Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Bee Day 24

Maybe I would have made it if rain hadn't shown up in the forecast this week, but now we have indoor recesses and probably no field day.  Forget extra recess late tomorrow afternoon. CURSE YOU, UNIVERSE!

 8:45 to 3:50 X 2. That's a lot of hours. Maybe I'll bring in a movie.  When #1 Son was young, he liked to watch Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs over and over again.  Sometimes we'd watch it 3 times a day.  Maybe we'll watch a movie twice tomorrow and twice Friday.  I've never seen Frozen.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Bee Day 23

Maybe I'll stop procrastinating and grade the lit. logs.

I just don't feel like it though.

This is a good idea I had recently. What if, about 4 weeks before school ended, we started incrementally shortening the school day for the kids?

4 weeks left, we work until 2 pm each day.
3 weeks left, we work half days.
2 weeks left, we work until 10:30.
Final week, kids come in for 45 minutes a day.

The teachers would stay and work for the remainder of the days.  That way we wouldn't have to grade papers after school and work on school tasks on the weekends.  This would give us time to grade final projects and get the end of year checklists completed in reasonable time.
We could all start the summer like normal human beings instead of mere shadows of our former selves.

Monday, May 22, 2017

May Bee Day 22

Maybe we're going to make it.  Maybe we're seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel.

These Thirdlanders really make me laugh.  The stories were a little rough around the edges, but through the back and forth of the revision process between author and editor, they really are great fun to read now.  My favorite rough draft was about
 a young woman who  

gets bullied in college by a guy, so she studies karate and beats the heck out of him.  Then he keeps bullying her so she beats the heck out of him again. 

Some changes were made and the story now really hangs together, without losing any of its powerful active spirit.  Today we were a publishing house revising and illustrating our books.    Tomorrow we have the big collage book cover design session.  It's going to be epic.  Friday.... the publishing party!  Ooh La La!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May Bee Day 21

Maybe we're all rocking the May Bee. Here I am on a rainy Sunday morning, blogging for the 20th time this month.  Keep it rolling, Heffernan.  FINISH STRONG!

 Today is a bustle of activity as the mighty brother team eats breakfast and packs up for their trip to Birmingham, Alabama. They play tonight and Tuesday, so tomorrow they have a day off.  I planned an itinerary for them, visiting various museums and historic parks.  #1 Son seemed slightly interested.  I wish I could always plan their down time for them as they go from town to town.  They don't have time to do it and planning fun activities is one of my fortes.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Bee Day 20

Nicholas Cage's Bones will be in here one day.
Maybe you should go see the NORMAN movie with Richard Gere.  We liked it quite a bit.  Four point five on the fist of five for me.  Husbandman says a four.  High praise indeed.  Check it out why don't you?

Friday, May 19, 2017

May Bee Day 19

Maybe the May Bee is just a big pain in the neck.  I'm tired and I want to go to bed, but here I am trying to think of anything interesting that happened.  I taught a lesson about fractions today.  It was lame.  Mostly we worked on our social stories.  I have to praise the Thirdlanders because they worked on their stories without interrupting me too much during writing conferences.  I'm supposed to write up a bio for the publisher, where I write about my "edupassions."  This is the wrong time to think about the "edupassions."  I just want to think about taking a yoga class and jumping in a lake or two.  That's all I want.  But maybe I'll get my act together during the hypothetical weekend R and R.  It's sure to happen.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Bee Day 18

Maybe I shouldn't have cried when I read John's Secret Dreams to the Thirdlanders today.  I wish I hadn't, but when I get to that one page about John being murdered, I do cry every time.  I love the book and I love the ways John and Yoko protested war---with Bed-Ins and billboards.  I am going to have a Bed In soon.  Bed In for Impeachment. Maybe Husbandman will be at the Bed In too.  We'll stay in bed and sing songs together---- "All we are saying is....Impeach Trump Now" and "Imagine the Impeachment, It Isn't Hard to Do."  I'll probably live tweet the Bed In, so if you can't join us, you can still be part of it.  I can't have the Bed In this weekend, but soon.  I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Bee Day 17

