Here's my son.

Tr:  Hine ha ben sheli.

Today at one point, I started thinking about penmanship.    I've been writing a lot of notes with penmanship for this article I'm writing, so I am paying a lot of attention to my penmanship and crafting it with care.  Slowing it down, making it look almost perfect.  Today I got to wondering, What's the best pensmanship in the entire world look like? I googled it, but I didn't come up with anything conclusive.  I tweeted a question about how people feel about their penmanship (on a fist of 5), but no one tweeted back.  That's okay, people are probably busy.  I am giving my present day penmanship a 3.5 or a 4, but when I was a kid, I got poor marks in penmanship consistently. Teachers actually wrote on my report card that I sucked at penmanship.  I think that's a little rude. Hey Teachers, did you ever think that maybe I didn't have great small motor skills and did you ever think that the C - in penmanship you always doled out with wild abandon kind of got on my last nerve?

Anyway, I've just been pondering about penmanship over here at Ponderosa Pines.


jdoc said…
I find that the writing tool can change my penmanship. Sometimes pencil is the way to go, I think. Other times, pen. Also, my general mood can change the quality. Did your teachers ever consider that? Probably not.
mm said…
I'm going to give my penmanship a 2, but I'm OK with that because I find (and probably always have) penmanship overrated. In our current technological world I find it unnecessary although many would disagree.
LH said…
Little kids really love learning cursive. At first anyway. I wonder what it will be like when people don't teach it any more.
bluebirdwoman said…
I've always been jealous of Harste's penmanship.

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