Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ani s'mecha.

Tr:  I'm happy.

Yesterday I got kind of down in the morning for various reasons we won't discuss right now.  I was working on the article, kind of frustrated and bleh, because of the reasons which shall not be discussed.  Then I decided to ditch work and make the Roaming with Rosalyn video.  I worked on that thing for 3 hours and it really perked me up. Making stuff is a good way to avoid low feelings. I need to join the Maker Movement. I wish I were more proficient at making digital stuff though. I feel like a faker, just going the easiest route when I can't understand how to do things the right way.  I've got to increase my digital literacy this year.  Or, I can just be pleased with my present level of competency and remember that I'm doing my best and forgetting the rest.  Today I'm back to my cheerful self.  No hurries, no worries is another great motto I'm reciting each day.


cb said...

No hurries, no worries. An excellent motto.

Your web site and film making skills are awesome in my opinion. I like making things too. It's so satisfying.

mm said...

Today we discussed a Moliere quote that might be fitting. "The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit."

LH said...

It's funny going to museums here and in Greece and in Turkey, seeing that people have been not only making things, but adding artistic flairs to their creations for thousands of years. I guess we need to do it.

MM...I like the Moliere quote. I wonder what your kiddos said about it.

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