Maybe this was one of the funnest nights of my life.  Lots of friends.  Pizza.  Mighty Brother. You make the call.  Funnest night ever?  I'm pretty sure you're going to vote in the affirmative.  I wish I could stay up for their next set at Blockhouse, but here's the thing.  I need to educate our nation's youth, my friends.  Someone has to do it, and I'm pretty sure it's probably me.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Bee Day 16

Maybe seeing a blue heron flying overhead is good luck.  Nancer told me that once.  Husbandman helped me type some of the social stories the kids are writing. That was pretty darned lucky because I really am down to the wire this time, people.  I'm going to need a miracle every day for the next 8 days.  Maybe it will all come together.  

Monday, May 15, 2017

May Bee Day 14

Maybe I'll blog twice today.  Better late than sorry as they say.  #1 Son is here.  Playing on Wednesday at the Trail Head around dinner time with Mighty Brother, so make your way over there. I hope they have enough tables for all the people that I've told to come over there.  Trailhead, you've been warned.  Ready or not, here we come.

 Today #1 gave a kid size concert to the Thirdlanders as they had writing workshop.  The Thirdlanders loved having him in Room 200.  They've been requesting this all year long.  The school system really should provide live music in all classrooms during writing time.  There was a super nice vibe in there.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Bee Day 13

Maybe it's been a great day after all.  The streptococcus is responding to the z-pack.  Better luck next time, streptococcus.

My brother and sister in law, and my parents and my sister and my nephew and Husbandman were all here for a fine lunch.  We ate cake and sang to my Dad, who turned 88 this week.  Here's an interview with my dad.

How do you feel about turning 88, Dad?
I feel relieved.  I'm looking forward to 89.

Favorite time in the last 90 years?
The 1960's.  You kids were being born.  I was working, going to night school, I was married to a wonderful woman.  The world seemed optimistic at the time.  America was riding high.

Who's your favorite child?
(laughing) Shirley Temple.

Tell me about an early job you had.
I worked at Walter Baker's Chocolate.  We made chocolate bars for K rations.  Ration Bars.  My first day there, I was working diligently and came break time and I reached in my shirt pocket for my cigars.  They were gone, As I reached over to put the concoction into the chute, I was bending over and my cigars must have fallen into the chute.  Some lucky guy got a candy bar that tasted like chewing tobacco instead of chocolate.

Thanks, DAD!  You're my favorite DAD ever.  NO doubt about it.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May Bee Day 12

Maybe these antibiotics will kick in soon.  I have strep. Streptococcus took down six Thirdlanders before he got me in the headlock as well.  I'll get you next time, Streptococcus. Revenge will be sweet indeed.

A guest teacher arrived this morning as I scribbled out some brilliant lesson plans, so I was able to head over to the walk in clinic for the strep test. The Physician's Assistant didn't think I had strep, but ordered the test anyway.  As usual, I was right about my diagnosis.  Maybe I should just be given a prescription pad to save everybody a lot of time and hassle.

Heading down to Georgia to visit my mom and dad.  My dad turned 88 yesterday.  Husbandman's coming too.  I feel sorry for the people on the plane who might get strep because of me, but there's not much I can do.  If I had my own prescription pad, I would pass out some prescriptions to people in our aisle. Alas, you're going down, flight mates. But maybe not.  You might be fine. Don't be pessimistic.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Bee Day 11

Maybe I have strep but maybe I don't.  Six Thirdlanders have been out of school this week with strep.  Today my throat started hurting a bit.  I'm also super tired.  Maybe I'll just go to sleep and not worry about it.  Then maybe I'll wake up tomorrow in great health.  Or maybe I'll wake up with strep and my dreams for a fun weekend with family in Georgia will be dashed.  Here's the thing though.  Whenever I felt sick or upset about stuff when I was a kid, my dad would look at me and say, "Remember, We don't break!"  He said it about a million times.  I always felt like it was a bit on the unsympathetic side.  But maybe it made me tough and resilient.  Hard to tell.
I recognize your power, streptococcus, but you don't know who you're dealing with here.  If you think you're taking me down, you better talk to your thoughts.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Bee Day 10

Maybe this crawfish loves being in a tub in our science lab.  Maybe she'll love having kids watch her. But here's something she might not love.  When the school year's over, she's supposed to go in the freezer to die a cold and lonely death. She might think that's beyond the pale. Who can say?

