Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Cards

In Thirdland, I'm seen as someone with quite a bit of street cred when it comes to Pokemon.  #1 Son collected the cards way back when, so I shelled out quite a bit of cash for the cards, watched the show every day after school and came to have my own favorites, including Squirtle and Bulbasaur.  Sadly,  I had to put the kibosh on the whole shebang of Pokemon at the school site by announcing to the Thirdlanders that Pokemon is now banned.  They weren't surprised.  The trading had reached a feverish pitch and even they could see that they needed someone to step in and get control of the situation.  These kids were trading like they worked on Wall Street.  Recess became a hyped up Let's Make a Deal show.

Don't worry about the ban. They'll get in to something new soon, and after awhile, they'll start wreaking havoc with it. That's just how we roll. In Thirdland.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Podcast

Photo Credit:  Heinemann 
Well, yesterday was a big day.  We had a celebration for Back and Forth.  We ate tamales and cake and drank wine.  The house could barely hold all the friendship and fun that frolicked through the place yesterday eve.  I wish my handful of blog readers that couldn't be here for the party could be here now.  I would give you leftover tamales and we could samples some of the fabulous wines that were gifted to us last night.  Fun times.  And one more thing.  Have you listened to the Heinemann podcast yet?  Brett did a great job of telling the story of the book with his questions and editing.  I do a bit too much laughing as I talk but does that really surprise anyone???? I'm so glad I went to Florida to tape the podcast.  I hope you don't think I'm going overboard with blogging about the book, but you've been with me through the hard times and I want you here now during the good times.  Thanks, good friends.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Herons

So first off, let me tell you
that everything's going well here in the heartland.  My colleagues threw me a surprise party for the book on Friday morning.  Funnest time ever. We saw U2 on Sunday night and that also was the funnest time ever.  And C., I took these photos of the mysterious green heron a few weeks ago. Life's just rolling along and I'm basically just singing my song.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Bees

The 3 day weekend is over, but my illness isn't.  I spent the weekend on the couch, watching movies and sleeping.  Yesterday I pulled it together to write the ILA proposal, so that's good.

Frankly, I'm irked, but I know things could be worse and I should just be happy that I didn't have to write sub plans for this illness which I'm calling Fatty Fatigue Syndrome.  I hope you don't get it, because it really knocks you OUT.

Still feeling punky, to tell you the truth, but I'm heading in to teach because I'm teachering up and that's how we roll.

My weekend was not the bee's knees.  It was just the bees.

Friday, September 01, 2017

The Fries

I'm thinking of calling any blog I write on Fridays, 'The Fries.'  Good idea?  Let's see.

Recap of the week's highlights, in a bulleted list.

  • Open House went well.  I talked with most parents about our tarantula.  I enjoyed that.
  • Katie Wood Ray agreed to present with me at ILA next summer.  I started working on the proposal this week. 
  • A copy of Back and Forth arrived at the house.  To be honest, I'm in love with it.
  • Judith gave me a cupcake.
  • My gentle yoga class was effective at calming both my mind and my body.
  • The Thirdlanders are making some awesome creations at our Well, well, well inquiry centers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Enjoyment

My mom was born 87 years ago.  She's not feeling as spry as in her heyday, but she gets up every morning, exercises, writes letters to friends, and watches our president's antics on the news with appropriate scorn and disdain. She looks after all of us and makes sure we're doing okay.  When I called her on Sunday from school, she said, "Lee, I thought you were going to try not to go to school on the weekends anymore."
I gave my usual excuses about Open House coming up blah blah blah but then I stopped and said, "Who am I kidding, Mom?"
"Only yourself," she answered.
She's right.  I'm kidding myself that x y or z will happen and then teaching will be all sewn up by 4pm and I can go off on my merry way.  I'm not doing anything wrong.  My job's not a mystery to be solved. Teaching requires lots of teacher time outside of the school day and that's how it is. It's a good job and I enjoy it. That's someone else's mantra, but I may need to borrow it. No one can tell me what's enough though. Only I can do that.  We got all the stories done and a Thirdlander said, "Is this the only thing that's going to be on display at Open House?"
"Yes, these excellent Best Year Ever pieces are the only pieces on display."
Of course then I got the great idea to take photos of the writers, so I have those too to put up during lunch.
And there's a slim chance that we might do our wild thing monster heads today if there's time.
Who am I kidding? It's time to embrace the workload. And it's also time to roll out the new mantra of the school year:  Enough's enough.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Ponderosa

Here's what I'm pondering.  Do I want a blog to tell people about the book or do I want an actual web page?  I'm thinking on this daily and doing some casual explorations on the internets, as seen below.

