Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Editor

Well, I have a phone call set up with my editor for Thursday when the kids are at music.  I'm living kind of a bi-polar life right now.  I wonder if I'll make it to the finish line.  I'm doing my best, and I've just got to forget the rest.  Okay, let's focus on some good news right now.  Come to find out, I'm great at four square game regulation.  I've imposed some good rules that I learned about on the youTUBE and the Thirdlanders seem to really appreciate the innovations I've introduced. This victory's put me in mind of getting a physical education degree, with a focus on four square and kickball.  I want to teach gym.  Instead of a whistle, I'm going to wear a harmonica around.  If I could just finish this book, I could start working on my next big dream. Sweat Pants Every Day of the WEEK!  I'm in like Flynn!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Lip

Yesterday was tough.  I had anxiety about my work and a new symptom to report: the classic quivering upper lip.  My lip was quivering off and on all day.  I ignored it for the most part.  Finally I got a few minutes to myself so I decided to diagnose the situation.  Come to find out, my quivering lip could be a sign of stress, which makes a lot of sense because my stress level is off the charts right now, what with the final chapter of the book being due a week ago and not yet written and a full time job that I'm passionate about and obsessed with both night and day.  Secondly, it could be a result of too much caffeine. This also rings true because in order to be more like Patti Smith, I started drinking my coffee black this summer. Also to be like Ms. Smith, I now drink black coffee all day long because that's what Patti Smith does and Patti Smith is someone I admire more than I can tell you.  But peeps, here's the bad part.  My lip quivering could be a pre-cursor to Bell's Palsy or Lou Gehrig's disease.  There are some even worse diseases that I won't go into here.  Let's take one day at a time.

Today my lip is not quivering, but it obviously could start up again at any moment.  And that's the story of my quivering lip. I've learned that the best way to lessen anxiety is to get right to work on the thing that's freaking me out, so I'm about to continue working on chapter 5 right now.  Chapter 5 is the final chapter, so you would think I would just be on that thing like a cowgirl at a rodeo.  Such is not the case. I'm a slow writer.  You all know that by now. Let's wish me luck today, if you remember to do so. And if you feel like it. But why wouldn't you?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Son

#1 Son left.  He moved to New Orleans.  I hope he's happy and safe.  I could get myself pretty glum about this if I chose to, but I'm going to stay strong and throw long.  That's an expression I made up when I threw javelin in college.  I told the Thirdlanders that my son moved away and that I felt sad about it.  They were quiet for a bit and then a Thirdlander said, "At least you still have us."

       They're right of course.  I still have the Thirdlanders.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Hills

We went to Scenic View to hear #1 Son play some jazz on Saturday night.  The view was striking. Because of all the rain, patches of steamy mist hung over the foresty hills.

Another thing we did was see The Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  Set in New Zealand, it's about a kid in foster care.  His foster mom keels over dead and he goes on the run with his foster dad, into the bush, because he doesn't want to go back to the juvenile detention center.  Husbandman says if he were in a generous mood, he'd give the movie a 3.  I'm shocked by this.  I'm giving the film a solid 4.5.  See it if you feel like it.  It has great views of New Zealand and some fun comic scenes as well.

I finished chapter 4 yesterday.  Not thrilled with the ending and I still have to put some photographs in there, but mostly, it's okay and I'm following the maxim that Done is Better than Good.  Doing my best, forgetting the rest.  Not actually totally forgetting all the rest. I keep thinking about stuff.  But trying to remember the important motto CATCH AS CATCH CAN, and leaving well enough alone.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Thirdlanders 2016

I have met the new crew and they are wonderful.  3 days of school and we did a lot of awesome stuff.  I also made this website to market our classroom press.  I'm writing about marketing in chapter 4, so this is all part of the game plan.  I already have several favorite moments, but maybe my most favorite was when we started our writer's notebooks on Friday afternoon, 20 minutes before the end of the day.  I showed the new Thirdlanders how I liked to sketch and write in my notebook.  They were excited about doing the same kind of work in their notebooks.  One 3Ler said, "I wish I had done that this summer on my trip."  And then another said, "I'm going to start doing that in my notebook this weekend." Then another said, "Wow.  You are a REALLY good draw-er."

So, as you can see, we're ready for another epic year in Room 200.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Possibilities

Our first International Baccalaureate unit is about Sharing the Planet.  We're focusing on rights and responsibilities of global citizens.  I usually spend a lot of time mucking about creating units, but this time, I'm just going to follow a Unicef unit that looks interesting.  More on that later.

 Just wanted to check in because I'm missing you, blogosphere.  School starts Monday for teachers, Wednesday for Thirdlanders.  I'm still working on chapter 4, and proceeding forward. I'm inspired by Vice President Biden's words, which I've adapted for my own purposes.  "I own the finish line.  Don't forget it. This is America.  Come on! We're America!"

Really gets you pumped up if you scream these lines repeatedly as you walk around your home.  Husbandman loves to join in as well. Give it a try. COME ON! We're America!

The New Blue

Our home is being painted .  I love this new blue.  It used to all be the red brickish color of the deck as shown above.  For various reas...