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The Granny

Read with a squirrelly little firstie today.  We'll call him Squirrel.  This kid is absolutely cantankerous and drives all of us out of our minds.  I had no confidence that he would consent to a reading test with me this afternoon, but he did.  At first he tossed the book and asserted all the usual flim flam about not being able to read.  After the flim flam jimmy jam, he finally started reading. "This is my brother.  We like to make sand castles.  This is my sister.  We like to sing.  This is my grandma.  We like to go boating....Well, SO DO I YOU OLD GRANNY!" I burst out laughing and so did he.  A fun, bonding moment, which is pretty rare with this kid.  He's usually screaming out all day at the top of his lungs stuff like, "Stop looking at me.  I'll punch you in the face! SHUT UP!  You are an IDIOT!"  The kid's not much of a charmer, but he's not all bad.  During the test, he held a TRANSFORMERS pencil the whole time.  He refused to tell me w…

The Windy City

We are heading to Chicago for spring break.  Husbandman and I are the two people going.  #1 Son has some odd plan that involves going to Texas.  Will learn more about that soon I'm sure.  I've gotta get going on some dinner reservations.  Maybe Green Zebra?  Maybe Frontera Grill?  All so good.  And now we're thinking we may travel on up to Nova Scotia this summer.  See some whales?  Check out some pelagic birds in the Bay of Fundy?  Not sure yet, but this could happen.  We ordered a Doers and Dreamers pamphlet from the Nova Scotia tourism bureau.
Don't want anyone to think that I'm ignoring the reality of the day to day.  Vowing to do my best to help the Artful School kids get through ISTEP week with calm courage and confidence and a little bit of fun too.

The Movies

I saw The Artist.  Didn't like it. The Help wasn't that great either.  My 3 faves are Descendants, Moneyball, and Midnight in Paris.  All good. If one of these could win, I'd be pleased. Saw Hugo. Liked it a lot, but I don't want it to win.  Did not see War Horse because it seemed dumb.  Did not see Tree of Life.  Seemed odd.  Now I have some regrets about that, because who knows?  Maybe it was good.  2011 was a decent year for movies, but I'd like to see the industry put a little more effort into the movies in 2012.  Come on, Movie Industry.  Do your best, forget the rest.

The Work

I'm at work today, but I've decided to stop working and do some blogging.  BLOGGING BREAK!!!

BREAK TIME's OVER!  Back to work!

The Sarn

Big discussion today about how I don't refrigerate my lunch when I get to work and about how my office mate is freaked out when I eat egg salad sarnies.   My officemate (mom of Hank, see hand below) inexplicably initiated this discussion in the midst of a curriculum mapping committee meeting, in front of 8 teachers I know barely at all.  I asked the others if they thought the 3 hour lack of refrigeration was weird.  They all agreed with my office mate that it was weird.  One implied that I could be putting myself in mortal danger.  Another suggested that I freeze the bread from now on if I'm not going to refrigerate my sarnies when I get to work.
Geez people.  Lighten up.  The sarnies are still cold from the fridge.
Anyway, we eventually got back to the tedious task of curriculum mapping, and our day moved on from there. It was actually pretty fun hanging with these peeps, who all seemed to sincerely care about my health.
 And tonight I bought some yellow snapdragons.  And I t…

The Productivity

I was just a zippin' and a zoomin' today and that is how I like a Monday to go.  Sweet moment with the firsties.  I was showing them a power point I made about flow maps.  A student teacher was back at the computer advancing slides for me as I stood in front of the screen.  Every time a slide advanced they would scream out and yell questions like, "How are you doing that?" and "You're not magic!"  It seemed funny to me that they didn't know about power point.  I told them I would come back and teach them how to make one. That's going to be extremely fun.
On a pertinent side note, we have a little kinder who has taught me some great terms that you too may like to use in future---Fuckerass and fuckerbitch.  V. inappropriate of course, if you're 5 years old.  If you're 51? These terms can and will come in super handy.

The Cranes

Saw thousands of cranes at Goose Pond yesterday.  Sand Hill Cranes.  We also saw a hawk flying low, along the road.  I'm having a hard time identifying it.  Might be a Roadside Hawk.
It was about 15 degrees when we were out there, which really didn't allow for much lingering, as we searched for the Hooded Crane, a rare and mysterious bird that has lost its way (FROM RUSSIA AND JAPAN) and is hanging out in Indiana with the Sandhills.  Still, I'm pretty sure it was out there, and I probably did see it.

On a more important note:  Today I read the obituary of Patricia Stephens Due, a civil rights activist who believed that "ordinary people can do extraordinary things."  She wrote a book with her daughter called Freedom In the Family and she wanted to give attention to the movement's  "unsung foot soldiers."  These are the folk I've been teaching the kids at Artful School about---people who marched and protested whose names we don't know.  I wil…

The Redness

Because of my high blood pressure, I have to take blood pressure medicine.  I took one dose this week and within an hour my entire head and neck were red.  I had to speak at a teacher meeting the next day and I was a redhead most of the day.  So embarrassing, but even worse, I had a stomach ache that led to vomiting.  This medicine can not be great for me I figured, so I called the doctor and now I have to take another kind of medicine.  So I'm a little nervous about taking this medicine.  Obv. Anything could happen.
Happy Weekend Dears.

The RedHead

Little Redhead has discovered where my office is.  He loves to come in at random times during the day.  As he enters, he screams, "DR. H!!!!!"  I'm always happy to see Little Redhead, so I invite him to play with some of my HAPPYMEAL toys while we talk.  His teacher keeps finding him in my office, and she's really nice about it.  As she walks him out, I always call out jauntily, "Come back any time, Little Redhead!  Always happy to see you!"  I can't help it.  This kid makes me truly gleeful.

The Inferring

My task is to make a short power point about inferring for a teacher meeting that will happen this week.  I'm working with 2 other literacy partners who have done most of the work on this 50 minute presentation on inferring.  When I was in graduate school, I always prided myself on being the hardest worker in any group project. It was a point of pride and perhaps even some arrogance to constantly praise myself about how I worked harder than other people.  With this group project, I've been a total slacker. I had some reasons for this that had to do with time constraints, but I have to admit it.  I slacked. Because I slacked, I've been given a very easy job to do this weekend:  Make a ppt based on 3 key points in a chapter of the book we're all reading.  But now that I'm finally getting into making the ppt on the 3 key points, I'm finding I have a few disagreements with the 3 points. So, I'm tempted to go a bit outside the box with this power point, and intr…

The Q

A new blog is born!  Gotta give props to Q's Music, the blog about music that #1 son endorses and enjoys.

The Bowl

I wish I could get into the super bowl somehow this weekend.  I'd really like to livetweet the game.  If there's a will, there's a way.  I'm getting a ticket if it's the last thing I do.
Everyone always says to follow your dreams and that's there's nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it.  So if you have a super bowl ticket, please give me a call and give it to me.