Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Thoughts

I've been thinking about the circle of people that I know and love.  The circle's pretty large and some people have drifted into other circles, but I still feel that they're in this circle too.  I'm pleased with this idea.

The other thing I am thinking about is a camera.  My camera broke after being dropped twice this week.  So I need a new wonderful camera.  Am I ready for the next level of camera, the kind that's not just a point and click, but a camera where I change the settings to get the perfect shot?  I think I am, but I have fears.

The last thing I'm thinking about is my foot.  I broke my ankle in 3 places back in October.  My friends, I'm still wearing the boot around and I'm still feeling pain from time to time.  Every day much of my conversation with people centers around my foot and the boot.  Some days I take off the boot and just wear the brace.  Then the foot gets to hurting so I wear the boot again.  On boot days, people ask me why I'm wearing the boot again.   I feel sorry for my ankle, but I'm also quite annoyed with it. I wish my ankle would make up its mind.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The History

We started our African American History Read Aloud Project with Patricia McKissack's Never Forgotten. What a beautiful and powerful book.  The plan is to read a book each day this month that focuses on African American History.  I'm going to read the books in a chronological order.  Never Forgotten takes us back to 1735 in Mali.  A blacksmith's son is taken as a slave and his father calls on the elements to help him find out what happened to him. Fire, Earth, Wind and Water are characters who help tell Musafa's story.  Yesterday we read Molly Bannaky by Alice McGill.  And we'll probably read today about Benjamin Banneker, Molly's grandson today.  If I can find my book about Benjamin Banneker.  This is going to be a cool project. The first two books have been amazing.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Gift Box and Buddha over here, and WordSavvy has the fraternal twin.  Not a Buddha, but related in our own #TwinTuesday way.  Once again, we're getting the job done.

Monday, February 01, 2016

The Windy City

The trip to Chicago was fabulous.  Kronos Quartet's performance of My Lai was beautiful and mind blowing.  I feel like I'm still hearing and watching it in my head and heart.  I took a walk through the Art Institute and took some pictures.  Janet and I chatted non stop and ate at a fine eatery.  Note to self:  A quick trip away to see people I love can do wonders for a body and I should make such trips happen more often.

Last night Husbandman and I went to see the live action short films that are nominated for Oscars.  Well come to find out, Jesse Eisenberg decided to see the films as well.  The films were so good that I very often forgot about Jesse Eisenberg and got wrapped up in the stories. That's a pretty good film.  I thought about taking a picture of Jesse and it would have been easy to do, but it seemed like not a great idea.  So we just enjoyed each other's company and let it go at that.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Creativity Share

Have I used this photo before?  I love it so much I probably have.  But that's neither here nor there.

Lots of creativity in the works this week. I'll use a bulleted list and helpful links about three creative glories.

  • Kronos Quartet is premiering a work called My Lai in Chicago tomorrow night.  Guess who's going to be there???  I'm so thrilled.  I get to hear this music and visit with my oldest pal, Janny, who is also the producer of the show.  Freaking out with glee.  But what if there's traffic when I'm driving in to Chicago and I don't make it in time?  See how my travel anxiety is creeping in to the picture?  Let's push that aside and focus on the amazing event I'm about to attend, shall we?
  • St. Paul Winter Carnival is happening this weekend. For 2/3 of my readers, this event is right in your neighborhood.  So I'd like to see some photos of some first class ice sculptures, STAT.  Those sculptors are pretty amazing, so let's head over to St. Paul and remember to support, not thwart.
  • Have you seen TANGERINE?  This movie was all shot on an iPhone 5, but it seems like a polished production. Everyone on Rotten Tomatoes loves it. From this movie, I learned that I'm definitely under-using my iPhone. Tangerine follows two transgender friends in L.A. going through a day full of adventure and tension.  Quite good and you can see it if you want.  
I'm off to the races.  Running a bit behind this week.  That's how it goes sometimes. Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  Amazing Kronos Quartet World Premier that I'm attending.  Winter Carnival with extreme ice sculptures.  Tangerine, shot on an iPhone 5.  Tra la la, Peeps.  Tralala.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Sankalpa 7

Come to find out, I'm not doing that great at living a wide awake life this week.  Lots of action is swirling around inside and outside of my head and frankly, I've been slipping up with flubs hither thither and yon.

Yesterday, some scientists showed up at my door while I was working with the Thirdlanders on identifying themes in fiction books.  When I saw their scientific faces, I felt an instant sinking of the spirit.  I was supposed to do about 5 things for these scientists so that they could start teaching some cool science to the Thirdlanders.  I basically neglected to do all the things and also neglected to tell them not to show up.  We worked it out, but after they left, I said to the Thirdlanders, "Wow.  That was so embarrassing.  I feel horrible that they came all the way to our school and I wasn't ready for them.  I really wasted their time."

Of course the Thirdlanders piped right up with encouragement, "It's okay, Dr. H."  and "Everyone makes mistakes."  and "You're not perfect.  Nobody is."   My embarrassment has waned because I really am under the gun with a million things right now, but I need to up my game in the attentiveness department.  Thus my sankalpa proves to be an appropriate life goal once again.

And here's another little Thirdlander story just for the basic fun of it.  We were talking about the International Space Station and writing about whether or not we would like to live there.  I would not because it costs 20 million dollars and also I have a fear of enclosed spaces  After I shared my fascinating opinion, a cheerful Thirdlander added, "I wouldn't want to go on the Space Station because I have a fear of death."

As usual, the Thirdlanders cut right to the meat of the matter.  I'm going back in today.  Eyes wide open.  To Do List in hand. I live a wide awake life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It's time to wake up and admire the #TwinTuesday.  A lovely hammer and orange.  Rife with meaning if you think about it.  Maybe I'll teach the Thirdlanders the If I Had a Hammer song today.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Sankalpa 6

The water in Flint, Michigan is toxic.  So many powerful people knew about it, but the state government kept claiming the water was healthy.  The NYT has a good piece about all the incompetence and lying in Flint and Rachel Maddow's been hitting the story pretty hard.

It's going to cost 3.4 billion dollars to fix the water pipes in Flint.  That's money well spent, imho.  Let's get it done.

I don't want to bring everything back to me, but this horrible story makes me wonder if my water is potable.  How do I know?

I don't want to be a skeptical person, but I also know that part of being wide awake is thinking about stuff and not taking things for granted, like my water quality.  Maybe everyone's lying to me all the time.  This is kind of the drawback of this sankalpa.  Being wide awake can be a bit overwhelming and worrisome.