Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yom Rishon

Tr:  Sunday
It's time for the Monday Writing Report.  (I'm writing it on Sunday because I thought today was Monday, but it's not). The long and the short of TMWR is this.  I haven't written much because of our fanciful trip.  Yesterday I poked the writing around a little bit and today I'm committed to getting back in the game.  The article is still too long, but it's getting closer.  I sent it off to Judith to have a read through while she's on her vacation.  Husbandman will also be forced to read it this week.  Deadline is January 15.  Getting there.


Anonymous said...

Will you take Monday off then?

KC said...

Love the photo. Great report. I believe in the article!

mm said...

This photo is amazing... love the tomato popping out of the boot... love the amazing color...

Perhaps you should publish some of your photos after your article is finished which will happen soon.

LH said...

Man alive, I finally finished the article. Kind of. Still have to cut 450 words, but I'm almost there.

Crazy talk.