Saturday, November 23, 2013

Check, please.

Tr:  Kheshbon, bevakasha.

Spent Friday riding around the Hula Nature preserve.  Up north. We saw many birds.  I spied a bird I have never seen back home called the bluethroat. The bluethroats are common through Europe and Asia.  Like a lot of birds in the Hula, the bluethroats are moving through as they travel to Africa and India.  I wish them well.
I didn't take this picture.  I really like these bluethroats.
This is our badass birdwatching vehicle.
Hundreds of thousands of noisy cranes.  I saw them with my own eyes.  
Last night was kind of nice because our landpeople brought us down some home made blintzes. I really love our landpeople. Today we spent some fun times with Z and G.  We walked along the rocky/shelly shore of Habonim, mulling stuff over.  Ended the day with a glass of vin blanc over at our beach spot.  
Every time we turn around we find a cool new beach. So far Israel's kind of a one trick pony with the weather.
Sunny, warm, breezy, beautiful. I'm not complaining. Everyone tells us that rains may be abrewin' soon.
 I'll believe it when I see it.

I took 2 shells home, but I lost one of them.

If I go back to Habonim, I'll probably go down into this watery cave.  I mean, why wouldn't I?

Example of beach quarrying.
Back to writing tomorrow.  I hope I can wrestle down this next section.  I've been singing the blues about this section for several days now.  If only I could be like this nutria and just go about my business without worry or care.


Anonymous said...

Omg!!! I want that bird watching vehicle!

StreibProjects said...

The bluethroat bird is beautiful.

KC said...

Another fab travel blog. Thanks so much for taking care of the details.

Anonymous said...

The sandhills have been flying over here. Love their throaty call. So glad you get to see some new birds to add to your birding list. ANd that vehicle looks great but a bit dangerous?