I like this LITLEARNACT wordpress blog a lot, but once I tried to create a wordpress and it didn't turn out so great. But let's face it, how hard can it be?  But maybe I should stay loyal to blogger. These blogspot blogs REFLECT AND REFINE and CATHY MERE are excellent and really get the job done. 

Sam and Quinn use web pages to send their stuff out into the world and I like their pages, Sam Quinones and Quinn Sternberg

I made this weebly for my classroom press last year, but I didn’t add to it because our district blocked Weebly, for some reason. 

So I'm all over the place.  Please weigh in. If you feel like it. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Bests

I'm not kidding.  I've got to get those Best Year Ever pieces done today.  This is no joke.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Papers

 Open House is coming up and I don't feel like putting any student work up on my walls.  We are working every day on stuff, but I can't guarantee any of it's going to be finished by Tuesday night.  I'm thinking of having Open House catered.  If I carry around trays of sushi and small glasses of sake, I doubt anyone's going to care that much that their kid doesn't have stuff on display.  I decided to take a "gentle yoga" class.  Tonight was the first session.  There were moments where I thought, "NOT GENTLE! NOT AT ALL GENTLE!"  But most of it was fine.  It's important to take yoga classes and not worry about posting student work.  Teachers in Finland don't go crazy with the hallway displays.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Wonderings

I'm about to run some ideas by you, so settle in and get ready.  Someone suggested that I make a web page or a blog for the book.  And that I create some new lessons that go with the book to share on that web page.  I'm not sure if I want to do a webpage or not.  I see some people have cool sites on wordpress.  Not sure what to do yet.  Please discuss among yourselves and get back to me.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Sun

At my workspot, no one can go outside during the eclipse, but we can go to the science lab and watch it on a big screen. My classroom doesn't have windows to the outside, so we won't be able to see the darkening skies, but we can think about the eclipse and maybe write some poetry about what it's like to be so close and yet so far.  We don't want to leave anyone's vision behind on eclipse day, so we're going to stay inside for safety. Some families are taking the afternoon off to enjoy the eclipse experience.   I want everyone who's able to see the eclipse to just go ahead and have a good time. Luckily,  I'll probably be able to catch the next eclipse in 2024.  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Pencils

1.  There's a book in my room that one of the Thirdlanders really likes.  He has encouraged me to read it to the class about 15 or 20 times a day.  Today I finally decided to read it.  When I walked over to the reading area with it in my hand, he jumped up and stood in front of me.  Addressing his classmates he said, "I want everyone to know that I highly recommend this book.  It's one of the best I've ever read.  And I'm sure you're all going to enjoy it a lot.  And you'll see at the end that it's based on a true story."  Then he sat down and we got on with the book.  It really was pretty good.  It's called Ketzel the Cat Who Composed. At the end, I said I wasn't sure the cat really composed the music.  He walked across the keys, but his guardian is the one who wrote the piece.  The Thirdlander in question disagreed vehemently.  "That cat walked across the keys, creating the music.  He was the original creator of the music.  He made the notes. He is the composer."
I'm not totally sold, but I decided to drop it.

2.  I'm working quite a lot right now.  Not at all like the teachers in Finland.  2 X this week I was at school for 11 hours straight.  I was getting stressed about it, but then I got home, ate dinner and went for a walk with Husbandman.  Life's good now.

3.  A few minutes ago, I told Husbandman that I'm kind of thinking about the concept of the bully pulpit.  He said, "Okay."
"Do you know what bully pulpit means?" I asked him.
"Yes," he answered, busy with his computer.
"Prove it," I answered back, but he refused to do it.  So, I guess we all can only conclude that  Husbandman obviously doesn't know what a bully pulpit is!  Incredible!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Zen

If I had more energy, I'd crop and straighten this photo.

