Beautiful Rock

Tr:  Selah yafeh
Happy Christmas Friendies.  What a trip we're having with #1 Son.  Yesterday we went to the Masada.  The Masada story is a sad, emotional story, and the ruins are incredible.   I am proud that I walked up the Snake Path to the top of the Masada. I wish I could be an archaeological photographer.  Turns out I have a passionate penchant for ruins.  Then we headed to the Dead Sea where we bobbed about and floated floppily in the clear chilly water.  Today was Timna Day.  We hiked around this beautiful national park that is the site of a copper mine from about 1700 BC. Phenomenal site.  #1 Son pushed my anxiety levels by climbing up on rocks hither, thither and yon, but we all lived to tell the tale.  Now we're in Eilat. We're on the Red Sea, wedged in between Egypt and Jordan.  Tomorrow, who knows what will happen??? 

I hope Santa was good to all of you.  In my book, you deserve the very best on this day and every day. 


Anonymous said…
I'm so happy you guys are having a wonderful vacation!!!
KC said…
It sounds so spectacular, it's hard to stand.
mm said…
Amazing! I'm glad you are enjoying the sites with #1 Son.

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