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

May Bee Day 9

Maybe it seems weird to put up a cool new bulletin board when there's 14 days of school left, but that's just how I roll.  I was assigned the May bulletin board and I got the job done.  9 days late, but as we say in the Hoosier State, better late than never. I honor my commitments. And maybe that's a pretty amazing character trait that I have.

Also, just fyi, when I got home from my book club tonight, there was a SKUNK walking around in my backyard. A SKUNK!

Monday, May 08, 2017

May Bee Day 8

Maybe I got a lot done today.  Maybe not.

I had some writing conferences.

I read about a school bus in India where the bus goes to the bus stop and the kids get on and study for a few hours.  They go to school on the bus.

I taught about the distributive property of multiplication.

I watched an episode of The Leftovers.

I made the most of a Monday. Did my best, forgot the rest.  That's how we roll during a May Bee Monday.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

May Bee Day 7

Foto Credit:  The One and Only Stan Alama, taken near Lake Louise.

Maybe we'll get a canoe instead of a pontoon.  We went to Lake Griffy today and rented a canoe.  Super pleasant.  We saw a heron and about 50 turtles. The barn swallows were fun to watch as well. We also saw a bear, over near the dam. We were surprised to see a bear at Lake Griffy, but I guess they're making a comeback. We felt safe in our canoe, but then the bear started swimming toward us.  We high tailed it out of there.  Husbandman, in the front of the canoe, provided the power, while I steered.  I'm sure the bear meant no harm, but better safe than sorry. 

Saturday, May 06, 2017

May Bee Day 6

Maybe I'll work at my editor job today.  Husbandman's flight was delayed so he won't be home until late this afternoon.  If I head to school, I can pick up some manuscripts and work at a coffee shop. Doesn't sound too fun, but maybe it will be. Probably not, let's face it.

The sun's showing up after days of drizzle.  Maybe I'll look into buying a pontoon boat.  When Husbandman comes home, it will be a big surprise.  We'll pontoon around the lake in the late afternoon and maybe we'll see some unique birds and maybe our pontoon will have a hammock, where I can recline as I read manuscripts. I'll wear big sunglasses and a floppy hat.  I'll sip on fizzy water and munch on cucumber slices and a cheese tray.

In the evening, Husbandman and I can picnic on the lake and drink some artisanal cocktails.  The moon will come up and we'll hear owls calling.  Maybe we'll hear the barred owl asking, "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?" I'll respond with my own song, "Husbandman's the cook, He's home at last.  Husbandman's the cook.  He's home at last."  It does have a ring to it.  I feel a plan a'hatchin' my friends.  I feel a plan a'hatchin. Maybe this day is looking up.

Friday, May 05, 2017

May Bee Day 5

Maybe this weekend will be fun.  Tonight I worked the carnival.  I sold pizza.  Our cool music teacher sat next to me adding up the totals which was great, because I get kind of brain dead on Friday afternoons and adding up the pizzas and drinks and bread sticks did stymie me from time to time. But making change I could do.  I told all the kids, "High school jobs.  So important.  Working at Taco Bell made me an expert at making change.  Get a high school job. You'll be happy you did."
I wondered if some of the parents didn't want their kids to work at Taco Bell. I just got a wee bit of a vibe from some of them when I talked about my BELL experience.  Like they didn't think it was that great to work at the BELL.  But maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe I don't need to be reading in to stuff right now.  Maybe I need to go to bed and get some sleep so I'm in good shape for my weekend.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

May Bee Day 4

Maybe this May Bee is going to be a pain in the neck.  But at least I'm here today and the blog post is getting written.

It's not like I don't have stuff to write about.  My dad got out of the hospital today.  2 days ago he had a massive seizure that left him almost dead on the ground.  My sister had to pump on his chest and follow the directions of the 9-1-1 people.

