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#TwinTuesday Favorites of 2015

Four Favorites from a year of #TwinTuesdays.  I love the #TwinTuesday collaboration with KC a lot.  And I'm amazed at our tenacity with this project.  Hoorah!

The Fun

Well I for one have very much enjoyed skimming through 2015 on alittleleeway. Come to find out, I've had a pretty good year. Some ups and some downs, but overall I've managed to eke out quite a bit of fun and jollity.  I wasn't too crazy about my photography this year, so that's something to work on in 2016.

The Lights

We are up early on Christmas morn.  Mom woke up at 3 am to start stuffing the bird.  Then there were potatoes to peel.  I got up around 6 and Little Sister brought me coffee.  Dad's sitting upright, sound asleep next to me on the couch as I blog.  #1 Son is reading. Husbandman should wake up soon.  Mom has a recipe for him to make called Christmas Morning French Toast.  Then we'll drive Dad to mass. Later Big Sister and Big Brother will arrive for old school merriment. But right now it's quiet and the tree is shiny.  It's a good morning for wishing.

#TwinTuesday Better Late Than Never

#TwinTuesday brings us a Raggedy Ann and a winter boot.  Though we're late with #TwinTuesday, KC and I wanted to give you all the gift of #TwinTuesday anyway.  We love everybody who checks out #TwinTuesday every week.  There aren't a lot of you, but you're all important to us.

We are having fun times in the Southland. All is well.  The stockings are hung with care.  The gifts are all wrapped. I'm eating haystacks. The family is loving and sweet. I have the ingredients for a hot wine punch.  I'm trying to figure out when I want the hot wine punch.  It has to be the perfect time. I'm thinking 4:30 this afternoon?

The Ride

I'm on the road, my friends.  I'm on the road.  I've got my boot and my one shoe.  I've got my scooter. I've got my audio book.  WooHOO!
I hope my mom and dad have the stockings hung with care.  I don't think that's asking too much.

The Birth of a New Expression

A few days ago I made up a new expression.  Whenever something is fabulous, I can say, "Fruity Pebbles!"  Here are some helpful examples:

I'm on vacation. Fruity Pebbles!That IU game was totally fruity pebbles!I know we're starting before the crack of dawn, but let's have a fruity pebbles road trip!

We're having a conundrum though because Husbandman believes that the expression should be used differently.  In the spirit of the actual cereal, he believes we should use the expression Fruity Pebbles when we THINK something is going to be awesome, but it ends up being kind of godawful  Example:

You're in a good mood because you're walking into a party you've been looking forward to.  The music is good.  Catered food.  Open bar.  But after a couple of minutes you realize you can't stand anybody there and you think to yourself, "I guess this party is fruity pebbles."

I find Husbandman's idea intriguing.  I'm not going to lie.  Can …

Thursday Creativity Share: 13 Words

Lemony Snicket and Maira Kalman have a new book out called 13 Words.  The trailer for this book is fun.  You should watch it if you want.  The Thirdlanders wanted to watch it several times in a row.  I asked them to write their opinions of the trailer.  I wanted to know if the short film worked to make them want to read the book.  Most said they were very much wanting to read the book because of the ad's humor and the style of the artwork.  For me, anything with Maira Kalman's name on it is a must get.  So I was sold before I even watched it.  Thanks, Judith, for sending this film our way.

Thursday Creativity Share:  A little film about a book about 13 words.  Such PANACHE!


Well it was a prime kind of #twinTuesday with appointments with the orthopedists and news of  Subchondral fractures heretofore undetected. And suggestions that the boot should be worn for another 30 days or so. It feels like I'm floating  out into the Milky Way in search of the aurora borealis. Our magnet healthy green pairing acts as a beacon, bringing us back to the land of the everyday.

Thursday Creativity Share: The Cheese Ball

Check out this creative cheese ball that looks like a hedge hog.  Come to find out, there are some awesome cheese ball creators out there.   Have you ever created a cheese ball?  I for one have not yet created a cheese ball. If I do create a cheese ball this holiday season, I will probably copy cat this cheese ball right here.

You can get this cute little hedgehog cheese ball at our local super sized super market. One of the Thirdlanders and her mom (Good friend Kathala) sent this picture to me because of course I'm going to appreciate the hedgehog cheese ball.

Thursday Creativity Share:  Amazing cheese balls at our local chain store market.  Two thumbs way up.

