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Excuse me, can you move the gun please?

Tr:  Slikha, ata yakhol lehaziz et harove, bevakasha?

In Jerusalem today, walking around the Old City and eating some fine meals.  Our wonderful niece joined us for dinner.  Do you remember that song Sister Christian?  It's been in my head all day, so I just introduced 20 Something to it via the power of video.  She agrees that it's a power ballad for the ages. She didn't actually say that, but I'm pretty sure she agrees. If you haven't heard this power ballad for awhile, check it out here.  When I played it for the fourth time tonight, Husbandman said, rather unhelpfully I thought, "Geez, why do you keep doing this?" I keep thinking that if he hears it one more time, he'll really start getting into it.   I'll keep you posted.

Ani Roa Ha Bat Shelanu

Tr:  I see our daughter.

Time for Thursday Creativity Share.  

Jasper Johns got started on his latest exhibit when he came across the above photograph of Lucien Freud (Sigmund's grandson, artist).  The photo has an interesting history that you probably already know about if you read this article like I did.  This photo inspired a series of paintings. I think there are 12 in all.  The show is called Jasper Johns, Regrets.   I like this Jasper Johns quote:

Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. Do something else to it.

Maybe I'll go to New York and see Regrets this summer.  I'll meet Jasper Johns there and I can have some coffee with him.  I made this sketch to honor Jasper Johns and his new show at MOMA.  If he wants to use it to promote the show, it's my pleasure to share it with him.  I'll share it with anyone, to tell you the honest truth.  

I finished Americanah last night, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  The first half was a bit slow going for …

One more?

Tr:  Ehad od?

It's that time of day when excitement about 20 something arriving in 20 hours transitions into acute-my-kid-is-traveling-syndrome.  Sure, it's a ridiculous syndrome, but if I want to be ridiculous I will be. That's my right.

On a lighter note, I believe people should bring regular balloons to airport reunions, balloons sans helium.  It could be fun to walk around the airport with a stringless balloon or two in your hand.  Plus I've heard that the world is running out of helium. So please give it some thought.

Is that all?

Tr:  Ze hakol?

Had a pleasant visit with College Chum yesterday.  We always have fun with College Chum and yesterday was no exception.  Went to the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art and judged some of their recent acquisitions.  Then we walked on the beach, drinking the freshly squeezed juices of which I had carrot mixed with orange.  Ventured to a fine eatery for foodstuffs.  Then returned to our lovely flat on Abba Khoushy.  Luckily, Landwoman knew we were having company so she made us some extra cakes.  Note to everyone back home:  I'm going to have a sign up for weekly cake delivery for the rest of 2014.  Don't panic!  Everyone will have a chance to make us cake each week.  It's all going to work out awesomely.

44 hours until we see 20 Something Daughter.  I sent off the proposal so I basically have nothing to do except noodle around.  Sababa, nachon???

Who do you think you are?

Tr:  Lama mi ata?

On Thursday, 20 Something Daughter arrives.  I need to send off this latest draft of the proposal before she gets here.  I can do it.  I set a goal for myself this year that I would work on this book proposal and that I would write an article.  I've done both.  My article was rejected so that was a drag, but I'll try to send it off to some others at some point. This is the second rewrite of the book proposal and I have some doubts that this version will be embraced with open arms.  I was getting a little freaked out about these setbacks, but then I remembered that my goal wasn't to get something published, but to try to get something published. So, I've definitely met my goal.

We're spending the month of May in Canada and I've decided May is going to be writing free for me.  Except for this blog, obviously. I'm hitting the wall with this dissertation rewriting business.  Get over here 20 Something.  We're ready for some assorted tomfo…


Tr:  Nahadar

Today we went down to the Mediterranean Sea, got some coffee and took a little walk.  The beach was busy.  Weather was perfect.  I made 2 little vine movies to celebrate.

We ended the evening by watching the BLACK FISH documentary.  It's harrowing and upsetting, but an important movie and if you want to see it you should.

Not Black and White

Tr:  Lo shakhor ve lavan

Thursday Creativity Share.  Huddle up Peeps.  Today I'm fascinated by these 3D latte creations.  Which do you think is the best?  I'm partial to the giraffe.

Do you want anything else?

Od mashehu?

Friends, I've done it again.  After WordSavvy texted me a few photos of her massively huge swollen face, I strongly encouraged her to head on over to the ER, STAT.

I also told her that in all likelihood she had been misdiagnosed earlier in the week.

Intake staff agreed with me and admitted KC to the hospital.  If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times, you don't play around when your face doubles in size.  Your face is sitting right next to your brain my friends.  I don't care what anyone says, you don't want your infected face becoming your infected brain. KC's getting antibiotics now and is doing fine.

Beloved Readers, I've got time on my hands these days so let me know if you need a consult about any medical conditions that may be of concern. Your safety and well being is of paramount importance to me.  Husbandman feels the same.