Then my brother drove up from Florida to help my parents and he hit a dog with his vehicle.  The dog just ran out on to the highway.  My brother's car decapitated the dog.  He told me he saw the head just flying up in the air.  

Then today I didn't eat breakfast because we had a faculty meeting scheduled and I was running late so I didn't eat because we always have bagels at faculty meetings.  Then the meeting was canceled so I had no food.

So between the seizure, the decapitation and the lack of bagels, yeah, I have stuff to write about. But maybe this stuff is too negative.  I don't know what to tell you. Maybe some days you've just got to tell it like it is.  And maybe that's what the May Bee is all about.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

May Bee Post 3

Maybe I need to get one of those fidget spinners.  Today a kid brought one to school.  It was my first encounter with the fidget spinner and I've got to say I liked it a lot. Man Alive, that thing can spin like there's no tomorrow. I don't want the kids to have the spinners though.  Just the teachers.

Today a woman walked into the classroom well before the bell rang and handed me an empty vase.  Because of Teacher Appreciation Day, the PTO requested kids bring flowers to their teachers.  It was a very wonderful way to start the day.  I received a lot of beautiful flowers and filled up several vases with them.  GO PTO!  THANKS BE TO PTO!  One of my sweet Thirdlanders saw how happy I was as I arranged the flowers and said, "Maybe we should have a Dr. H. Appreciation Day just for you, where the whole school brings you flowers."  Come to find out, I thought her idea was top notch and I  told her to please talk to Mr. Principal about making DHAD happen soon.  Maybe I'll send a few Thirdlanders up to the office tomorrow to get DHAD on the calendar. Not too many days left, so Mr. Principal's going to have to get crackin'.  STAT.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

May Bee Day 2

Maybe other people are enjoying their day off today.  But maybe I'm not and maybe that's because I'm working on 6,000 copy editing queries that are embedded into the chapters of the book.  I'm committed to finishing this today, but remember I've told you I'm not detail oriented?  Why can't people just get this about me and stop asking me to do things that require extended periods of focused concentration on my freaking day off?

Because I've committed to finishing this copy editing torture, I'll probably have to stay up all night and just drive to school tomorrow without showering, wearing these same clothes.  Maybe I'll just start smoking cigarettes today. For some reason I feel that smoking cigarettes could really get me through.  Maybe I'll smoke Marlboros in the red box. That's what my mom used to smoke when I was a kid. Mrs. Diemers across the street used to buy them for her at the army base store where she shopped because her husband was in the army.  Cigarettes were cheaper there.  Every week, my brother Glenn and I would go to Mrs. Diemers' house to get my mom's carton of cigarettes.  Mrs. Diemers would give us candy that looked like ribbons.  I never liked that candy, but I always ate it anyway. If only Mrs. Diemers could be here today to give me cigarettes and candy and friendly encouragement. I wonder where Mrs. Diemers is right now?  Maybe she died.

Monday, May 01, 2017

May Bee Day 1

Maybe we're going to get through this school year, but the jury's still out to tell you the truth.  It's always tough when it gets down to the end.  Stories to publish, research projects to finish up, novels to plow through.  It gets kind of crazy.  It's weird and unnatural to think that we're supposed to keep learning until we stop on that final day, when we head out to summer. I wish I didn't care about time on task as much as I do.  If I could lighten up on that, life would improve considerably for myself and for others.   Sage Cohen says we need to recognize that we "can exit the loop of overwhelm."   I see the last day of school as my exit ramp.  Until then we're going to keep plugging along. Every time someone tells me we only have X days left, I feel like screaming out, "Make it stop! I can't get it all done! We NEED MORE TIME!"  Maybe I should just go teach at a year round school, where there's no beginning and no end.  Or maybe not.  It's going to end and I'm going to be happy.  My dad tells me, "You're on short time now, Kid."  I've just got to do my best and forget the rest.

The May Bee has begun.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Wiggification

May Bee starts tomorrow.  I'm starting to get all jazzed about it.

