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The Deer

The deer stared right in, in a most confrontational manner.  Later we saw this same deer skipping across the yard with 2 baby fawns. I'm concerned about the future of those 2 fawns.  V. concerned.

The Shoes

So happy to have JW back to town from adventures on the Colorado River and in the British Virgin Islands.  We really need her right here.  Helping with the shoe shopping and the shirt shopping. I now have 2 new shoes and 2 new shirts, ready to wear.  And I've also heard some rip roaring tales of avalanches and sea dragons.  She does spin a fine yarn, does Judith.  She must stay near this summer or I will be forced to make my own way into the world. Alone and disheartened.

The Movie Challenge

I forgot about the movie challenge til this morning!  KC and Pronto really finished strong.  Inspired by Pronto, I'm writing about the best movie of all time.  I think Sense and Sensibility is really the best movie of all time.  I've watched it many, many times.  If I could, I would watch it this very second.  It has some great intersecting plots and some fine romance.  This is one of those movies that you should really see regardless of whether you want to or not, as I've told Husbandman on many occasions.

The Friends

We had visitors from the western coast of the United States here for the past few days.  It's comforting  to have old friends visit, to know that friendships do endure, despite space and time discrepancies. 
The chatting went on for hours and we kept moving from one fun thing to the next, with nary a care in the world.  Before C, J, and M left, we caught sight of Mom Deer and Spotted Fawn sauntering through the backyard.  I was really crossing my fingers for an appearance.  Merci beaucoup, Mom Deer and Spotted FAWN!

The Wink

I couldn't wink til I was pretty old, and I still can only wink with one of my eyes.
The whole winking thing confuses me.  Winkers seem to be communicating that we're in on some little joke together, but I never know what the joke is.  And also it seems like some people are just good at winking so they throw in the wink as often as possible, just because they can. I have to kind of think before I wink, so I wink rarely.
I may wink more often in future, once I figure out when winking adds to, and when it detracts from, the speech event.

The New Comforter

I've been cleaning up.  Even cleaned out 2 closets.  Even bought rubbermaid tubs to store our extra blankets.  Even bought a new down comforter and MAY even buy new curtains tomorrow.  And maybe even a new deck chair. Just to unwind, I've been singing Mandy, by Barry Manilow.  It's very calming, but a bit sad.

The Creativity

We're watching a documentary about street art.  Space Invader, Swoon, Banksy, Shepard Fairey.  Love what these peeps do.   I've been noticing that some one has been crocheting parking meters downtown.  That's pretty neat.

The Movie Challenge

I saw True Grit over the weekend for the second time.  It was good and gritty. I took a bunch of photos as I watched, and now I have a set of great movie stills.  Not sure it's legal to create movie stills from the tv, but my parents did pay 4.99 to see the film, so maybe we're covered there.  I love this movie because I have strong memories of watching the first one when I was a kid with John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby.  Scenes from the original pop in my head as I watch this latest version with Jeff and Matt and Hailee, so it's kind of like getting to watch 2 movies at exactly the same time.
I've been thinking about grit since seeing it last weekend.  I don't have grit, per se.  Today I was feeling kind of tired because I didn't sleep well and I had one of my weird animal dreams, so I just read a book on the iPad all day long.  The power kept decreasing.  27%.  16%.  8%. I kept thinking I should get up and plug in my device, but I didn't and then …

The South

Super time in the Southland, visiting greatest parents in the universe, Ann and Dan.  Saw the awesome sibs as well.  Ate potato salad, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler, fried green tomatoes.  Saw Bridesmaids, True Grit.  Finished a book---Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  Listened to some bagpiping.  Gave some love to Lupe and the new dog on the block, Tejas.  We believe she's a Huskita --- Akita and Husky mix.  We may have a DNA test done to find out more about her lineage.  She's one awesome dog.
A perfect weekend.  It's hard to get my head back into the game of home ownership and regular life, but this is the solstice, so I have plenty of time to get my act together today.  GO SOLSTICE!

The Wednesday Movie Challenge, including Spoilers

2 movies in the theater this weekend and 2 through glorious Netflix.  First Netflix:  Quinceanera.  14 year old girl gets pregnant before her big Quinceanera party, causing some problems in her family life.  She goes to live with her cousin and her great uncle.  Her cousin's also been kicked out of the house for being gay.  The relationship between the 2 cousins is believable and dear.  The other characters seemed fairly flat.  The movie has a happy ending.

Midnight in Paris.  Woody Allan's new movie.  Owen Wilson goes back into Paris of the 20's and gets to meet all his fave writers and artists.  Since Woody stopped acting, he always has the main character mimic his attributes.  John Cusack did a particularly poor job of imitating Woody, as did Kenneth Branagh.  Owen gets it right because he doesn't relinquish his own likeable Owen qualities while bumbling through Woody like lines.  Rachel McAdams is good too.Even though she's supposed to be overly materialistic, …

