Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Seizing

I'm still using Husbandman's computer.  So I'm not too happy.  I don't know why this kind of thing has to happen to me.

We saw Fury this weekend.   I'm wondering if I would be brave enough to jump on a grenade in order to save others. Probably, because I like being noble, but I'm not positive because sometimes it takes me a long time to make decisions and jumping on a grenade requires rapid-fire,  nearly simultaneous thought and action.

You should see Fury if you want to.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This week we've got a turtle and some piano keys. Certainly something to ponder as we all travel through this wide open Tuesday.

We've also got a serious problem, my friends.  My precious computer is on the fritz.  Lo, this very computer on which I blog, belongs not to me, but to honored Husbandman.  This isn't good news for anyone, I know.

I'm stymied, miffed and flabbergasted, but holding up as best I can.  Despite obstacles, #twintuesday is here for everyone to enjoy and contemplate.

That's just how I roll.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Birthday

In the LIVING VICARIOUSLY department, I feel compelled to share these two photos taken yesterday by others.  Early in the day #1 Son met Jonathan Banks, one of our favorite actors. Later, he met Jay Leno, a man who told many fun jokes last evening.  Both celebs and #1 Son make fascinating hand gestures in their fan photos, it would seem.  That's probably something I'm going to start doing now.  We probably all should.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Relief

We're closing in on the weekend, my friends.  We're closing in on the weekend.

This week has been harrowing with report cards, portfolios, parent teacher conferences and sub plans.  But though I worry constantly about everything, the report cards are done, the portfolios are beautiful, the parents are splendid supporters, and the sub plans allow me to attend a 2 day International Baccalaureate workshop.  Go IB!

And now tonight we're going to hear #1 son play bass with his pals as the opening act for Jay Leno at the Musical Arts Center.  And another thing, my sister's coming in to town to see him too!  And one other thing, tomorrow's my 54th birthday.  Three cubed x 2 once the old clock hits midnight.  I'm so excited. I told Husband this morning that if he can't get me an electron microscope, my second choice would be a really expensive diamond necklace because I think it would look nice on me.

"How about a bag of circus peanuts?" he responded, continuing to read his email.  That nut.  He knows I despise circus peanuts.

Off to the learning.  Let's do this.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share

So KC once again cues me in to something cool.  It's called Sketchnotes. And as per usual right after she tells me about it, I am at a meeting where we watch this sketch note presentation of my uncle Sir Ken Robinson's talk about creativity and education.  Here's a teeny video about visual note making.  There's a book about sketch notes.  Sure, I'll read it. Why wouldn't I?
Thursday Creativity Share.  Get the sketchbooks out peeps.  Dust 'em off and start taking notes while you read the newspaper in the morning.  I'll take some sketch notes today as I learn about International Baccalaureate Schools.  KC has turned me on to sketch noting right in the nick of time. One can only call this a life changing event.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Looks

I'm not sure why but lunch count ends up being kind of a hassle every morning.  There are three choices and I ask Thirdlanders to stand for the choice they want.  Inevitably when it's all over, Thirdlanders want to change their order, or they tell me they forgot to stand up, or they ask me again what's for lunch.  I'm not sure why this has to happen each and every day, but it's just how it is.  Who am I to question?  Last week, I instituted a new procedure that doesn't really help with the problem, but it does make lunch count more entertaining.  I ask the Thirdlanders to strike a certain expression when they stand up for their lunch order.  If you're getting a grilled cheese sandwich, please stand and give me a grouchy glare.  If you're getting a veggie burger please stand and raise your hands with vim and vigor.  If you're getting spaghetti, please stand and stare at me with serious suspicion.  You get the picture.

Thirdlanders look around at their classmates with that familiar "This teacher is bonkers" kind of look, but as usual they accommodate my request and somehow the emotive lunch orders keep me cheerful as I fill out the lunch order form and then fill it out again.  And sometimes again.   Welladay.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


A nickel and a corn chex. There's not much more to say about this, except.... INCREDIBLE.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Chance

I met this small kid on Friday night.  He is 13 months old.  Can't stop thinking about the guy.  I feel like buying him a bunch of toys.

On a connected theme, this morning Husbandman asked me if I had any birthday wishes.  "What about that microscope I mentioned earlier?" I asked him.

"The electron microscope?"

"Yes. The Electron Microscope by Hitachi."

"I'll look into that and let you know how it turns out."

So the good news for Monday is the electron microscope is a distinct possibility. Husbandman's on the case.

Sidebar:  People are saying happy birthday to me on Facebook, but my birthday's not for 5 more days.  The system's gone haywire over there and I don't know how to set it straight.  Now I won't get as many birthday wishes on my actual birthday, which is in 5 days.  I've considered addressing each well wisher individually to request that they repeat their wishes on Saturday, but I just don't have the time right now.