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The Schedule

I have a writing schedule this summer. I'm enjoying this schedule quite a lot.  I work in coffee shops and drink a lot of coffee.  I listen to fascinating conversations around me when my mind wanders.  Case in point.  Yesterday a woman sat down next to a man and said, "It's very chilly in here."
The man jovially countered, "Why don't you order some chili?"
The woman didn't even laugh, but she pulled a sweater out of her bag.  "I hope I don't offend you wearing a blue sweater with black shorts," she said, putting on the sweater.
I couldn't hear the man's reply, which frustrates me to this day.

My goal is to get chapter 3 done by July 1.  That's going to be a long shot, but I'm going to be close.  I'm enjoying my writing schedule.  I have 3 chapters to write before the summer ends and I'm inching one to completion.  The next chapter could be a lot harder.  Unless it's not.  After I got some work done yesterd…

The Truth

Cleaning out the basement over the course of this summer.  Little by little.  Slow and steady wins the race.  We have put 4 large items out at the end of the driveway and random citizens have taken three away.  When we see an item has been taken by a random citizen, we feel a sense of elation almost akin to getting gifts on Christmas morning.  I veritably want to dance a jig.  So far, random citizens have taken an old cruddy bicycle, a weed whacker that worked fine but we found annoying for some reason and a double adirondack chair with a broken armrest. We did have one item that no one wanted, so we drove it to Goodwill ourselves.  It was an old dresser that Husbandman paid 5$ for in New York when he moved there to be a grad student.  Husbandman is still shocked that no one wanted the dresser.  "It was the best thing we put out there," he pondered.  I'm not sure I agree with Husbandman about the relative quality of the dresser, but I do believe another old adage has ev…

The Departure

#1 Son leaves for Europe tomorrow.  I took a trip to Europe when I was 17 with my friend Cathleen.  We backpacked around and visited 5 countries.  We had a Let's Go Europe book that helped us find hostels, restaurants and fun activities.  I bought the latest Let's Go for #1 Son.  He hasn't had a chance to look at it yet.  I also found a neck wallet for his passport and I bought him some organizer packing cubes for his socks and underwear.  I wonder if he'll use those.  I wish I could go to Europe with #1 Son.  But this is not to be.  He's going off for a month and I'll stay behind. I hope this won't be too tough on #1 Son. I hope he'll be able to cope.

The Zoo

Big news at the Indy Zoo.  The polar bear is moving to Detroit.  We've got a rare opportunity right now to transform the polar bear exhibit into a guinea pig exhibit.  I've been dreaming about a guinea pig zoo for years.  The whole zoo would be nothing but guinea pigs.  Imagine guinea pigs in different settings, doing different things.  Come to find out, guinea pigs like to swim, so the polar bear exhibit would be perfect for them and a great start on converting the entire zoo into the first Midwestern Guinea Pig Center. Innovative?  Yes, I believe so.

The Facts

Tonight will be a full moon and this moon is called strawberry moon.  Native Americans gave nicknames to all the full moons.  June's full moon is strawberry moon because strawberry season is gearing up right about now.  There have been other nicknames for this full moon.  Hot Moon because of the weather.  Honey Moon because of all the June weddings.  I think I like Strawberry Moon the best.  There's a sweetness coming around and I may try to make one of my famous strawberry short cakes some time soon.  I've made 2 of those and both were quite good.  Or I may look around for someone else to make a strawberry short cake for me because I'm kind of busy right now.
In either case, I'm extremely excited about this summer solstice strawberry moon.  So much promise and potential coming round the bend. Look up tonight. Find the full moon and  claim it as your own. Give it a name if you feel like it.

The Bagel

I finished M Train by Patti Smith yesterday.  I didn't want to finish it.  I wanted to keep reading it for the rest of my life. That's just not how things worked out this time.

I've been working at various coffee shops in the afternoons.  Coffee shops provide some good distractions when my focus gets to wandering.  Yesterday I overheard a woman talking about her mother.  Her mother was a Rosie the Riveter.  A small woman, 5 foot 2 and 100 pounds soaking wet, she could slip into small ship spaces for purposes of riveting.  I wish I could spend some time riveting.  I need the proper tools.

