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The Leaders

I've pasted this photo all over creation because I was so thrilled to see Justin Trudeau.  Not sure why. I guess he's just my prime minister crush.  I bet he's not detaining children and putting them into cages and lying about everything.  He may be doing other things that aren't great, but he's probably not doing that.

Yesterday we made a donation to RAICES.  I also sent some emails to my congresspeople.  Senator Braun sent back a form letter almost immediately about how we can help the immigrants by building a wall on the border.  Wow.  Thanks, Senator Braun.  For being a big fat idiot. I hope you lose your next election one trillion to zero.

On the delightful side, I read a great article about Elizabeth Warren in the NYT today.  She was a champion debater in high school.  Come to find out, I also was part of Speech and Debate in high school.  Unlike Elizabeth Warren, I wasn't good at debate. I was more into the speech part of Speech and Debate. I would be th…

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