.  As you can see, most every second in Seattle is full of fun.

24 hours in Seattle

This is my travel blog about my world travels.

If you're in Seattle for SIFF, let me tell you what to do.

First, go to the Henry Art Gallery.  on University of Washington campus.  Talk about the art with your family. Worship at the Jacob Lawrence exhibit. Learn more about a cool artist by the name of Summer Wheat.  Head over to Din Tai Fung for some dumplings.  Then go to a film festival instant classic called Patti Cakes.  Give it a 5 and move along.  You will love it.

Next go to Lincoln Park and walk along the beach.  Sit on some driftwood.  Bring a picnic with you.  Move it along to see the Terra Cotta Warriors at Pacific Science Center.  They're visiting here from China.  If you bring Husbandman with you, he can tell you more about how he saw the actual warriors in China on one of his recent trips here.  Don't let these words dampen your excitement or distract you from the warriors right in front of your very eyes.

End your evenings with home made rhubarb strawberry …

The Vacation

Well, here we are on vacation. 20 Something is here for the weekend.  Today we're going to see the terra cotta warriors!  Settling into Seattle.