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Fall 2012 #2: The Faltering

I think this challenge should involve 75 posts in autumn. More or less, but it's a goal.  So I'll # my posts.     I think my faculties might be faltering.  I'm in the fall of my life, so that makes sense.  I'll probably keep declining from here on out.  Yesterday our artful school hosted the farewell party for Good Pal Menosky.  I got there early and unlocked the back door in a hurry, getting ready to help with flowers and sundry boxes.  I tripped the alarm.  I know I can't open the back door and enter the school through the back door on the weekend, but my brain is frazzled and I just hurried on in helter skelter.  Had to talk to the security company and the police.  Then today, come to find out, I accidentally liked Mitt Romney on facebook.  20 something daughter alerted me to that situation.  How could that even happen?  I'm not focused.  Fall is a time for faltering faculties. That's just the way it probably is.  And today after I entered data for abou…

Fall 2012: The Outside

Part of my fall blogging challenge is getting outside as much as possible during fall.  I've been inside too much of late, holed up through a scorching summer and computerizing myself through a hectic beginning of the school year.  But today I went outside a few times.  On the way to my car in my driveway, I took a few pictures of various flora and fauna.  Before dinner, I took a brisk walk.  Saw three large dogs and one curly small dog. Plus some of the first fall foliage caught my eye.  There's definitely stuff to see out there.
I took a day off today and worked with Mitz on our NCTE proposal.  Every fall I make the NCTE talk into a huge ordeal and I'm sure you'll be glad to know that it looks like this fall will be no different.
In the morning, I drove to a place where blood was taken from my arm to determine if I'm in menopause or not.  I kind of hope I am because I'm always on the lookout for something new.  Plus, I'm sick of spending so much money o…

The Pal

Good Pal Menosky died on Saturday night.  She had a rough last summer and I'm glad she is free of her body now.  I sure do miss her though. It's hard to believe I won't laugh with her again.  Or hear her voice. I read through most of her 700 tweets last night.  I knew she wasn't feeling well when she stopped commenting here on the blog.  

Maybe we should have an Autumn blog challenge.  Autumn's here and there's stuff to notice, stuff to do.  Blog each week with an autumn focus? Menosky missed autumn, so we can revel in it, riff on it. Autumn stories, photos, faves? Let's talk. Let's blog, good pals.

The Jazziness

Okay.  Listen up peeps.  I spent the evening with a bunch of good pals, listening to #1 play jazz at a local venue called Cafe Django.  (Named after the jazz great Django Reinhart).  (fyi). It was a blastorama.  Right now, all's right with the world.  Because tomorrow.... we're gearing up for LOTUS festival.  Time to saunter thru the streets, listening to tunes from lo these many lands.  I want everyone to come for LOTUS in 2 years.  Not next year because I want you to visit us in ISRAEL at that future moment in time.  We'll be there, walking around, doing some math, writing some papers.  Get your personhoods over there. I'm serious.

The Monday

Not the best.  Not the worst.  It ended up being pretty pleasant toward the end.  Husbandman made potato soup.  I had a glass of wine.  Now we're watching a show called The Voice.  Have you ever seen that show before?  It's pretty good.   If I could pick a coach to help me develop my singing voice, I'd probably pick that guy on the end with the tattoos.  He seems friendly.

The #1 Son

#1 Son is home.  We're going to eat dinner soon.  Right now he's taking a nap.  The kid's exhausted from this whole college thing he's doing.  Happy to report that other than the exhaustion from the college thing, he seems cheerful and satisfied with his new adventure.  Yay for our team!

Visited Good Pal Menosky today.  Brought a stack of kid cards from Cindy C.'s little peeps.  GPM liked them a lot.  Today she seemed better than yesterday.  Yesterday she was not having a great time.  At one point, I started walking out the door to get the nurse and she yelled out, "Don't you dare!"  Loudly and clearly.  So I know GPM is still with us.  Independent.  Somewhat in control.  Same as she ever was. Or nearly same.

This cow?  Created by one of my favorite kindergarteners.  In one of my favorite kindergarten teacher's classes.  Love the tail placement.

