Tr:  You say this when someone has something big happen, like a big test, or a big event and then you want to hear about it.  It's kind of like, "So?"  but should be used for significant events

Today I had a near heart attack because we weren't sure for about a minute if #1 Son was going to make his plane.  It all got worked out and he's on his way to Israel, our beautiful host country.  We'll pick him up tomorrow around 3 pm.  For only about 2 minutes I was having my heart attack. I'm embarrassed to report that I even started crying for 20 seconds.  Then it all worked out.  My short and sudden heart attack made me think about my parents having 7 kids.  How on earth could they manage  the sudden heart attacks appearing and disappearing at a moment's whim? Honestly, I find it remarkable to think about my parents with seven children around and about, falling out of trees, jumping into quarried canals, smashing up cars, hitchhiking to different states, getting darts shot into their necks, losing their  new school shoes (that was me), putting dog chains around their little brother's neck and pretending he was a pet dolphin in the swimming pool which resulted in near drowning (that was me as well), climbing out our window at 2am to ride our bikes around in the local park with the riffraff of the neighborhood (me again, but in fairness Big Sister did take the lead there) and playing our version of King of the Hill out in the woods, which involved throwing large rocks at people's heads as they tried to ascend to King position (All Big Sister, I watched from the sidelines).

And we had that crazy dog Henry who was nothing but a hooligan.

How'd you make it through parents?  I bow down to you both and bestow high honors upon you.  You kept us alive and you kept yourselves relatively sane.  KUDOS, PARENTS!


Anonymous said…
OMG! Laughing hysterically! Your parents are amazing and I love seeing them. Get back and have them come up so we can go to the martini bar and enjoy some cool music! Enjoy Quinno!
mm said…
I'm excited that #1 son will be there for the holidays. I hope he brought you Christmas cookies.
Anonymous said…
Kudos indeed to Ma and Paw-Paw! A hug to #1 son for us--B&B
Anonymous said…
OMG! I'm surprised your parents can speak! Ann and Dan deserve medals!
jdoc said…
Amazing parents! Well done. Excited for you to see Quinn!
Gina Marie said…
Almost crying I was laughing so hard at your childhood exploits. Amazing post! So glad #1 son is coming to visit you guys!
Judy Williams said…
Our holiday break has finally begun!!! I must admit I get slightly befuddled when I try to name this break. I'm 50+ yrs old so I sometimes slip and call it Christmas Break, and then sometimes I get it right and call it Winter Break. But usually it's some weird variation of all of the above. But a kinder told me at the end of the day to have a great Summer Break. I just start laughing and gave him the biggest hug. So sweet! I don't care what it's called. A break is a break. On to make some banana cream pies.
KC said…
You Hs were super scary. I agree that the rents deserve a medal.

I also deserve a medal.

We all do

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