Day 5.  These Thirdlanders are pretty darned nice.  Today they worked on writing in the morning. Some were even revising with green pencils. We read The Name Jar and I mispronounced the main character's name, so I'm going to have to correct that tomorrow.  We talked about Crow Boy and made some sketch notes.  We are building our reading stamina.  According to the Daily 5 book, the teacher should read as well at the beginning of the year, until the class gets to know the procedures.  These kids actually read a lot and are very focused, so I could've probably started reading conferences today, but I decided to keep reading ZEN TEACHER for one more day.   I'm enjoying the heck out of that book.  Our calm day had some riotous moments.  Case in point. One Thirdlander spent a considerable time in the restroom. When I asked why, the Thirdlander said, "My butt was exploding! It was almost having spontaneous combustion."  Besides this outlier, the day proceeded pretty much as planned.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Films

Rosalyn et Kyle
Our town has a summer film festival and this is the first time we've bought passes.  In the afternoon this past day, we saw Lost in Paris, a funny little film, full of nonsense.  There were 8 people in the theater, including us.  Then we went to another venue to watch The Other Kids, an interesting fictional documentary about high school.  Peeps, we were the only people in the theater!  The only ones!!!  So that's weird.  I feel like the film festival needs some serious help.  And I feel that someone needs to get their butt home and start running the film festival.  The films were good though and La Croix Water was a big sponsor, so I got to take home a case of LaCroix water.  I probably could have taken more, but I didn't feel like lugging it around. Welladay.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Shock

  After school today I tried a new approach to after school work. I packed up my old kit bag and headed to a coffee shop.  I worked there for 60 minutes, then I called it quits.  The barrista made me a special kind of iced tea which was refreshing.  The coffee shop was clean and quiet.  I had a muffin.  In other words, I'm being more like the teachers of Finland this year. 
At the beginning of the summer I wrote a blog entry pretending the summer was over and congratulating myself on what a great time I had. Do you remember that? Well, come to find out, I'm asking the Thirdlanders to write a similar piece, pretending it's the last day of third grade and they're describing why it was the best year ever.  Most of them are writing about all the fun field trips we took.  I may have to up my game in the field trip department.

One last thing.  I got an electrical shock this evening when I turned on the garbage disposal.  Now I'm not sure if I should turn it on again.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Beginning

A grand start today.  Sweet crew.  At the end of the day, I said good bye to them and I said, "Please, please, remember to come back tomorrow."  One Thirdlander said, "I'll be here!"  Another said, "Dr. H., our parents make us come here." Another sweet young man said, "This day went fast.  I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun!"  We'll see who ends up coming back tomorrow.

Tonight I'm tired, but pleased overall with a stellar beginning.  Not really ready for tomorrow, but what can you do?  What does ready even mean?  Let's just do our best and forget the rest."

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The House

The Open House was a success.  I have a strong feeling that the year is going to be fun.  The new crew of Thirdlanders came in with their supplies today.  While I mixed and mingled, they put their supplies away calmly and cheerfully.  They all seemed nice as can be. One little guy was a bit sad because his friend was in another class.  I held up my hand and said, "I am now taking a solemn oath that your Third Grade year is going to be awesome."  He gave me a high five on my oath hand, so I think we're going to be fine. Check back tomorrow for an update on the first day of my 33rd year of teaching.

Monday, August 07, 2017

The Resolve

A few months ago, Husbandman asked me if I wanted to see Lucinda Williams singing at a concert this very night last.  I did, but I feared that a concert would make me too tired for the first teacher day.  I overcame my fears and tickets were purchased.  Lucinda was amazing and when we left the concert hall at midnight, I felt an arrogant pride in my resolve to have fun and not worry about work.  Come to find out, at 6 am this morning, I was singing a different tune. I had regrets about seeing one of our nation's treasure's singing her heart out with her incredible voice and jaunty demeanor.  "I regret going to the show," I told Husbandman, as I stared into my coffee.