I understand a little Hebrew.

Ani yoda'at ktzat Ivrit.

Never mind.

Ein davar.
I went to a mall to get my hair cut yesterday.  The hair cutter spoke english and could be described as jovial.  He told me he had lived in California for 6 years, but moved back to Host Country awhile ago.  I told him that our daughter lived in California and that she would be coming to visit us soon.  "She's coming to Haifa?" he asked and I replied affirmatively. "Bring her in! I am single. I want to marry an American woman.  This is a lucky day for me. I meet an American and she has a daughter who is coming to visit."  I wasn't sure what to say to the guy so I kind of chortled and smiled.  We have a lot of plans when 20 Something gets here in 9 days, so I doubt we will want to visit the mall. He did seem nice though and I hope he finds someone fun to marry some time in the future.

There are a lot of flowers here.

Yesh harbe prachim po.

We ventured out to the IRIS RESERVE on Mt. Gilboa yesterday to take a short hike on the Iris Trail.  Mt. Gilboa has special irises called Gilboa Irises.  We only saw 3 irises because we've had little rain in Host Country this winter, thus diminishing the splendor of the irises.  Still, 3 is better than 0 and there were other cool wildflowers on the trail.  If I hadn't found those 3 irises I would have been sorely disappointed because why travel to the Iris Trail if not to enjoy the splendor of irises?  In stark contrast, these sweet people pictured above ran into each other unexpectedly in San Francisco yesterday.  They weren't looking for each other and had a delightful surprise.  So the lesson to this story is, Don't look for what you want to see. Look for other stuff.

Are you drinking coffee?

Tr:  Ata shote cafe?

I started getting annoyed that everyone's going to be on spring break this coming week.  Husbandman pointed out that I haven't worked all year, but it's the principle of the thing, I told him.

Later I remembered that in actual fact I am only happy about all my pals getting a restful spring break and I lightened up.  Plus I remembered that we're going to have a Game of Thrones marathon tonight and finish off the last 4 episodes of Season 3.  SCORE!  It's all good.

If you're on spring break, please keep us posted about your fun.  If you're like me and you're not on spring break, let's pretend we are on spring break and amp up the fun this week. It's only fair.

Can we walk there?

Tr:  Efshar lalekhet lesham ba'regel?

It's Thursday Creativity Share.  So this is what we have going on.

First off, Husbandman and I watched a movie this week called Le Weekend.  SPOILER ALERT.  At the end of the movie, 3 characters dance a hip dance in a bar.  Come to find out, they're copying this cool cat dance from a french movie called The Band of Outsiders. Today I watched film clips of this classic French dance and tried to learn how to do it.  Didn't have much success, but maybe you will do better.  It's a good dance for people of all ages. If you're feeling hip and cool, give it a try.

Twitter Fiction Festival is going on right now.   I tweeted one fictional story, a modern twist on a famous nursery rhyme.

This modern take on a Mother Goose classic has a certain amount of pathos, wouldn't you say? If you check out hashtagtwitterfiction through the 16th you'll read some more examples of fine short fiction. If for some weird reason you're no…

Where can I buy tickets?

Tr:  Eifo efshar liknot kartisim?

I'm offering this beautiful photograph of a carving on a broken, ancient amazing ruin as a token of my esteem to the New York Times.  This week I read 2 incredible articles that I can't stop thinking about because they're phenomenal.

The first is Boys In the Bunkhouse, about some developmentally disabled men who were sent to Iowa to work in a turkey murdering plant. They were paid less money than their peers for the same jobs and were treated with incredible neglect and cruelty for decades before they were finally freed and helped to have new lives.

The second is Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney, about a family whose son Owen's obsession with all things Disney helped his family develop a kind of therapy that helped Owen communicate, learn and enjoy friendships and independence.

These 2 articles are such an amazing contrast in almost every way. The Bunkhouse story is as hideous and horrifying as the Disney story is inspiring an…

Where do you live?

Tr:  Eifo ata gar?
I didn't watch The Bachelor this season. Come to find out, last night was the finale. When I woke up today, I saw the finale mentioned on twitter.  Then I made a cup of tea and started reading recaps.  I read about that stupid show for almost 2 hours.  Compulsively. I guess you can take The Bachelor viewer out of the country, but you can't take The Bachelor out of The Bachelor Viewer? The maxim doesn't really work in this instance, but suffice it to say my addiction to this idiotic show can not and will not be denied.  I'm fairly disappointed in Host Country for not curing me of my disease.

He's in the kitchen.

Tr:  Hu ba mitbakh.

Remember a few posts ago when I discovered the benefits of writing your google inquiries in the form of your desired truths.  You probably don't remember.  I googled "pistachios are good for you" and got some great confirmation that my love of pistachios should be indulged and fostered.  So that was great.

