Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Sight

Poor little blog.  I'm sorry I've been away.  I'll try to catch you up on everything that's going on, but first a question.  Should I or should I not go to Promptcare right now?  I've been blowing my nose prodigiously since Wednesday, with no end in sight.  On the one hand, maybe I'm just allergic to the planet.  On the other hand, maybe I just have a cold that will leave soon.  And on the third hand, maybe there's something that can make me feel better so my last 3 days with the Thirdlanders don't totally suck.  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


#TwinTuesday.  We've got a can of food and a sponge.  Linking to twitter for KC's brilliant pairing because of her hiatus.  Let's remember the definition of hiatus. It's a "pause or gap" in a sequence or process.  So this hiatus is not permanent.  It's just a slight pause.  If you go here you can see a link to this photo's twin, on this perfect Tuesday.

I'm thinking about sending my students out into the school area in small groups with post its.  We're studying solid figures, so they can label the cylinders, rectangular prisms, and spheres that they find around the building.  Something to do.  My problem is that I keep thinking of new things to do rather than finishing up the projects already in the hopper.  I'm not good at finishing things. That's just how it is and as we all know, I have other fine qualities.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Worms

The web worms are everywhere right now.  Some people call them bag worms.

There are kids who drop the web worms in to the creek.  They claim that the fish like to eat them.  I discourage that because I'm staunchly against murdering the web worms.

Other kids report that after school they make paper boats for the web worms and sail them down the creek to places unknown.  I imagine the web worms probably enjoy heading out on adventures, seeing new places and new faces. I wonder where they end up.  I wonder about the stories they tell when and if they make their way back to the land of the playground.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Behind the Scenes 2

Mad Max Fury Road is a thrill ride adventure from start to finish.  If you want to see this movie you really should.  It's full of top notch crazy canoodling and chaos, with a slew of strong women characters.

Behind the scenes, Tom Hardy didn't get along with others.  He has since apologized to the director for being difficult. He has also told the press that his issues with Charlize Theron were unfortunate and that he respects and admires her.

Here's what I tell the Thirdlanders.  We don't all have to be best friends, but we are all friends here and we treat each other with care and kindness.  It doesn't always come true in real life, but that's our guiding principle, imposed by me.

So, Tom, Charlize, George.  You've made a brilliant and exciting movie.  Next time you get together, which I hope is soon, I encourage you to lose the attitudes.  I expect better of you in terms of professionalism and collegiality.  That being said.  Well done on Mad Max.  You nailed it.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Creativity

It's getting to be that time of year when we're all just hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

Case in point. Yesterday I wanted to take the Thirdlanders out for a 15 minute recess in the afternoon, but they just couldn't get it together to listen to directions.  I told them all to sit down to signal their readiness to go outside. Then I started blowing some great tunes on the harmonica while zipping around the room straightening up all the debris strewn hither thither and yon.  When Thirdlanders would raise a hand or get out of a seat, I would just point meaningfully back to their seat or gesture with a downward hand movement for them to put their hand down. Then I would continue moving at top speed between the recycling bins and the supply tables, all the while blowing random yet melodic notes on the harmonica.   I played jaunty tunes for about 3 or 4 minutes and was a veritable dervish of straightening.  The Thirdlanders calmed down after a minute or so, sat calmly and watched my performance with an appropriate degree of awed respect.  When I was done, I finished with a huge flourish.  The class stood up and applauded vigorously.  We were then ready to line up and head outdoors.  On the way out, a Thirdlander asked me, "How did you learn to play the harmonica so well?"
Another Thirdlander said, "That was amazing!"
       These Thirdlanders are super rambunctious right now, but their sweetness is still shining through.  Keep it up, Thirdlanders.  8 more days!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Behind the Scenes 1

Photo credit:  Thirdlander MOM!
There's another little blog challenge going on called Behind the Scenes.  Here are 2 incidents to share.  As you know one of the Thirdlanders stapled her thumb yesterday.  Behind the scenes, there was much talk about whether to pull the staple out or not.  Some people volunteered, others said we should wait.  A doctor ended up pulling out the staple, which had entered the thumb bone.  Another thing that happened behind closed doors yesterday was our faculty meeting.  Next year we'll get some labels for teachers. The best label is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.  I want that label and I will accept no other.  So I have to have a talk with my principal about that.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share

Tonight we watched a show for the first time.  It's called Naked and Afraid.  Naked people try to survive in unpopulated places like the Maldives Islands. It's the number one show on television right now.

We saw a woman making some cool hats out of palm fronds, so it seems like a pretty good show.

Also, good pal Linda has given me the directions for crocheting a cool owl.  I'll make several of these in the summer months to come.

And one other thing.  This photograph shows what happened to a Thirdlander today.  She was extremely calm about it, while I was not.

Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  A show about creativity under dire circumstances, crocheting a cool owl, and some x ray photography showing a dramatic scene from real life.  I don't really see how it could get much better.  In all honesty.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Club

Book Club tonight and guess who didn't finish the book?  Yes, that would be me.

But here's the thing.  I have read this book long ago in the past.  I enjoyed it.

I'm not a re-reader.  But I tried to re-read this book because it truly was a favorite in days of yore, though I had sketchy memories about its content.

So I've read the cheat sheets, and I've researched the author's sad true tale.  The author worked with a famous editor for awhile on his book.  Ultimately the editor said it needed more revisions.  He also said that the book wasn't really "about anything."  Famous editor acknowledged the humor and fine writing but couldn't publish it without further revisions, which the author did not want to make.  The author committed suicide and a few years later, the book went on to win the Pulitzer Prize because the author's mom brought it to Walker Percy who helped with the publishing of the book.