I headed to school for a day of meetings and planning and mixing and mingling with colleagues. As the day progressed, I still felt like a laggard, but I made it through and got a lot done.  Now it's 8:10 pm and I'm in bed.  Everything's going to be okay.  I'll sleep well, seize the day, and congratulate myself on clinging to that last bit of summer.  Just like Lucinda tells us:

See I got a candle and it burns so bright
In my window every night
Well it's over - I know it - but I can't let go

You don't like to see me standing around
Feel like I been shot and didn't fall down
Well it's over - I know it - but I can't let go

Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Flaw

I went to school today to sort out some odds and ends.  Teachers work tomorrow and the new Thirdlanders arrive on Wednesday.  You know how I'm always kvetching about not having enough time blah blah blah?  Well, I found out a critical truth about myself today.  The truth is, I have enough time, but I choose not to use it wisely.

I really didn't have to go to school today.  I had not much left to do.  And I had no unwritten book hanging over my head stressing me out as in Augusts of yore. I could have zipped in and out and had time to read a book or walk about aimlessly.  Instead of making efficient life choices, however, I continuously noodled about, diving into unessential projects.  First I decided to look through every picture book I own, just for the fun of it.  That took well over an hour.  Then I decided to learn more about Claes Oldenburg. We're going to be starting with a wellness unit and I thought some of his food sculptures could be a good kick off. Then I looked at videos of assembly line machines because I thought studying machine movements may help me with the Make a Machine arts based strategy I'm planning for day one.

All this stuff was kind of fun, but where do I draw the line?  Let's face it. I'm a time waster.  I waste a lot of time.  I need to stop thinking about things.  If I could stop thinking about things, the world would be my oyster.  Who knows what I could accomplish if I were guided by an efficient, single-minded sense of purpose?

Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Squirrel

I recently bought Animal Spirit Medicine cards.  This is how they work.  I pull out a card when I feel like it. I read about the power of that card's animal and how that power might help me.  Recently, I drew out the squirrel card.  It was perfect because I had to pack that day for our trip and squirrel's power is "gather what you need."  The whole trip I kept noticing squirrels running hither thither and yon and I felt a strange kinship with them.  Like the squirrels, I felt prepared and ready for whatever comes down the pike.

Fast forward to this morning.  I'm walking out to  Judith's car so we can go get some breakfast and I nearly step on a dead squirrel right on my back step. I was distraught, wondering if my squirrel power might have also died somehow.  Judith encouraged me to take a photo.  I sent the photo to Husbandman who was still inside and asked if he could somehow discard the squirrel carcass.  Later I called 20 Something and told her about my sadness about my potential loss of squirrel power.   20 Something has a different view.  She believes the dead squirrel may be a sacrifice and that even greater squirrel power may now be mine.

Friday, August 04, 2017

The Room

Summer's wrapping up.  Time for some thoughtful reflection. How'd it go?

Overall, I'd say the season was splendid.   I went swimming a bunch of times and traveled to some fine cities. In terms of physical exercise, I give the summer a C minus.  But in terms of engagement in quality experiences, the summer gets a solid A.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Re-Entry

 It's time to get into the school site.  Come on, Lee, You can do this!  It's already afternoon and I'm taking my sweet time about it.  I read Gail Collins' great piece about the special weeks that the current administration keeps touting. Infrastructure Week.  Hero Week.  I'm going to call this Re-Entry Week.  Vacation's been top notch and now I'm ready to connect with some new peeps and create some fun stuff with them.  Connect and Create might be my mantra this year.  I'm not committing to it yet though.  Sometimes I don't come up with the mantra until October. See how I'm into slowing everything down?  It takes a lot of slow to grow, Karla Kuskin tells us. I can't slow it down until I start moving.  But once I start moving, I'm going to move so slowly that  I might even come grinding to a halt.  Who can say? The sky's the limit, when my heart is in it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Airport

We ended our vacation with a wild night of revelry at Hotel Utah.  As usual, Mighty Brother delivered and the night was cheerfully raucous.  But here's the thing.  Vacations eventually end, my friends.  You're just going to have to face up to the facts and accept reality.  Just be grateful for the good times.  Good pal Mary tried to cheer us up this morning with an upbeat comment about getting to sleep in our own bed tonight.  It didn't quite do the trick, but you know us.  We have indomitable spirits and we'll probably get back into the game before you know it.  Maybe all our friends back home can throw us a surprise welcome home party to help ease us back into the real world.  I think it would really help.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Blissfulness

So, this is the cover of the book and as you can see it's very cheerful indeed.  Even if you're not a teacher, you should read this book if you feel like it.