The Bears

Today we saw Cave of Forgotten Dreams.  Quite good.  Yay for the paleolithic cave artists!  I learned more about cave bears.  They used to be all over the place.  Why are they now extinct?  Why?
Before the movie, we took a hike on Trail 7 in McCormick's Creek.  McCormick's Creek was our first state park, established in 1916.  We never walked on Trail 7 before, but it's a good one.  Moderate.  2 miles.  Takes you down to the White River.  We made up a few songs about the White River, and tonight I found out that it flows to the Wabash.  Anyway, the Paleolithic cave artists were surrounded by wildlife, and they painted animals all over their caves.  Everywhere they looked they could see cave bears, as I've previously mentioned, wooly rhinos, horses, lions, bisons.  We're talking about 30,000 years ago, fyi.  Today on our walk, we saw some bugs, and a few birds.  That's it.  The predators are no longer roaming about my friends.  And that's probably why I don&#…

The Concessions

This is what I hate.  When I buy a diet coke at the movie theater, I want a small size.  I don't want a large.  A large takes two hands to lift, and thus is not a relaxing beverage drinking experience.  Today I went through the whole deal about wanting a small drink, rejecting two large drink bargain offers.  After all this drink talk, the guy handed me a huge ass drink.  All my careful explaining was for nought, basically.  A small peeve, but a valid one.

The Popsicles

There's a little 2nd grade peep who has made great gains at school this year.  While we were eating popsicles together at the Popsicle Field Day Station, I asked her in a casual, yet friendly tone, "Hey Kiddo, How ya doin'?"

"Good," she answered whimsically, "I'm smart now."

I told her that she'd always been smart, and that I was glad she had enjoyed a great school year.  She smiled and shrugged.  Refocused on the popsicle.  A sweet last day moment.

Still have a few things to do at the school site tomorrow.  But I don't have to set the alarm, and I don't have to spend the whole day there.  So, yay.

The Movie Challenge

So we're watching Shampoo.  With Warren Beatty.  Did you know Shampoo was the 4th largest grossing film in 1975? Beaten only by Jaws, Cuckoo's Nest and Rocky Horror.  I saw Cuckoo's Nest.  I got in trouble because after I watched it I stayed out with some friends and came home too late.  So I remember that.  I saw Jaws.  Obv.  Never have seen Rocky Horror.
So....Shampoo.  It seems to be pretty good.  Wikipedia tells me it's satirical.  Warren Beatty is a hairdresser. Goldie Hawn is one of his girlfriends.  Warren's trying to get his own shop.  It's the day before Nixon gets elected. Beatty also hangs out with Julie Christie.
If you want to see it, you should.

I just found out that a great dog died today.  She was smart and fun and loyal.  We'll miss her.

The Book

Today is Penultimate Day.  I'm limping across the finish line folks.  WICKED SORE THROAT.  A certain level of malaise.

I had some desk jobs to do today and I ended up supervising this kinder kid who's sporting a new mohawk with the word GHOST carved into the back of his skull for extra effect. I'm not a huge fan of the mohawk.  Never have been.  While supervising Mohawk and working with a partner on a computerized task, a book was suddenly hurled across the room.  My colleague tried to reason with Mohawk.
 "Did you just throw that across the room?"
"Yeah.  I wanted it over there."
"Well you should pick it up."
"You should pick it up."

Let's face it.  This situation screams out BRAT to everyone involved.  But we went back to ignoring Mohawk and somehow we all made it to dismissal time alive and upright.

I'm singing the Penultimate Day Blues tonight. I want it all to be over now.

The Wants and Wishes

Interviewing makes me a nervous wreck.

I want the best for the artful school.

I want the candidates to have happy fulfilled lives.

I wish everyone in the world could have the job they want.

I wish I didn't have to interview on a Saturday.

I came home exhausted and slightly agitated, ttytt.

So Husbandman, 20somethingdaughter and I went to our local bookstore and picked out magazines to read.  Then I had a solid nap.

I like this pic of my friend Sandy (see below) looking like she's taking care of an escapee from the nuthouse.

The Hair

Fourth graders had a wacky hair day today and they let me be part of their crew.   A few girls used a sticky hair gel to poof up my hair.  A few more took turns spraying white paint onto my hair.  I person told me I looked like Jimmy Neutron.  Another kid told me I looked like Thing 1 or Thing 2.  The hair felt like hard plastic.  I had to wash it 3 times to get the sticky stuff out.  It was fun to look like a freak at school.

The Trip

Speaking of movies, when we were in Paris, we saw many ads for the new Bradley Cooper Movie called The Hangover 2.  But in Paris, they call this movie Very Bad Trip 2.  I had a very bad trip today because we had our end of year celebration at local watering hole yesterday evening and come to find out, I imbibed immoderately, throwing my common sense clear out the window.  Not positive at all to be helping out with the kinders, submitting year long data reports, and supervising the cafeteria in a foggy bogheaded state.  But here's the thing.... we all lived to tell the tale and the night was very good fun, too.

Twelve Rounds

20 something Daughter has a little video challenge going on about movies.  Here's my input.  Twelve Rounds.  Top Critics on Rotten Tomatoes rates this film at 10%.  Not sure exactly what that means, but I know the movie has not been well reviewed overall.  Some call it "energetic, but empty."  But here's the thing, 12 Rounds is the kind of action film I really enjoy, especially when I'm on a 8.5 hour plane ride, in a middle seat.  Crappy script.  Subpar acting.  Crazy ridiculous action scenes.  I'm sorry, Rotten Tomatoes, but I'm giving 12 Rounds a solid 40%. 12 Rounds is a must see, imho.  If you want to see it,  you should.