The Cubists

Been reading about cubism tonight.  Trying to help the firsties with an inquiry center about geometry.  Watched a few videos about creating cubist art with littles.  I think it's probably harder than it looks.
Today the tallest second grade teacher sent me a video of his kids singing "Here Comes the Sun."  It's basically the cutest video ever made.  Before I had watched it, the kids came to the lunchroom and they were all squealing, "Did you see our movie????  Duhduhduhdum????!!!!  Here comes the sun!" That filled me with cheer.  They looked so joyful.  Tomorrow they're working on All You Need Is Love.  Tall teacher is working on a fluency with the Beatles adventure with his littles.  I love the Beatles so I have to get up there to do some singing with them.  I should prepare a Beatles power point for that crew.  Beatlemania, coming right up.

BTW, My year at Taco Bell is coming in handy in the lunchroom. The kids now know that I can roll a burrito so w…

The Kindness

This morning when I got to the literacy cohort, someone I didn't know at all bestowed upon me a great kindness.  She took a yucky looking old zebra bar code sticker off my back.  How the heck did that get there?

Anyway,  the literacy cohort went well.  I finished the 2 ppts at 10:30 last night, (total hours spent on both, probably around 20) then cruised over to kinkos to get the handouts xeroxed.  Stayed up til about 12:30 going over the talks. Slept poorly.  Then, today, come to find out, I forgot to hand out my damned hand out for the second talk.  Those hand outs cost big bucks my friends. (But I might get reimbursed). (But it's my own fault I couldn't use school copying because I finished so late). (But kinkos had brightly colored paper so I didn't really care about the money).  So at the end of the cohort day I was running around forcing people to take the handout, but that was fine.  Everyone was nice about the D5 talks based on the work of Gail and Joan (than…

The D5

On Tuesday I'm going to talk about Daily 5 with a large group of teachers.  I have to get my act together and prepare this talk.  I wish I could be like Aaron in Bourne Legacy.  He viraled out of his blue pills so that his intelligence would be enhanced permanently. He viraled out of his green pills so that his stamina and pain endurance would be permanently enhanced as well.  I wonder if somewhere someone's sitting on this technology and not handing it over.  What selfish brats.  If I could viral out, I'd have the world by the tail.

The Pal

Good Pal Menosky's not doing too great my friends.  She has cancer.  She's in a nursing home right now.  She has a lot of trouble getting words out.  She's frustrated and in pain.  But she still manages a smile when I say something hilarious, as you know I frequently do.  And I get some satisfaction when I sometimes get to be the one that figures out what's bugging her so we can fix it.  I'm extremely depressed about what's going on with GPM.  I love her so much.

Life's tough right now.  Being with the kids at school gives me some moments of cheer.  And tonight, Husbandman and I will venture out to see the new Bourne film.  Husbandman doesn't think it will be good, but he's coming along anyway.  For companionship.  We are both having trouble with missing #1 son, but we know he's doing well, and our job is to support, not thwart, his college adventure.  That's what we're trying to do.  But man alive, it's quiet around here without tha…

The Citizen

Read a news article about Mr. Sanders, a homeless man who keeps one of our city parks clean.  Some of the fifth graders know this guy. The fifthsters picked out some of the big ideas in the piece and made creative tree maps to back up their big ideas with evidence from the text.  We liked the line in the piece that homelessness didn't "dampen his spirits."  Mr. Sanders has cheer and pride.  I liked talking with the fifth graders about this helpful citizen.

Trying to stay up for Bill Clinton's speech.  But dare I tell you?  I'm quite fatigued.

The Pontoon

I was thinking of buying a pontoon. Not sure How much i would use it though. But still, a pontoon could be good.
I'm watching the DNC. The speeches aren't the best, but I think the speakers are doing their best and forgetting the rest.

The 3 Day

I haven't done much on the 3 day, but I did see a good documentary last night.  It's called Queen of Versailles and it's a riches to rags tale.  It's kind of sad to see super wealthy people lose all their money. It's sad to see the husband being so rude and mean to his wife.  It's sad to see the wife still spending money they don't have.  All round, I found the movie kind of a downer.  But if you feel like seeing it, you probably should.