I need an umbrella today.

Tr:  Ani tsarikh matriyah hayom.

December and January are the rainy wintry months here in Israel.  Jerusalem had snow this week and it caused quite the ruckus.  Here in Haifa, we have had some significant raining and some howling winds.  Our flat is warm and cozy so all is swell.  We ventured out to a movie tonight called Out of the Furnace.  I now have a new boyfriend.  His name is Christian Bales. If you want to see this movie, you really should.  It's fairly violent, but it's also quite compelling.  Woody Harrelson has creepy gross bad guy down to an art.

I'm kind of jealous of everyone back home having fun with Secret Santas at their job sites.  I asked Husbandman today if he would like to have Secret Santas with me here in the apartment.  He said he didn't really see the point.  I wish I didn't have to explain basic stuff like this to Husbandman, but that's the way it is sometimes.  We'll probably start our Secret Santas on Monday.


bluebirdwoman said…
I love it. Secret Santa's in Haifa. Very fitting!
mm said…
Maybe people from the coffee shop could join in on the fun.
KC said…
Tell Peter to be extra secret and sneaky. Embrace the spirit, HM!
Anonymous said…
I wonder who you will get?

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