Well come to find out, today I googled, "It's good to meddle and interfere in the lives of your adult children" and I came up empty handed.  Zip. Not one web site confirming this desired truth. It's hard to believe that there could be absolutely zero benefits to meddling and interfering.  None at all? That doesn't make sense to me so I'm going to keep doing it.  Even though there's no scientific evidence that interfering in your adult children's lives is a good thing, it's ridiculously hard to stop and also I want my kids to know that I care about them.

I need to straighten up the place.

Tr:  Ani tsrikha lesader et ha'makom

Do you have a pencil?

Tr:  Yesh lekha iparon?

Yes, you're right, it's time for Thursday Creativity Share! To honor the day, I used Sketchbook Express to make this awesome sketch of Husbandman and some flowers.

I'm obsessed with David Hockney and his iPad art.  You can check out a little one minute video with some great examples of his iPad art here.  One minute.  I think you can spare the time.

I made a great little vine movie the other night of a bug in our bathroom.  I posted it on twitter, so I hope you were all able to see it.  I hope everyone will make a vine this week because I love looking at Vines.  Here are some great ones from last year.  Viners are so creative with such a teeny bit of time.

Last but not least, we are on our way out to see the latest movie by one of the world's all time most creative directors, Wes Anderson.  It's going to be phenomenal!

So another Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  Hooray!

I'm a hard worker.

Tr:  Ani kharutzah (NOT!)

Did you know that work avoidance and procrastination are actually good for you?   Both may increase the creativity and quality of the work you eventually get done.  On the flip side, both can contribute to anxiety and self loathing, so you don't want to overdo it.

We've been away for 7 months now.  Though I enjoy writing, there are days, many days, when the writing thing doesn't work out to my liking. Like today.  And yesterday. My lack of productivity is really cheesing me off right now, and I am very sad to report that I haven't been the most pleasant companion to Husbandman this evening.  Husbandman's been helping me with my writing woes for over 30 years now so he's very supportive and accepting of my crankosity. Thanks, Husbandman!

My good news is that before I know it I'll be surrounded by some fairly fascinating peeps, known as Fab Fivers.  I'll be teaching fifth graders next year, half time.  I'm extremely excited a…

I study Hebrew with a book.

Tr:  Ani lomedet Ivrit im sefer.

I wrote a one sentence story today.  Here it is:

After his ten hour drive, Asher was nothing short of giddy as he entered the museum in search of the watch fob exhibit.

I'm a teacher.

Tr:  Ani mora.

Huddle up peeps, it's time for the Monday Writing Report (MWR).  One thing to realize is that I have a slow long arduous (sometimes boring) writing process that involves several outlines on thinking maps, and then a more detailed outline with yellow grid paper written with a special mechanical pencil, and then typing up a more formal outline, and then revising that outline a bunch of times.  Where am I right now?  I just finished the first word document outline for this version of the proposal.  I've moved from yellow grid paper to keyboarding land.

I like Neil Gaiman's advice to "finish stuff."  He says writers learn by writing every day and by finishing stuff.  I'm glad to report that a 15 page outline is now an honest to gosh computer file. Tomorrow morning I'll start revising it and will probably revise 2 or 3 more times before sending it off to the publishing house for round 2 of editor feedback.  No light at the end of the tunnel yet …

I'm ready. Are you?

Tr:  Ani mukhana.  Ve ata?

Figured out a valuable tech tip this very day, which I will now pass on to others. Here's how my new learning went down.

Picture this.  There I was, happily snacking on some pistachios. Around 3:30 in the afternoon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I started wondering if pistachios constituted a healthy snack.  Of course I instantly turned to cyberspace inquiry. First I googled, "Are pistachios good for you?" I got a mixed bag of information, some of it quite negative, regarding pistachios. Then I wised up and googled "Pistachios are good for you."  Voila.  I found out that eating pistachios this afternoon is probably one of the best things I could do for myself.  From now on be like me and google your desired truth. Avoid internet questioning that can potentially open your day to disappointment.


Tr:  Be'emet?

We're into March so our Need to Know Challenge is a wrap.  Fun stuff.  Thanks, MM and KC.  This is Saturday night, so our weekend is coming to an end.  We had some fun.  Drove to Rosh Pina, a beautiful historic town in the Galilee. We took a hike to see the wildflowers blooming.  The almond trees were no longer in full bloom, but still had some white blossoms. Lovely.

 There were cows on the trail, doing their best and forgetting the rest. One poor cow appears to have lost a leg and we're still curious about that.

On the way home we saw a sign that said, "Mt. of Beatitudes."  We pulled off and walked around a monastery garden and church that were built on the site where Jesus gave his famous sermon on the mount.  Great view of the Sea of Galilee.

Today we went to the Haifa Science Museum and checked out a great exhibit about Leonardo DaVinci.  He was a true Renaissance Man. Ended our day with Anchorman 2. which I think I may even like better than A…