Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two Waters, Please

Tr:  Two waters, please.

A wonderful letter I received today.
#1 Son is here.  Today we ventured around Caesarea, checking out the ruins of yore.  #1 Son and Husbandman agreed with me halfheartedly that it would be super important to watch the informational film about Caesarea while we were there, so learning was had.  We went to an eatery down by the beach and had a quite pleasant lunch.  Then we walked around the historic wadi neighborhood.  Then we saw the Hobbit movie. After that we watched the Sexy Saxophone Player video. A full day.  Don't know how we'll top this tomorrow, but we're going to give it a try.


mm said...

Love it... love it all...

Anonymous said...

You guys are rocking this visit! I love this note from MJ. It's so fun to watch her literacy emerge!!! She is a writer and reader for sure.


Bill said...

Sounds like the Quinn visit was excellent. I loved his photos and comments along the way. We get picked up by cab at 4 am to start our journey to your time zone. Can't we rendezvous for New Years Eve fireworks in Istanbul.

LH said...

That would be so fun. Our visit with Q was absolutely the best. You're going to have so much fun with your kin. Laura was her usual fun and funny self when we went out last week.

Hmmmm..... I am missing everyone. I will have to create some distractions for myself.