I love birds.

Ani ohevet tsiporim.

Photo Credit:  Eve.  THANKS, EVE!!!!
Lee Daniels' The Butler.  We saw it this weekend.  Kind of uncomfortable watching your country's history of atrocities against your fellow citizens when you're in a movie theater in a country not your own.  What are these people thinking, I kept wondering.   But the good news is, it's a v. good movie and you should see it if you feel like it.  Forest and Oprah deliver some fine performances and the portrayals of the various presidents are cleverly done.  Great job splicing in historical footage.  Kudos to my namesake, Lee Daniels.


This is the week that the NYT magazine photographs likely Oscar noms. Forest and Oprah both look beautiful. Get your hands on it, if you can.
KC said…
Kids are so adorbz.
Anonymous said…
Great pic!!! That would be an interesting movie to watch in another country. I need to see it.
mar said…
I love this picture of your kiddoes!
Anonymous said…
Love this photo of R & Q! Need to see that movie. Could have seen a good movie this past weekend, but instead saw 'Catching Fire'. Not sure what the thinking was on that.

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