Water and Sky

Tr:  Maim ve Shmaim

This day, this very day, we are watching Nicholas Nickelby.   I'm borrowing freely from the words of Mr. Charles Dickens as I write this post.

There are 2 things I dearly miss about the Yule tide season and merely two things. Let us reflect for a moment on each.  Firstly there is the matter of the tree. I shall tell you it is my partiality to the evergreen tree I openly avow to one and all.

Verily, the absence of the yuletide cookies brings me some pain of mind as well.  To only imagine their existence, to think they're being eaten by others, who are not me, pains me grievously.  

Other than that I am content about missing Christmas.  As good friend Nance shared in a recent missive, "It has been Christmas since August for you, my friend."

Correct as usual Nance.   This gift is not to be expected, but to be delighted in, all the same.


KC said…
Love the Dickens. As you may recall, my family is fiddling like the Dickens.
mm said…
I thought of you today as I finished Just Write by Walter Dean Myers, and I'll think of you tomorrow as I eat Christmas cookies.
bluebirdwoman said…
Your Dickensese is awesome. Here's a quote from Charles that may be helpful: "An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself."
You might try talking to your article a bit.
LH said…
KC, can't wait to hear your fam fiddle!

MM, I should probably read that. It's good, right?

BBW, LOVE THIS QUOTE. My article lost 1100 words today. I'll keep talking to it!

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