Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Lotus

Once again, Lotus does not disappoint.  We saw six musics last night. I loved all six musics and my only regret was not getting in to 2 musics that I really wanted to see.

I wish people who didn't get to go to Lotus last year because they were in Israel could get special entrance to all the musics.

We really want to see Full Set tonight because of our Irish Heritage.  Husbandman has a small amount of Irish heritage and he wears it proudly.  We're developing a plan for the coming evening of musics.   I'm crazy in love with Lotus.  And yes, I would marry Lotus if I didn't already have a husband. KC says Lotus is the best music festival she's ever attended, bar none.  She even said she is probably going to start playing blue grass music on her fiddle every day so she can busk next year on Kirkwood.  Mac and Unabashed might busk with her (they both play fiddle) and KC believes that they will perform under Mac's current band name, The Cool Two.

Nancer taught us a Lotus handshake last night.  If you see us zipping about tonight, let's pause and take a moment to properly learn the lotus flower handshake.  This handshake is to be used only on Lotus weekends, forevermore.  Another tradition is born.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Friends

Everyone, relax.  KC made it here safe and sound, thanks to private transportation.
Today's the day for mix and mingle, my friends.  A visit to Thirdlandia, then hopping through the streets, listening to the tunes of the world. Husbandman made us bag lunches that we'll eat outside on the school grounds and obviously we'll swing by Starbucks on the way to school.  The fun never stops around here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share

Let the good times roll with CREATIVITY.

First off, KC is coming to our town this very evening. To our TOWN, people!!!!   You all know her extremely creative blog, Word Savvy.  If you don't, get over here and start reading, STAT.

Why is she coming to our town you ask?  Because LOTUS festival starts tonight!  You should go here and listen to sample music of all the people coming from all over the world to play music for us.  Then you should go to LOTUS festival and look for KC so you can give her a welcoming hello and Hi-Ho.  Maybe even come up with a creative handshake to practice with her.  The sky's the limit, when your heart is in it!  Cynthia said she will come next year and we're all holding her to it.

I'm mostly looking forward to Arga Bileg and their jazz improv Mongolian folk music.  It doesn't get much more creative than that. Let's face it.

Thursday Creativity Share.  An amazing blog of longstanding. A festival of world music. A picture of a giraffe's large head.  Impressive?  I'd say so.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Palate

I'm wearing a little number today that was an impulse purchase.  Every time I wear it, I wonder, "Should I have bought this?"

Today I told Husbandman, "I don't know if I should wear this.  Last time I wore it someone told me it wasn't in my palate."

Husbandman said, "You should have answered, 'Can you hang on a minute while my palate punches you in the face?'"

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do."  Soldier on we must.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Independent Film Review

We saw an independent film last night called Frank.  We can't really review it properly tonight because we're watching The Roosevelts on PBS, but we can give you the basics.

Hm:  I liked it.  It was odd, but compelling.
Lw: Can you give a one sentence summary?
Hm:  A loser British kid links up with an avant garde band led by a charismatic leader who always wears a gigantic fake head.
Lw:  And the bandleader is named Frank.
Hm: Right.
Lw:  Fist of 5?
Hm:  I'm going to give it a solid 3.
Lw:  (with an outraged tone) 3?
Hm:  3.5.

Okay, it's a wrap.  You should see Frank if you want to.  It's a very odd movie.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Beginning

Do you love this picture as much as I do?
I bought a new shirt this weekend.  It's not a school spirit shirt, but it's a good one.  All will be well because I have a new shirt. Husbandman is also wearing a new shirt. We're both pleased as punch.

 I'm determined to go in to school with √©lan and good cheer.  But there's one thing holding me back.  My classroom has an office space attached to it.  On Friday, a 3rdlander said to me, "I just saw a wasp fly into your office. Just FYI."  I ignored him with a flippant, "Please sit down" or some such nonsense.  How I've come to regret my flippant demeanor. Come to find out, when I was shuffling stacks of papers on my desk yesterday on a Sunday afternoon when others were probably outside enjoying a beautiful day, a wasp was lurking beneath the stacks of papers and that wasp hauled off and stung my finger viciously.  It really hurt.

So obviously now I have fears about going into my office.  Come to find out, wasps don't die after they sting you.  They can sting you fifty to one hundred more times.  Even more if they feel like it.  There's stuff I need in that office, but what can I do?  There's a wasp occupying the space, locked and loaded. I feel defenseless against the wasp, which come to find out, has a life span of up to six weeks.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Meerkat

Headed out to the zoo yesterday.  Beautiful sunny day.  New Orangutan center.  Why wouldn't we?  Plus I sent stuff off a week ago to "the editor" and she hasn't written back, so I decided to have a Saturday for fun. First time in a couple of months.  On a TV show we watched last night, a writer said that being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life.  That's a pretty good description. Yesterday we all took a break, zoo-ed around, and then ended our day hearing #1 Son play some music at one of our fave restaurants.  
Today I'm back to work but I'm going to start stuff off with a trip to a store where I will buy organizational accoutrements such as baskets and tubs and little magnets. I also need good pencils and pens.  School supplies, you had me at hello.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Neck

Have you ever had an awesome day and then the next day you have what can only be called a day of unmitigated misery?  I'm not sure why it happens.  It's the same setting, same characters, basically the same plot.

Here's some irony.  I think my day was negatively affected by the wearing of my school spirit tee shirt.  I started the day cheering loudly in the halls, "I've got spirit, yes I DO!," And then after awhile, I started feeling that my school spirit tee was kind of tight around my neck. Then I started remembering that the last time I wore the school spirit tee, I had the same experience, thus adding to my exasperation with the whole situation. The school spirit tee almost felt like a noose around my neck by lunch time and by the time the buses drove off with all our cool students, I was pulling on the neck line with both hands while making kind of a shrieking noise.  I'm never wearing that shirt again.  If anyone wants it, just let me know.  However, let me suggest you not wear this shirt unless your neck is on the thin side.

Skinny necker, it's all yours.

It's kind of sad that I can't show my school spirit like everyone else because of my abnormally prodigious neck.