He cooked Wacky Mac.

Tr:  Bishel Wacky Mac.  (Kind of like Kraft Mac and Cheese, but called Wacky Mac).

Ready Made Exhibit, Haifa Art Museum.  Apologies to the artist.  I can't remember your name. 
Huddle up, peeps.  This is what I heard about Canada on an internet news program.  They're probably going to stop home mail delivery in 5 years.  Canadians will have to go to the post office to pick up their mail.  Let's face it, it's probably a good idea.  The postal workers spend hours carrying around junk mail that goes directly into our trash cans.  Or recycling bins if you're better people than we are.  I heard one elderly woman interviewed about this and she said it's going to be tough on her since she has to use a walker and there's a lot of ice on the ground in Canada for much of the year.  So I'm hoping they'll figure out how to help this woman by the time this new law gets going because clearly she's in a real bind.  My mom told me that when she was a kid there were 2 mail deliveries each day, 6 days a week. I find that very surprising.  Mom liked the days of yore.  She said, "I'm glad I lived when I did.  Compared to today's hectic pace life was slow and easy. However, the kids coming up today can't help but be smarter since they're exposed to so much more information.  I think kids lack discipline, though, and they're not seeking knowledge with their smart phones going all day long."

I have to agree with my mom since my smart phone's been a bit of a deterrent to the writing of articles, here in Abba Khoushy Avenue.  But today I quarantined my smart phone in another room, shut down the internets, and got some thinking and writing done on this stormy grey day.  After some frustrating self loathing yesterday, (that nearly resulted in self immolation), today I'm back to doing my best and forgetting the rest.


Anonymous said…
We've had some postal problems the last few days. Understandable-there was no mail delivery on Friday. We received double mail Saturday. I read in the paper some people even had mail delivered on Sunday! Wow that is service. But then no mail Monday or Tuesday not sure why as school was ins session! Wednesday at 1:00 pm received one piece of mail!! Went to town and came back and checked again and the box was stuffed with mail! I think we are caught up now but not sure what was going on there! I will be sad if we have no mail delivery. Linda
LH said…
Linda, I'd be sad too. I look forward to getting the mail everyday. And every once in awhile, there's something really fun in the box. Plus, I like our mailcarriers.
KC said…
Interesting developments in the Northland of Canada. And, interesting reflections by your mom.
Anonymous said…
I saw a mail person delivering on Sunday in the early evening. Why not start with just delivering Monday - Thursday? I still love to receive letters from people.

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