Yesterday Husbandman and I saw the worst movie ever.  It's called Colossal.  The plot was so dumb that I kept being distracted by Anne' Hathaway's hideous wig. I kept thinking she was going to yank off the wig and have horns and/or a scary scar on her bald head.  Her character did get struck by lightning as a child, so it could have worked.  Plus one of her tics was to play with her hair / wig constantly.  I wanted that wig yanked off in the worst way. Ultimately, nothing exciting like that happened and the movie was a colossal waste of time.  Maybe you should see it.  I don't know what to tell you.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The May Bee

Maybe I'll blog every day in May.  Maybe I'll blog about the maybes that are rolling and roiling today and every day.

   Lately I'm wondering about this beautiful old blog.  Maybe it's run its course, gotten repetitive and predictable.  The amazing comedian, Michelle Wolf was at Comedy Attic a few weeks ago.  I loved her set, except for her attack on bloggers. She said that blogging was like having a conversation with yourself that no one wants to hear about.  She said that not even your computer wants to listen to your blog entry. She singled alittleleeway out in particular, reading several blog entries aloud. The audience groaned as she read.  Rats, I thought, fighting back tears.  Those were some of my favorite entries.

Maybe I have to accept that this blog is not only inconsequential, but in the age of evil Trump, my attempts at amusing distraction might actually be frivolous, self indulgent, even complicit?

Maybe I'm just down on writing because stupid NCTE rejected my convention proposal and now I won't be speaking about my book to handfuls or pairs of interested teachers. Guess what NCTE?  You're dumb and I hate you.

Maybe I need to get myself to a good old fashioned blog bee to get back to what really counts, which is remembering that this blog is one of the best blogs around. And that I'm free to write whatever I want whenever I want because this is still a free country. To hell with Michelle Wolf, Trump and NCTE. You mean nothing to me. (Except for you, Michelle Wolf.  I actually like you a lot so your words about blogs really stung.  Just FYI).

  Join me if you want.  The May Bee begins on May 1.  All you have to do is blog one or more sentences every day in May. You have to start and end each blog post with the word "MAYBE" or include the word maybe somewhere in the blog post.  It could be fun.  Maybe not, but maybe.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Design

America:  Sculpture by Will Ryman

The barn swallow is found all over the world and it's the most common swallow of them all.

This morning, Husbandman and I woke up early and sneaked out of the house.  #1 Son is home for a visit and we had musicians sleeping in all the rooms, hither, thither and yon. We figured they wanted their morning sleep because that's how musicians seem to be we've noticed.

So like I already said we sneaked out and we went to breakfast.  Then we browsed through our local book store.  I bought a book called Designing Your Life:  How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life.  I actually feel I'm living well and joyfully most of the time, but maybe there are a few tips in there that could be game changers.  Who's to say?

  Then we went to Leonard Springs and took a hike.  We saw the barn swallows zipping about over the sludgey pond.  I'm pretty sure they were barn swallows.  Maybe they were swifts.  Or house martins.  Who knows?

Now it's time for me to get back to editing the book.  I have ten files and two weeks.  This is my last chance to make changes.  Husbandman has strongly suggested that I not make changes, but there are always a few sentences that need tweaking here and there.  On Friday, the publisher also sent me a PDF with some samples of the book's design---the cover and some of the inside pages.  I can't wait for all of you to see it.  I think the book looks splendid so far.  I'm so freaking excited!!!!

Basically this is turning out to be a damned good Sunday.
Monday, you've got a hard act to follow, my friend.  And big shoes to fill.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Fuel

We had 7 hours of standardized testing this week and it wasn't much fun.  I am not pleased with the whole standardization machine. If you love standardized testing, I'm sorry, but I think you're insane and possibly dangerous.  So please seek help.  If you hate standardized testing as do I, please know that this week of testing added even more fuel to my fire of hatred.  We haters of the testing are in the right.  All others are wrong. Society, please stop all standardized testing of school kids.  All of the Thirdlanders are fabulous in all ways.  Every single one. We defy your scorish findings that try to tell us otherwise.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Flaw

 I don't have a good closing game when I'm on the phone.  I often hang up on the person when they're still talking.  It's weird because it seems like I'm hanging up at an appropriate time, during a pause.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The The

