Friday, May 31, 2019

The Sharpener

I brought myself out for a little field trip to the art supply store yesterday.  That's where I spied these little pieces of paper and teeny envelopes labeled ARTIST TRADING CARDS.  The package said, JOIN THE MOVEMENT!  Come to find out, artists are creating and collecting original art with these little cards. Damn it, I'm in, I muttered to myself as I grabbed the cards and envelopes.  Here's my first small collage.  I'll probably make a few more this summer.

I also bought a pencil sharpener for ten dollars.  It's made of brass.  It hails from Germany.  Got it home, and I began sharpening my dull colored pencils right at the get go.  Friends, this sharpener is aMAZing!  Hands down, it's the best sharpener I've used in my entire life. After sharpening a plethora of pencils, just for the pure pleasure of the sharpening act,  I went to grab the package out of the recycling so I could remember the brand name for the rest of my life.   Come to find out, that's when I noticed a warning notice that this miracle sharpener contains some lead and that users should wash hands frequently if  doing quite a bit of pencil sharpening.  Isn't that always the way?  The best  sharpener in the world also gives you cancer?  I don't have time to get bummed out about that.  We have to take the good with the bad.

Speaking of June, anyone ready for another blog challenge???  30 days of blogging about the days of delightfulness?  What say you????

Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Break

Yesterday was the first day of summer break.  I went to the Y, had lunch with Husbandman, walked with Judith and Patsy the Dog, finished a great book and went out to dinner to discuss The Perfect Nanny with my book club.

It was probably the best day of my life, if you want to know the honest truth.

I'm going to repeat all this stuff today and maybe spend some time reflecting on what went right this year.

My goal this summer is to have no goals, to live in the present moment and follow Pema Chodron's advice to befriend who I am right now.  Also, I plan to see a bunch of action films.

Saw John Wick 3 last weekend and quite enjoyed it.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Recommendation

I'm using a new product called BedHead Instead.  I put it on my hair before I go to sleep and when I wake up, my hair is perfect, exactly as I want it to be, as if I've just left the haircutter place.  It's pricey, but it's saving me so much time in the mornings.  I highly recommend BedHead Instead.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Tumult

Yesterday was Carnival Night at school. I had a shift at the Bouncy House, but come to find out, the Bouncy House collapsed before I got to my shift.  FYI:  No one was hurt.

I heard about the collapse and joyfully headed to my car.  But here's the thing.  There was also a Bouncy Slide, and I guess I should have been there for that.  I got a text from a colleague asking me if I was skipping my shift, and basically, since I was already home having an adult beverage, the only answer I could give was "Yes."

It felt a little bad to skip my carnival shift.  I actually enjoy doing jobs at Carnival, but I don't really enjoy walking around chatting to people all that much.  Everyone is great, but mostly the only thing I can think to talk about is how I'd rather not be at Carnival if I could possibly avoid it. A lot of parents are right there with me with this line of talk, but still, it's probably better to be positive.

The good news is that next year I'm just going to sign up for a bunch of shifts at the Bouncy House and just stay there directing kids all night long to make up for abandoning my shift and shirking my responsibility in 2019.  Damn it, I'm a team player, and everyone who knows me knows that. Also, I love my school, so don't be judging me about bailing on my Carnival shift.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Travellers

We have now returned from a weekend in Florida, celebrating my dad's 90th birthday.  It was warm down there and sunny.  Husbandman and I squeezed in a swim at Indiana Rocks Beach.  We returned home to our chilly, wet, grey Hoosier home.  In short, a weekend away is quite pleasant.

We didn't see any dolphins or manatees, but we did see a bush full of these gregarious grasshoppers in the front yard of our airbnb.  They're called lubbers.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

The Fyre

Have you seen the documentary about the FYRE music festival? It's about people who wanted to put on a music festival, but they weren't that experienced and they weren't that honest, and they ended up ripping a lot of people off.  They inconvenienced people as well.  They eventually became laughingstocks and prison inmates.  (Spoiler Alert, in hindsight). I thought it was quite compelling, but Husbandman thought everyone involved was an idiot and everyone got what they deserved.  Two perspectives on one film.  But it is only I who thinks you should see it if you feel like it.  

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Popcorn Press and the Costly Choices

We wrapped up our How We Organize Ourselves economics unit.  We called the unit COSTLY CHOICES.  We learned about wants and needs, supply and demand, carbon footprint, fair-trade, going local, and quite a few other relevant topics. We wrapped rocks to honor Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Surrounded Island project, simulated an apple market, made tiny house models, created a FAIR TRADE bulletin board and a Go LOCAL bulletin board to spread the word about these important economic choices.  We toured the Mathers Museum exhibit called Hungry Planet and studied the global photography of Peter Menzel. A  dad/law professor from the university taught us about the purposes of markets through a fun candy trading activity. We also learned about the ways economic choices across time damaged the Nashua River, using Lynn Cherry's classic book, A RIVER RAN WILD.  We studied our creek and wrote creek reports.

To wrap up, we decided to research KIVA loans.  We wanted to sponsor a loan for someone whose project connected with the ideas we had been talking about.

In order to raise the money for the loan, Popcorn Press sponsored 2 Zine Read-Ins.  We invited two classes to come to Room 200, enjoy a snack and silently read zines with us. (FYI:  It's a thrill to be in a room with over fifty people, totally engaged in reading silently). Each reader signed a post it on the back of a zine when they finished reading.  I pledged 20 cents per signature, up to 100$.  The Thirdlanders proudly added up their readers.  We had a little over 450 signatures on our zines after the 2 Read Ins, so we rounded up.  We had 100$ for a Kiva Loan.

We read about many people around the globe with projects that need funding on the Kiva site.  We ended up donating to Maximilla's Group in Kenya.  Their loan will help "smallholder farmers purchase seeds and solar lanterns."  The Thirdlanders loved the idea of the solar lanterns, since we had read about reducing our carbon footprint.  They also loved that a woman was a group leader on this project, and that she lived in Kenya, since we had read about another amazing Kenyan, Wangari Maathai.  Maximilla has seven kids and profits from the project will help her send her kids to school.  After reading about this loan, The Thirdlanders were shouting, "This is it!"  "Yes!" and "This is the one!  This is the one!" One Thirdlander added wistfully, "If I had seven kids, I'd be exhausted."

It was good to re-visit our loan the next day to discover that Maximilla's Group's loan was fully funded.  We have just a few weeks left of school to work on our Sharing the Planet unit.  Excited to get started this week.

Friday, May 03, 2019

The Malaise

Husbandman thinking he's so great because he's reading a book

I'm not that in to going to work today.

I asked Husbandman if he would bring me a latte to school, because I don't have time to get it myself because I'm having so much malaise.  He said he would.  Had he declined my offer to bring me a latte, I probably would have just walked out the door and kept walking north, until I found the Canadian border.  I would have found a trail through a forested, unmonitored section of the border, and then entered a homeless shelter in Toronto or Quebec to live in for a few months or years.  But the good news is, Husbandman said he would bring me a latte, and I'm actually starting to perk up a little bit now.  I suggested to Husbandman that next year, I should get vouchers for 5 latte deliveries.  He just kept reading his computer and mumbled, "Five.  Good number." So it looks like we have the makings of a plan.

   Maybe I'll do something awesome with the Thirdlanders.  Only time will tell.

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