At the coffee shop, there are cakes for sale.  Every day I think of buying a large round cake.  I can clear a refrigerator shelf and keep it there.  Any time anyone wants a slice of cake they can come over and eat some.  While I was eyeing the cakes yesterday, a little girl eating a blueberry bagel asked me, "Do you want a cake?"
     "I do, but I'm just going to order…

The Poltergeist

Awhile back we hired an electrician.  He came to our house and climbed up on his ladder.  Then he fell and his leg broke.  He returned yesterday to finish the job.  He showed us his scar.  "Have you ever had any paranormal activity in your home? he asked.  "Because I felt like some type of poltergeist grabbed me and pulled me down off that ladder."

We haven't noticed any poltergeists per se, but the electrician's words haunt me.  I'm now remembering some weird things that have occurred here from time to time.  Case in point. Our television once floated up into the air while we were watching Game of Thrones, season 4, episode 2.  Just for a few minutes, and only about 5 feet up.

  Also, last summer I opened the freezer door for some ice to find two large rabbits in there, chewing on some carrots. They seemed comfortable enough and I wasn't sure what to do so I shut the freezer door.  When I opened it again the next day, they were gone.  Not sure these e…

The Freak

I just read a blurb about Voltaire in Daily Rituals.  He was a super productive writer who followed strict daily schedules and always met or exceeded his daily writing goals. We can all learn a lot from Voltaire.  Or, perhaps, we can ignore Voltaire completely, recognizing that he was probably a privileged freak show off who had no friends.  Down with Voltaire.

The Lobster

If you want to see The Lobster, you should, but I feel obliged to tell you that I left this movie before it was over. I walked the short distance over to Kroger's and looked at various food products until Husbandman picked me up after the rolling of the credits. The first half was great---weird, funny, a bit disturbing.  Second half amped up the disturbing elements. Full disclosure:  I saw 3/4 of the film.

Later, back at home,  I read sundry reviews and come to find out, everyone loves The Lobster.  When I dislike a film that all the cool critics love, insecurity creeps in.  What am I not getting about this?  Why can't I be a more sophisticated critic?  The disconnect can put me in a bad mood.  I pulled out of my funk with some out door jazz and some wine and a cheese tray and some fireflies.

As I've already stated, I recommend that you see The Lobster if you want to, but at the very least have a cheese tray waiting for you when you leave the theater.  You might want to le…

The Dads

I wish there could be a little creek near my house.  I would walk to that creek and look for crawdads.  There is a creek at Bryan Park which isn’t far. I guess that’s where I’ll walk and find the crawdads there from time to time this summer.  The crawdads might come to know me after awhile.  Perhaps they’ll gather together and wave their front claws in greeting as I walk by. 

The Radio

Today #1 Son was interviewed about his new album ON THE RADIO! He sounded amazing---smart, fun, cool and casual.   David Brent Johnson played 5 of his songs and talked about the album and other jazzy topics, just like they were old friends.  At the end of the interview, I was crazy proud.  But then my pride took a turn for the worse and transitioned  into jealousy.  I started having a real hankering to be on the radio.  I guess it's time to create another podcast.  I'll probably have #1 Son interview me about some of the great stuff I've accomplished lately.  Right now I'm getting a hair cut and then I'm going to hear #1 Son play some music. Rocking it!

The Return

Woo Hoo, We are home from a fabulous vacation.  It's over and I'm not too happy about that. But that's the way it is.  We're home and life is moving forward, but I'll back up time over the next few days and show you some of my favorite moments.  What do you think of these elephant seals?

The Stitches

Lots of fun has been had and will continue to be had. In the meantime, this happened.

The Pools

Spent the morning tide pool scrambling at Crystal Cove State Park and at Little Corona del Mar Beach.  No swimming because a great white shark bit a woman on Sunday and the beaches are closed down for now.  That's okay.  Next time.  On to Big Sur.  Huzzah.