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23. Shades of Blue

We pass my house when we go on field trips, because, come to find out, I live and work on the exact same street.  I always point out my house to the kids sitting near me on the bus. Recently we painted our house blue, but as we drove past on the way to the museum, the Thirdlanders asked, "The purple one?" I ignored it because The Thirdlanders are often off base with their commentary.  Then on the way home, I sat with a different crew of Thirdlanders.  Pointed out my house again.  Again, comments about the purpleness. I started to wonder about this.  Is my house actually purple and not blue?  If you're a local reader,  drive by sometime, give it a gander.  I'm curious to learn what you think. If you're reading from afar, look at the pictures of my house and comment on the color if you want to.

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