The conundrum of the Saturday morning.  The free time stretches out ahead of me.  How should I spend the free time?  We're talking about the possible hike and the likely picnic.  But what do we predict about the destination?  The Cedar Bluffs hike has the patches of the wildflowers this time of the year.  The new peninsula hike has the great views of the lake and sometimes the eagles appear.  There's the hike in McCormick's Creek where you can check out the remnants of the Old State House quarry.  That last one might be the ticket because we are presently studying the Indiana limestone with The Thirdlanders.  Did you know that if you drop the chunk of the limestone into the beaker of the vinegar it will start the fizzing?  That's because it has the calcium carbonate.  I will now share the interesting facts about the limestone from the WIKIPEDIA.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, composed mainly of skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coralforams and molluscs. Its major materials are the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate(CaCO3).
About 10% of sedimentary rocks are limestones. The solubility of limestone in water and weak acid solutions leads to karst landscapes, in which water erodes the limestone over thousands to millions of years. Most cave systems are through limestone bedrock.

Friday, April 07, 2017

The Comments

Well, the book covers arrived yesterday.  The same cover comes in 3 different colors.  I think I like the green one best.  I'm going to ask The Thirdlanders what they think.  As usual, I'm hesitant to decide.  In short, I like them all.

The book title is surrounded by brief statements that an editor might make to a writer.  These have been put in there just as place holders.  I have to replace these with new statements this weekend.  Husbandman, ever helpful, thinks that comments like, "Rubbish!" and "What is this monkey business?"  should be added to the cover.  I wonder what the team would think if I sent them a cover full of rude comments for kids?  Too bad it's not April Fools Day any more.  That could have been a good prank.  PSYCHE!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Apology

As we walked in to the classroom, small Thirdlander looked up at me and said, "We've got a salamander."  I ignored him as I tried to direct the Thirdlanders toward a calm transition from recess to silent reading. After a minute, I came to my senses and said, "Is there a salamander somewhere in this classroom?"  Bouncy Thirdlander came running up, squirming salamander in hand.  "I didn't bring it in, but here it is."  I directed him to return it to the wilds of the playground and then I lectured about not bringing wild animals into the building.  Disappointed in my reaction, several Thirdlanders hostilely glared and scowled at me.

An hour later we were back outside for an extra recess.  I told the Thirdlanders that now I would like to see a salamander and I would like to take a photo of one.  I regretted those words as Thirdlanders began wildly flipping over logs and rocks near the creek.  Within seconds, all the searchers had at least one salamander and some Thirdlanders held three to four.  It was kind of horrific.  I took some photos and then asked the Thirdlanders to stop bothering the salamanders.  There was no stopping these salamander hunters at this point. They were in their glory.

Sorry, Salamanders.  I'll do better next time.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Worms

A Thirdlander asked me yesterday to help her with worm rescue during recess.  There was a puddle on the blacktop, brimming with writhing worms. The Thirdlander said, "When this puddle dries up, these worms will die.  Let's move them."  Luckily I had a pencil with me and come to find out, a pencil is an excellent tool for moving a worm.  We moved all the worms.  There were probably a couple dozen.  I wonder if those worms made it. The Thirdlander asked me on one of our last runs, "What do you think about what we're doing?  Do you think this is a good way to spend recess?"  I told her I was glad some of the worms might live, but I definitely wasn't having the time of my life.  She seemed okay with that.  Come to find out, worms have small brains.  They're probably doing the best they can.If you get a chance, rescue a worm today.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Shots

My editor asked me last week, "Can you send us some headshots for the book and the webpage?"  Lucky for me, I know an A1 photographer whose name is Goodwoman.  She's going to take my headshots soon. THANK YOU GOODWOMAN!

I'm thinking about ways to make the headshots unique.  You know I'm creative that way.  I'm going to suggest that Goodwoman come over to the house early one morning and get some headshots of me while I'm sound asleep in my bed.  Later, we'll get a few of my head in the shower, as I'm shampooing.  Those are the two ideas I've come up with so far.

