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The Visit

Thanksgiving Break was nothing but fun and now we're back in the game.  A thirdlander walked in yesterday morning and said, "We went to Chicago for break, but we didn't visit my grandmother because she voted for Trump."

PS:  Are you listening to the Homecoming podcast with Catherine Keener?  You should if you want to.

The Hand Turkeys of 2016

The Delusions

Here we go, Peeps.  It's Thanksgiving Day.  Let's remember it's a marathon, not a sprint.  PACING!

Husbandman and our kin have the menu all planned out. People right now are in our kitchen making pies and cinnamon rolls.

My role?  Keeping cooks supplied in the tools of their trade.  Organizing some side line fun.  Documenting progress on social media.

You're probably all wondering what I'm thankful for?

I'm thankful that Hillary Clinton won the election by so many millions of votes and will take office soon. The progressive legacy of President Obama will continue for the next 8 years.  I'm also thankful that so many Democratic candidates will take office in the Hoosier state in 2017.

For this day, I'm taking a break from despair and floating about on delusional denial.  I'm letting myself have this. I think that's okay.

The Independent Film Review

🍐 (pear)

We saw Dying to Know.  It's a documentary about Timothy Leary and Ram Dass.  They took a lot of LSD and got paid to do it by Harvard University. After they left Harvard, they kept up their various antics. Ram Dass learned, wrote and taught about eastern spirituality practices.  Timothy Leary went to jail, escaped, went to jail again, and then spent some time as a supportive step dad.

The film had some good elements to it, but I agree with Husbandman that it was "too long and too biased toward the subjects."

I also agree with 20 Something's questioning of the idea that higher consciousness can be achieved solely through an exploration of the self.

I was intrigued by the focus on Timothy's death.  He had inoperable cancer and in true Leary fashion, he made an event out of it.  His dying words were, "Why? Why not?"  Words to live by or words to die by?  I'm not sure.  So see this movie if you feel like it.  Turn on, tune in, drop out.

The Pick Up

This is a public service announcement. There's a good new hike over near Gnaw Bone.  It's a Sycamore Landtrust hike in the Laura Hare Nature Preserve.  This hike features ravines as well as glacial erratics.  Here's the catcher though.  You might lose your way while on this hike and you might have to flag down a pick up truck on a nearby road, and you might have to ride in the back of the pick up five miles to your car, and during that five mile drive you might just get stopped by a sheriff who might suggest it's illegal to ride in the back of a pick up.  The good news is, you will probably eventually get back to your car.  No harm, no foul.  But still, be careful.  

The Stroller

Our vocabulary words this week are nostalgic and overbearing.  I shared a story from my dad to illustrate the meaning of nostalgic.

 "We had such great times when we were kids.  I'll never forget the time we strapped Buck Mullin into a baby carriage and pushed him down a steep hill.  The carriage picked up speed until the bottom where it overturned.  Buck lost his two front teeth.  Probably didn't get them repaired until he went in the army years later.   Those were good times."

When I told my dad that the experience didn't sound too awesome to me, he replied, The Mullins family had 8 or 9 kids, so Buck wasn't really essential."   I wonder where Buck Mullin is now.  I hope he's doing well.

The Benches

We have a new buddy bench at our school.  The buddy bench comes with some guidelines and procedures.  If you need a buddy and you sit on the bench, you're expected to look around for opportunities for play.  In other words, don't just sit there like a pitiful victim crying about your lonely plight. Take some responsibility and action. Also, if someone comes up and invites you to play, you have to say yes.  In other words, you can't just say, "Well, I'm actually waiting for a better opportunity to come along, but thanks."  Also, if a friend happens to come by to socialize with you, you need to get off the bench and do your chatting elsewhere.

If I were designing playground benches, I would make one called the "ALL ALONE AND I LIKE IT THIS WAY" Bench.  When you sit on these All Alone benches, your solitude is protected and respected.  You can do whatever you want on the bench---ponder, nap, read, stew in resentment---but if you see someone you feel …

The Book

I am proud to say that I finished my book club book this month.  We read The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry.  It's a good book and you should read it if you want to.

I like that the main character owned a small book store.  This is a dream of mine.  I would like to have a small store front book store called Fist of 5.  I'll only have 5 books at any time.  But these 5 will change periodically if I don't get too busy.

When you come in, you can just sit down on the comfy chairs and look over the 5 books, or you can bring in your own fist of 5 books to read.  But you can't drop off books or give me suggestions because I don't want to deal with extra books in the store.  I also don't really want to chat about the books, nor do I want to hear others chatting too much about the books, so please keep all interactions to a minimum.

I may serve Capri Suns and Ritz Crackers with the books.  Also, there would be some blank sketch books and high quality coloring pencils layin…

The Sadness

Today's a sad day.  There's been some crying.  There's been some heartache.  I knew it was coming.  I was the one person who without reservation declared that I thought Trump would be the winner of the election in the international poll I conducted on Saturday (Sample size 11).  I wish I could have been wrong.
Looking forward,  the Thirdlanders will be starting a unit on using creativity to work for social justice.  We'll be focusing on music as representations of collective identity and action. The unit comes at the perfect time.  We'll be dusting off We Shall Overcome and singing it together with fortitude and determination.  Join in, my friends.  Let's start the singing.  Oh Take My Presidential Blues Away.

The Halloween Memories

I asked my mom about trick or treating and this is what she wrote me:

When I was a kid we went out in droves and used to do mean things! One night we saw a lady left clothes out on the line and we cut the line and the son came running out and grabbed me by the back of the shirt and lifted me up. (I was dressed as a boy) and He said "Oh, you're a girl" and let me go. Another night we were "Practicing" for Halloween. We used to soap windows and a guy opened the window and pulled me into the house and said "I expect this on Halloween night but damned if I'll put up with it before!" and made me wash the soap off. Lois was with me and she got a good laugh out of that! Well I guess it's better that they go to Halloween parties today now that I'm a would be victim. but it used to be fun! Love you, Mom

I talked to my dad on the phone and he said he and his pals used to set fires in the alleys behind the homes where he trick or treated, if they didn&…