Vacation is proceeding blissfully.  We have tasted wine in St. Helena, walked along the ocean at Land's End, mused over the Edward Munch exhibit and moseyed through the Roz Chast memories.  In between these lovely outings, we've talked and laughed with the pleasantest people around.  Tonight we wrap up the trip with a Mighty Brother concert at the Hotel Utah.  Many friends are joining us and it feels like it's my birthday.  I've sent a list of my favorite Mighty Brother songs to #1 Son and he agrees that I've made good choices.  Our family of four will be briefly and blissfully reunited.  I can't wait to get into the huddle with the team.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Sky

We are now in San Francisco because we are international travelers and followers of the Mighty Brother band.  On the docket is a trip to the wine country for some tasting.  Remember the old motto, The sky's the limit, when your heart is in it.
On another good note, my book is on Amazon now. People can order advance copies if they feel like it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Prize

Peeps, I've found the best botanical garden on the planet.  It's in Montreal. Hands down winner. It's hugely massive with thousands of cool and unique gardens. Also it has the insectarium. I spent hours walking around this place today. I am probably going to get a job there because I belong at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.  I'm ready to change it up a bit.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Vieux

I walked all over Vieux Montreal yesterday in the rain.  I rode the metro, saw an exhibit about the Montreal Expos, walked through courtyards and took pictures of old stone buildings. I walked along the canal and saw the locks and took a picture of a statue of Jean Drapeau.  Jean was mayor for quite awhile here.  He did some good things, but he lost about 1 billion dollars on the Olympics due to some serious mismanagement. The city's finally paid up that big debt. Charles Dickens stayed in Montreal at the Hotel Rasco while he was directing and performing in his play at a theater across the street.  His wife came with him and also performed, which is good news, because he later ended his marriage in a shameful way.  I also learned about Marguerite Bourgeoys, but we'll save her story for another day.  Husbandman needs to take his computer off to the conference now.
Anyway, c'est tout bien here in Montreal.  Today I venture out again.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Undistressed Damselfly

Bluet Damselfly
Husbandman and I went out for a swim this morning.  We went early before it got too hot.  As we floated back and forth from wall to wall of the quarry, the damselflies hitched rides on our arms staring at us with their massive eyes. I loved their skinny stick bodies with their sporty stripes of blue. Their transparent lacy wings folded back with a nonchalance I envied.   When I got home, I googled "skinny dragonfly" because I didn't know about damselflies.  Come to find out, dragonflies and damselflies are related.  They belong to the Order Odonata which means "toothed ones."  There are over 5,000 species within this order, with a third being damselflies.  The rest are the larger dragonflies, who lay their wings out flat when they're resting, somewhat pretentiously, if you ask me. This photo shows you some kind of bluet damselfly, which is the kind we saw this morning. The damselfly is a great hunter.  The stick body I so admired is actually its ten segment abdomen.  Damselflies have been on the earth for over 300 million years, so I guess they know what they're doing. They're now on my list of favorite insects.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Project

I heart Barry Lane.
After the cool conference, I spent a few days with the fam at 90Cab.  I got my mom a new, pink rollator.  Her physical therapist called the rollator the "cadillac of walkers," so of course she had to have one.

We got lattes one afternoon and went to sit in the square.  It was Georgia hot and muggy, but it was nice to check out the geraniums and dwarf gardenias.  I wonder if they're making plans to remove the confederate statue from the square.  That thing's annoying and offensive. Mom agrees wholeheartedly.  Maybe my Dad can take that on as a project.  He's good at talking to people and following through.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Conference

I'm early to the airport, so why not blog a bit?  The ILA conference was top rate great.  I had many fun experiences that I'll now tell you about.  On Friday, I met with Brett and Michael of Heinemann to record a podcast. Brett chatted while Michael took video. I was nervous about this, but overall, it went well.  Brett told me about upcoming possibilities for Back and Forth.  Back and Forth comes out on September 14.  I ended up enjoying the podcast recording.  I fumbled a few times, but mostly the conversation felt natural, imho.  Thank you Brett and Michael!

