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The Girl on the Train

I read the book, Girl on the Train, and thought it was fun and suspenseful.  Then the movie came out and the reviews were horrible.  So I didn't see it for awhile.  Yesterday we saw it, just for the heck of it.  Come to find out, it was fun and suspenseful, just like the book.  Husbandman gives it a 3 on the fist of five, and

adds, "I was surprised.  I thought it was going to be a one or a two."  I give it a 5. Good job, Emily Blunt.

The Socks

It's Socktober, so we're collecting socks and soup for the Community Kitchen.  We've got 167 pairs of socks and 122 cans of soup.  All three third grades are part of Socktober.  There are still a few days left in October.  If you want to give socks to somebody, do it ASAP.  Don't let Socktober slip away.  

We saw a good movie this week and it is called Don't Blink.  It's a documentary about the photographer Robert Frank.  This guy is creative and he is fascinating and he is inspiring.  You should see this movie if you feel like it.  I am thinking about buying a little tin roof shack somewhere near the ocean somewhere in Northern Canada.  I need a new setting to get my creativity going in full gear.

Have you carved your pumpkin?  A few years ago, a Thirdlander gave me some great roasted pumpkin seeds.  They were fantastic.  This year, I teach her brother, and I'm thinking about dropping a hint about the pumpkin seeds.  Seems like they would remember on the…

The KickStarter

I'm thinking of starting a kickstarter or gofundme account.  But in my account, people wouldn't give me money.  They would give me heirlooms for my Heirlooms Gone Awry Gallery.  The gallery would be filled with heirlooms that didn't quite make the mark, stuff people gave to you that were special to them, but to you they're just things that you have to have around your house for the rest of your life.  The heirlooms have to be passed down at least twice to be in the museum.  This might be hard to get going, but there's potential for glory somewhere down the line.  FYI: This idea is still in the development stage.

The Greatness

3 questions for you.

1.  Did you see the Hunter Moon last night?   It was a super moon. What do you think of this awesome photograph I took?  Good, right? FYI:  Next month we'll get to see an even super-er moon.  So get ready.

2.  Did you see #theAccountant yet?  Ben is just a marvel in this beautifully made, emotionally moving film.  Check it out ASAP. We saw it yesterday.  Husbandman gives this ground breaking heart wrenching film a 3 on the fist of 5 and calls it "watchable."  Not sure what he means by that, because the film is a 5 from beginning to end.  I suspect that Ben will be picking up another Oscar for his incredible performance.

3.  Question 3. Did you walk around talking about a cool school board candidate and our district referendum any time recently ?  I did this yesterday with Judith and it made for quite a pleasant afternoon.  People were happy to talk about the elections and seemed to appreciate getting the literature. As predicted, Judith talked and I…

The Walk

Heading out to talk to some voters about our district's referendum.  I'm wearing a referendum t-shirt and I have a referendum yard sign up.  Judith is the one who signed up and got all the materials.  She told me about doing this civic duty last night while we were enjoying some beverages and some jazz under the moonlit starry sky at Scenic View.  I said, "Oh, I'll go with you!"  I didn't really think it over, just blurted out that I would join her.  Smart move?  Who can say?

We all know that I'm not big on talking to people I don't know, but probably Judith will do most of the work.  I'll just walk with her, wearing the VOTE YES t-shirt.  My hope for today is that in between houses we can focus on sundry chit chat. Chatting with Judith is a ton of fun.  Maybe I can pass out some flyers about this blog while we're walking the vote.  Multi-task, so to speak.
My biggest hope for this civic outing is that everyone likes the referendum and reass…

The Proof

Huddle up, Peeps, I've got to tell you something.  I hate proofreading.  I don't have a ton of little pesky errors because I read everything over 50,000 times as I'm writing, but I do have many sentences that don't sound quite right.  And I have many headings that don't perfectly match up with the corresponding content. I have photos that need interesting captions. I also have a Table of Contents that needs to be adjusted for the thousandth time.  It's all making me a nervous wreck so I keep checking in on our democracy, which adds more to my hideous stress.  What we've got going is a truly vicious cycle.

But here's some good news.  #1 Son came home at 2 am.  We had lunch together.  He's here for some musical performances aka gigs.  And here's the other good news.  I only have one more chapter to proofread and it shouldn't be too bad.  Maybe. The proof will be in the pudding.  Whatever.  I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about proofr…

The Return