Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Crickets

Hairy our Tarantula is pleased as punch right now.  His pal Kristine came in and put some crickets in to his tank last week.  There are a few still in there, chirping their cricket chirps.  Last evening they seemed especially loud since the kids were gone and the room was quiet.  When I listen to their chirps, I wonder if they know they're on their way to being a tarantula meal any day now.  Or do they just live every moment of the day to the fullest, singing their cricket songs?

We may never know.  Tonight's Open House.  Harry's sure to be a big hit.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The House

Tomorrow's Open House.  We've been working on things, but they won't be done by tomorrow night and I don't feel like pushing these projects to completion for the sake of sharing them at Open House.  But in a way I do feel like I wish I had completed the projects because Open House is all about parents walking around seeing their kid's stuff.  So you see my conundrum.

I've got to live and let live.  I have the first cold of the school year and I'll probably spread it to a few dozen people tomorrow night at Open House.  Sorry, Peeps.  Not only are you not going to see much of your kid's work tomorrow night, you're also going to be infected with a hideous infectious disease, aka the common cold.  If I were you, I'd stay home, order some take out and watch Catfish, my latest tv obsession. I have your best interests at heart when I say this.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Goldfinch

Book club meets this week and I'm only 28% through the book.  I'm not going to make it because I stopped reading it about a week ago.  I was actually enjoying it, but Husbandman and I are on an acrostic kick and that's usually how I end my evening.  I don't like going to book club when I haven't read the book, but Mitz believes I should so I probably will.  Honoring commitments and all that. Book club is always fun.  Every time.  But I have self esteem issues when I don't finish the book. Why can't people understand that?

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Tinies

We started our Thursday by singing the age old classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."  A Thirdlander brought in a CD and said he thought we should sing it.  So I quick as a wink printed off some lyrics and sing it we did.  That merged into some kiddos asking to sing "Happy," and a spontaneous dance party of sorts erupted.  While some kids showed themselves to be quite wild dancers, others just sat in their chairs. I taught them about tiny dancing which I learned about from my pal Mac. Just a slight moving of finger or toe gets the job done.  I'm actually doing a tiny dance right now, but you can't see me.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share

If I could just figure out a way to get to this Magritte exhibit in Chicago, my life would be complete.

Husbandman says, "I'd go with you but it feels so surreal."  Very funny, Husbandman.  Anyway, I know it's impossible, but there has to be a way.

I felt like being creative on Monday so I clicked on this link over on Streibie's blog and just threw caution to the wind and had the kiddos create these pen and watercolor flower paintings.  I just put the web site up and ran through the teacher directions with them and then they just went and created the paintings.

Then we wrote I Used to, But Now poems, inspired by the great Kenneth Koch who wrote one of my fave books, Wishes, Lies and Dreams.

After hearing a couple of poems, Thirdlanders got the drift and took off.  Some of our fave lines....

I used to be a cub, but now I'm a bear.
I used to be a wall, but now people see me.
I used to jump, but now I swim.
I used to be a literacy coach, but now I'm a teacher.

So Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  An exhibit I probably won't go to. A painting project.  Some poems to write. I used to be blogging, but now I'm going to a faculty meeting.  Que Bueno!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Eyes

Come to find out, my worries were not unwarranted yesterday.  The doctor looked at my eye and decided on the spot to shoot a laser in there to repair the tear. He asked if I had questions and I had two, which I will now share in the following bulleted list:

  • You're going to do it right now?
  • Will it hurt?

He told me it might sting a little, but the important thing was that I look exactly where he tells me to look.  "Otherwise I could laser the wrong part of your eye and you could go blind. I've never done that before, but let's not have you be the first."  So the whole time I'm having the laser shot into my eye I'm thinking, "Keep looking up, keep looking up, keep looking up."  Luckily I followed doctor's orders and my vision exists to this very day.

When I told my class that I was going to the eye doctor yesterday and that they would have a sub in the afternoon, they had many questions.  They weren't too pleased to have a sub "this early in the school year."  I apologized but told them it couldn't be helped. A thirdlander asked me, "Are you getting those drops in your eyes that make your eyes big?"
I told him that yes, they would be using drops to dilate my eyes so they could look inside my eye. "Those hurt a lot," he said.
"I'm not sure they hurt that much," I replied, because I've been getting my eyes dilated for 40 years or so and I have experience in these matters.
"My mom and dad have to hold me down to get those drops in my eyes."

This kid should probably avoid laser retinal repair in the future. But here's the thing.  Nearsighted people are prone to retinal tears, so get your eyes checked regularly and if you see a lot of flashers and floaters in your vision, you should go to the eye doctor, pronto.  It's time for Writer's Wednesday, my friends.  Get the notebooks and the pointy pencils and head outdoors.  That's what we'll be doing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Plans

2 weeks in to school and I have to take a half day off. Because of the hole in my retina.  Heading up to Indianapolis for a specialist to look at my eye.  I only hope and pray that I return with both eyes at the end of the day.  If they want to remove one of my eyes, I'm going to be sad, not going to lie.

Writing sub plans for the first time in 5 years was kind of a drag.  I think school should be canceled for kids when their teacher's out.  They need to stay home and work on educating themselves. I can't be responsible for every single moment.  I've got an eye to tend to right now.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Chairs

I bought some cool chairs at Target for the kiddos.  I almost didn't because kids argue and fight about chairs whenever you bring them in the classroom and it's annoying and then you have to give everyone a CHAIR DAY and that kind of gets annoying too.  But anyway, I bought the chairs and for the most part I like them and so do the kids.  Our first grade book buddies were coming over last week for some elbow to elbow, knee to knee genuine partner reading and before they got there a 3rdLander called out, "I think we better put these chairs away.  They're going to be a real problem when the first graders get in here."  All the kids joined in with shouts of "Oh no, we don't want them fighting over these chairs!" and similar refrains.  So the kids folded up the chairs and stashed them away.  Crazy talk.  But kind of funny. I guess it's just human nature to want special things.  And I guess it's human nature to anticipate that this wanting can cause problems.  
Off I go to work.  I'm determined to focus on all I did get done on Sunday at work and not worry about the growing to do list.  
BTW, we saw A Most Wanted Man last night.  Super good.  See it if you want to.