I love this blue sky.

Tr:  Ani ohevet et ze ha'shamaim adom.  (Not sure I have this right).
This is my science fiction one sentence story I wrote today:  

Hollis loved everything about living in this new age, where she could put on her programmable jacket each morning and the electromagnetic field would guide her effortlessly to her cubicle.  

This story was inspired by an NPR story I heard a few days ago about a scientist who learned how to put little jackets on sperms so they could be guided via electromagnetic field to the eggs.  They lose some motility with the jackets, but they do get there.  So far the jackets have worked well on bull sperm, but we're not sure about human sperm yet.  


Anonymous said…
Your picture is beautiful! We could use some blue skies around here!

mm said…
I love the one sentence stories and know there is a place for them in my classroom.
KC said…
I'm weirded out by the sperm jackets.

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