Quite Excellent

Tr:  Mamash metzuyan

Here's another one sentence story I made up.

"Let's face it.  I'm a loser," Isabel said to her classmates, shredding her collage into bits immediately after her presentation.

I didn't get the name of this artist, but you can see this at the Haifa Art Museum.


Anonymous said…
Here's my sentence:
Seriously?! With coffee in hand she opened her computer and the words flowed forth into the article she had been troubled with.
LH said…
What an awesome SENTENCE!

But let's remember.... my sentence is a representation, not a reality.

(That's something I'm writing about right now).

Here's my riff on your sentence,

With wine in hand, they sat out on the deck and the words flowed back and forth between them, causing their troubles to waft into the summery air.

Anonymous said…
Both well done.

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