I want the headshots to be friendly, professional, tell a bit about me as a person, and also be surprising, catch people off guard, so to speak.  Maybe Goodwoman can get a headshot of me applying bright red lipstick to my lips. I don't usually wear make up, so that could leave people wondering about what's going on.

I'll keep you posted on the headshots.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Sculpture

Photo from
Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Sorry, Artist, I can't find your name.
George Rodrigue, NOMA Sculpture Garden
Bloomington Stoneware is a sculpture in front of the Showers Building.  We've been studying this sculpture.  It looks like this.  The artist is Brad J. Goldberg and he lives in Texas with his wife and collaborator, Diana Goldberg.  Bloomington Stoneware is 14 feet high and 9 feet in diameter.  It is made out of locally mined, hand carved limestone.  The curvy water trough is called a runnel.  The sculpture may bring to mind Native American designs, limestone craftwork, and the uses of stone and water in times of yore.  The Thirdlanders and I are studying Bloomington Stoneware.  We are also looking in to some of Goldberg's other projects, which I believe are amazing.  Next time you're down at Farmer's Market, walk over to Bloomington Stoneware and take it all in.  Because of this blog post, I think you'll now not only have an even greater appreciation for the importance of public art, but you'll be able to use the term runnel while discussing the sculpture with your friends and family.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Peace

 So it's getting to be the time of year when I've gotten maybe too close to The Thirdlanders.  It always happens eventually, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.  We're at the point where they feel like we're all on an even playing field and they're basically me and I'm basically them.  They come in each morning, offer a hug and then start in on the advice about how the day should go.   They ask what Husbandman made for dinner last night.  They tell me why we need 5 more minutes of extra recess.  They suggest I purchase another soccer ball for them because sometimes they get two games going. They interrupt my lessons to tell me something that happened to their dog last night.  They walk up to me in the middle of a lesson and tell me they need to talk to me about something important. They thank me for a good lesson with an added, "That was actually interesting.  We should try this again."   They ask for my phone so they can take my picture after I shoot a stunning basket at recess.  They tell me to make a peace sign for the photo.  It's a schizophrenic time, as you can well imagine, but a bit fun too.  But I've probably got to work on re-establishing some basic procedures and routines.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Photos

  There's a Bloomington Photography Club and I'm pondering joining it.  The problem is I don't like to meet new people.  Might give it a try though.  I've been reading about Meet Ups too.  I'm looking for a meet up where you go to a place and just look at your iPad and your iPhone and don't talk to anyone.  Or maybe a meet up where everyone draws in their notebook quietly.  That could be fun. Or a meet up where you look at hamsters at the pet shop and maybe tell some stories about hamsters of yore.  This whole meet up thing connects to my desire to develop some hobbies outside of the work space.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Blooms

Fabulous exhibit at NOMA yesterday. I think it was called Art in Bloom.  Inspired by various works of art, gardenists arranged flowers as you can see above.  I love cross disciplinary projects like this.  Last night we heard two bands on Frenchmen Street.  Both were excellent.  Then we watched the St. Pat's Parade.  The men in kilts handing out green beads and plastic flowers wanted cheek kisses in return. The wait staff at Ruby Slipper are used to us now, and welcome us to breakfast each morning. We are totally in the groove here now, and wondering how we can stay.  #1 Son has a large bedroom that opens out onto a cozy courtyard.  With the warm weather, I think we can set up some hammocks out there.  We'll talk to #1 about this today and I will keep you posted.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Bobble

We got to watch #1 Son with Mighty Brother in the recording studio yesterday.  Mighty Brother has the best songs. Their recording work fascinated me. I'm probably going to take some classes in sound engineering soon.  We walked down Magazine Street to Audubon Park and watched the live oaks and the birds.  A kid walked by us carrying a bobble head doll.  As he passed us, he asked his doll, "Am I your best friend?" I looked around for his family and they were there, just trailing behind.  We sauntered over to St. Joe's Bar for a drink on the patio.   Then off to dinner with #1, the best son in the land.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Break

 It's all bon temps down here on the spring break.  Lots of walking and talking.  Some wine and some oysters. We heard some music and we sat in some courtyards.  We visited the temple of William Faulkner.

I like the vibe here.