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Creativity Thursday: Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes

I was thrilled to receive the ARC of Word Savvy's new book.  ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy.  It's a special copy that special people can read before a book is published and available to the other readers.

You know those times where you sit down to read for 15 minutes and then don't look up for four hours?  That's what happens with this book.  It's happened to me twice.  Once when I read a much earlier draft awhile back. Then again last Saturday.

I love this book.  Kirkus Reviews also loves this book.  KIRKUS REVIEWS!!!!!!!

I think you should read this book if you want to, but you'll probably have to wait until February or if you want my ARC, I can pass it to you after Nancy and Judy are done with it, but you have to give it back to me because KC wrote something nice inside Minor Dramas and also added a unicorn sticker.  Like I said, a special copy for special people. KUDOS, KC!

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