Tr:  Today.  Have been slacking on my Heblish as you can see from my titles.  I'll have more time soon.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  #1 Son enjoyed it and termed it "fun."  His favorite part was the skateboarding scene, which he termed "kind of funny."  He would recommend it "to some, but not others."
Husbandman thought it was "fine." He liked the cinematography in certain parts, but thought the movie was a "huge effort, for a thin, trifling story."  He ended his searing review with,"I guess it wasn't my image of Walter Mitty."
To which #1 Son replied, "What do you think Walter Mitty's image of YOU is, Dad?"

Our fists of 5:  2.5, 3, 4.5   I liked it quite a bit.  If you want to see it, you should. Make up your own minds and get back to us on this.  It's a very pleasant movie and I'd like it to be a big hit for my second cousin, Ben Stiller.


Anonymous said…
I hope to see it!! And I totally love this picture!!
mm said…
I like Husbandman's comment about it being a "thin, trifling story."
Mom, come on. Enough with the Second Cousin routine.
LH said…
But Indiana Rock, he could be my cousin. How can we really know for sure.
Goodwoman said…
I saw the film on Christmas and enjoyed it. I was frequently distracted by the vintage cameras. I left the theater feeling like I wanted to pack up my camera and hop a plane to somewhere with beautiful vistas.
KC said…
I'm really into the 2nd cousin routine, actually. i haven't heard it before, but as a series regular, IR might have a more informed perspective.
Sarah Gardner said…
I was intrigued by the trailer, it looked pretty and imaginative. Glad to hear you liked it!

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