Don't like to brag, but I have a great husband.

Don't like to brag, aval yesh li baali yafeh.
Mail Art by Batia Shani
At the Haifa Art Museum right now you can see a sababa exhibit called Ready Made.  It's the centennial of Marcel Duchamp's first ready made masterwork, that great bicycle wheel attached to the wooden stool?  
So Haifa Art Museum invited a bunch of artists who fool around with ready made art.  Batia Shani has a room full of mail art in this exhibit.  Batia Shani decorates envelopes in a million cool ways and then sends them out to fictional names and addresses in different cities.  Then the postal service sends the envelopes back to her.  Loved the small collages, the embroidery, the whole cool idea.  After seeing this exhibit we walked around the historic, bustling Wadi neighborhood and found that famous falafel place we looked for once.  The falafel there was magniv.

We walked on Mt. Gilboa this weekend as well.  Such beautiful views up there.  It's kind of neat to look out on another country.  We could see Jordan in the distance.  We ate a late lunch at this place called Herb Farm. So delicious.  We were fairly proud of ourselves because it was a little rainy and we thought we might just do some work and go see Thor, but instead we had adventures on both days.  Lesson learned people.  Have adventures whenever possible.  Make every second count.  

More cool mail art by Batia Shani


mm said…
You always seem to make every second count!
Anonymous said…
V. cool, indeed. Finished my Symbaloo for Acton. Check it out.
KC said…
V proud indeed. ;)
Goodwoman said…
Sounds like a day of awesome adventure! Although Thor is also awesome!
lee said…
We need to see Thor. ASAP.

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