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The Catching Up

Friends,  Let's catch up.

Over spring break, I visited my parents.  My mom's not doing great.  She has a super bug infection and is getting some super bug antibiotics.  Center for Disease Control is somehow involved.  Not exactly sure how.  Please keep her in your thoughts. My dad's not feeling great either. So please think kindly on him as well. They're good folk and I love them so.

Then I went to New Orleans.  I met up with Husbandman, 20 Something and #1 Son.  Our time there was phenomenal.  Filled with music and great restaurants and talking and gorgeous live oak trees.  We heard #1 play music 4 different times.  I love the crazy character of New Orleans.  I know I have the tourist point of view, but man alive, I miss New Orleans so much.

Now I'm done with a week back with the Thirdlanders.  I had to finish up report cards and work with the Thirdlanders to publish their zines and get their portfolios in order.  We got the job done, but geez Louise, I was a litt…

The Flotsam and Jetsam

Tonight I texted #1 Son to ask him what he was up to.  I do that fairly regularly because I'm always curious about what he's doing.  He said he was going to some sit-ins.  You may think he's going to some protests, but come to find out, sit-ins for #1 means that he's sitting in with some bands.  FYI:  He'll be playing three gigs when we're visiting him in New Orleans next week. Woohoo.

Today a Thirdlander told me she wanted to research gender non-conformity for one of her zine pieces.  We've talked quite a lot about gender non-conformity this year, and the Thirdlanders love to use this term.  Whenever they can throw it into the conversation they do.  This gal wanted to search online for articles, but I said that I would have to help her with that.  She said, "But I'm going to use the safe search!"  I don't know.  I just decided she should wait.  Am I part of the problem????  I'm going to have to ask @JudyBookLady, most amazing librar…

The Flu

Husbandman has the flu.

Today he had a temperature of 103.9.

That probably seems high, but the world record for fevers is 115 degrees.  Some guy in Atlanta.  1980.

Sorry to tell you this, Husbandman.  You are far from breaking the record for fevers.  Come on, Mister.  Go for the GOLD!

The Traits

I've been losing my mind a bit lately.  When things get tough, I basically go a tad insane.  I should probably not be advertising that on this here blog, but that's how it is right now.  I write this stuff, you three read it.  Case closed.

I'm not always that great at dealing with situations that are out of my control.  I'm basically horrible at helping others.  I have other decent qualities, but helping others...I probably get a solid B or B minus in that domain.  It's not anyone's job to give me little helpful tasks to perform. I should be able to step up to the plate and come through without specific instructions.  If I've ever seemed not super helpful when you needed me, know that I'm working on it.

 Maybe there's other stuff to do besides helping.  Loving. Lurking. Lying in wait.  I'm good at stuff that starts with L.  Which makes sense because my name starts with L.