I had dinner with marvelous Michelle Flynn from Heinemann and 3 great educators:  Meredith Ogden, Lindsey Moses, and Stephanie Affinito.  We all worked with excellent editor Holly Kim Price.  Holly got held up on a tarmac so she didn't make it.  It was fun talking about where our books are and their different journeys.  These are fun, smart people and the night could not have been more fun.  I went to their sessions during the conference on Saturday and Sunday.  Amazing stuff.

On Saturday, I went over to the Heinemann booth to look around and to imagine what it will be like when Back and Forth is there soon.  Heinemann people came up to me to say hi.  They would say stuff like, "Lee, we were on the video call together," or "Hi Lee, I'm working on the catalog right now so I recognize you from your photo.  The book looks great."  So friendly!  Happy times indeed.

After Stephanie's session, Holly and I zipped out for a quick lunch. I was glad to get a chance to talk with her.  She gave me ideas for getting involved with the promotion of the book. So stay tuned for more info on that.  I also talked to her about some vague ideas for future books and she was encouraging. Who knows?

Saturday night was the Heinemann author reception.  I was sad to be without Judith because my mix and mingle skills aren't all that great. Plus it was hot and I kept sweating and my glasses kept fogging up.  But I just decided to ignore that stuff and make the most of my time with the Heinemann people.  I talked to Michael the videographer for awhile.  He's hilarious.  Then I let him move on to others and I saw 2 women talking nearby.  I walked up to them and said, "I'm going to talk with you now." They seemed fine with it.  They even gave me their card and said they review books on their blog and that I should reach out when it appears.  I saw Lindsey and Meredith and chatted with them and got introduced to Nell Duke.  SWOON!  Then incredible Elizabeth from Heinemann came over and said, "Who do you want to meet?"  I had a list, so we talked with Ralph Fletcher for awhile, and then chatted for a time with Barry Lane.  He's the dearest, funnest man, and I hope he can come to our school for a talk.  Then I met Katie Wood Ray and I asked her to present with me next year at NCTE since she is both a writer and an editor.  She said, "I'll do that, but you have to write the proposal."  I'm still kind of amazed that I did that.  I told her, "I can't really believe I just asked you to do that."  But she was friendly, supportive, awesome.   I can't even think about presenting with her because I get too pumped up and it's a long way off, if it even would happen.  But who knows??  The reception ended with a friendly and funny chat with Cornelius Minor, who is an amazing teacher and author and person.  He's also working with Holly on his book, so we're kind of related. His latest podcasts for Heinemann are top notch.  I can't wait for his book.

So after some great sessions on Sunday, I went back to the hotel and brought my book poolside.  I swam and read and wrote in my notebook.  Now I'm at the airport.  Heading to Georgia for a few days to visit Ann and Dan.  Still on a buzzy upbeat high from a weekend full of learning new stuff and talking to cool people.  We all need to go to more conferences.  Even if we're not presenting, let's just go.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Conference

I'm getting a little nervous about this weekend's conference.  It's in Orlando and Orlando is not my favorite place.  I don't much care for EpcotWorld and high temperatures annoy me. We have high temperatures here today, so I've scowled through most of the day.  It's too hot out there and Orlando's even going to be hotter.  I don't have the right clothes, so I went to the mall to buy some clothes, but I'm not thrilled with my purchases.  Truth be told, I'm nervous about recording the podcast.

I've got some anxiety going on right now, my friends, and I've got to get my act together PDQ. I wish I could have a Pimm's Cup. Please bring me one if you can.  A Pimm's Cup would make everything okay.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Farmers

Husbandman goes to the farmer's market weekly.  This week he bought some fine tomatoes.  A good pal gave us some zucchini she had grown right out of the ground.  Husbandman whipped up some zucchini fritters last night.  The guy is a miracle worker.

Today I have some plants to put in the ground---zinnias, begonias, marigolds and lantana.  Once again, I'm getting back to the land and getting my priorities in order.

Soon Husbandman and I will be off the grid completely, living as homesteaders.  I'm going to be a homeschooling teacher, here on High Street.  If you have a kid who wants some learning, bring her on over.