The Commas

I reviewed six uses for the comma today and I told the Thirdlanders to write me a letter on their iPads.  This letter could be imaginative, but it must have all six types of commas somewhere within.  As they brought up the iPads for a quick edit, I would make suggestions to the letter like:  "Instead of Dear Dr. H., why not write something like 'Dear Wonderful Dr. H.?' and "You need a comma after an interjection somewhere in here.  Why not try something like, 'Oh, I forgot to tell you how much I'm enjoying being in your class?'" I said about 80 comments like this.  The Thirdlanders never laughed. Rather they seriously revised to add compliments galore.  I found it harder and harder to give them proofreading tips because the letters were so darned adorable.  One kid wrote, "Hashtag Best Teacher Ever." His letter had lots of spelling and comma errors, but who am I to judge?


We have some support for Planned Parenthood and some beautiful celery this week.  This unexpected combo really gets me geared up to cultivate authenticity and creativity today.  I'm going to try to be extra nice to the Thirdlanders today.  Yesterday I was a wee bit on the cranky side.  I'll just look at this #TwinTuesday whenever I'm feeling out of sorts today and I'll get back on track.  You can do the same thing if you want to. 

The MRI?

You know what I hate? I hate when you break your ankle in 2 places and it seems to be healing kind of and then you go to your doctor after six weeks and he says, "hmmmm.....well, let me know if you want to get an MRI soon."  Okay, hold the phone.  First off, Why would I WANT an MRI?  And secondly, how would I know if it would be appropriate to have an MRI? Sure everyone knows I'm really good at diagnosing medical problems, but how am I supposed to know what to do where this MRI request is concerned?

If I really think about it, I'm probably going to have to request an MRI. Evidence #1: My pal at work today said, "You're not getting better.  You're getting worse. Look at how you're walking."  Evidence #2:  I'm still in quite a bit of pain in the region of the ankle.  Man alive.  This ankle thing is putting me in a wicked bad mood. I wonder if I'll ever be well again.  Bottom line.  I'm feeling somewhat frustrated.

The Gifts

Take away from this week's reading of Gifts of Imperfection.  Cultivate authenticity.  Share a new creation.  Stay vulnerable.  Choose to show up and be real.  Be honest.  Let my true self be seen.  Don't shrink.  Don't puff up.  Stand on sacred ground.  Get deliberate about cultivating authenticity and get inspired.  I'm inspired by this quote I got in my other self helpful book by Jack Gilbert, "We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of the world."

So I've done my reading and it's time for me to get to some writing.  But first I'm showing up for the NYT cross word puzzle with Husbandman.  Husbandman's heading out to Arizona for a few days so I want to have some time with him this morning.  After that, writing.  But here's the thing.  How on earth am I going to get my school work done for the week if I plan on meeting my proposal deadline of 6 o clock tonight AND go  see an independent film this even…

The Machines

Do you ever use simple machines to solve real world problems?  I use a wedge (knife) to cut lemons for my smoothies. And I might use the wheel and axle of my scooter again soon because my ankle still freaking hurts.  I frequently use pulleys when I volunteer at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and have to move the tranquilized tigers into the wheelbarrow (lever) in order to get them over to the health clinic when they need x rays. But I don't use screws too often.  There are flat head screws and pan head screws.  There are even round head screws.  And yet it's as if they live in a whole separate world, a world totally foreign to me. Simple machines.  Do I appreciate them enough?  It's something I'm thinking about today.

The Rascals

We had a guest teacher yesterday morning because of my two dental appointments.  Okay, I also went out to lunch with 20 Something and Beau D.  But mostly I was out of school because of my TWO dental-related appointments.  Well come to find out, the guest teacher wasn't too confident about teaching Thirdlanders and the Thirdlanders took every advantage of this opportunity to be the little rascals only they can be.  I am slightly annoyed, but mostly I'm annoyed with the guest teacher who totally disregarded my lesson plans that took me a long time to write.  Still, the Thirdlanders and I are going to be having a conversation about doing the right thing today when we meet together at morning meeting. I'm going to tell the Thirdlanders that while I admire their spunky independence, it can be overdone. Time to rein it in and get back on track.


Egg, and Book about living a wholehearted life.  It all seems so unexpected.  As I blog right now, I'm sitting here with 20Something and drinking a green smoothie.  I have some dental work to deal with now, so off I go.