Thursday, November 28, 2013


Tr:  The Hand Turkeys

Ani thankful bishvil le'kulam, aval ani lo thankful bishvil et ze yamina ohzen. In other words, I'm thankful for everyone, but I'm not thankful for this right ear.

I've had a weird feeling in my right ear.  It feels like it's clogged with water.  Last night the pharmacist gave me some drops. She told me they smell like garlic and come to find out truer words were never spoken. I think my ear might be getting better, but the smell of garlic coming out of my ear is making my right ear kind of a turn off.

We woke up and here it is Thanksgiving. All around the world, people will wake up and start making their hand turkeys. We tried going digital this year, which had its drawbacks.  Seattle kin have selected a brilliant time travel theme.  Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukah, Le'kulam!  (everyone)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lee and Peter! Hurray for hand turkeys! I knew you'd come through! Sorry about your ear, but hope it is feeling better. Starting my day off with some yoga and then cooking up a storm. Loving this week off! Miss you.

mm said...

Hey! How did you do that?

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...


LH said...

Hey Nancer, Thanks for getting me moving on that.

MM, It took a long time. I think the order of events went like this: Make turkeys with brushes and /or aviary, make key note with turkeys, make slideshow in keynote with music, import keynote to garage band, share from garage band to you tube. I tried about 50 things before I hit on the right combo. My powers are weak.

Hey IRoaCR! Love your Cleopatra turkey

Anonymous said...

The hand turkeys rocked!!! And I am so impressed with your technological presentation!!!!

KC said...

Oh. My. God. I have the same ear problem. In my left ear. #soulsisters

KC said...

And, the Hand Turkey video is seriously amazing. #wow #urock