I write, you write.

Tr:  Ani kotevet, At kotevet.

Time for some holiday cheer!
Bad news my friends.  I started the work day with a freak out, worrying about my writing project to the point of total meltdown. But the good news is that I pulled it together and worked hard all day.  The other bad news is I still didn't finish with the 2 last sections that I'm TRYING TO FINISH!!!!  And the last good news is I just relaxed in the end and now I'm living my life as best I can.

I actually considered finding an online writing group to spur me on, but when I tumblr'd "writing groups" yesterday, I read so many tumblr peeps complaining about how stupid their writing groups are, that I just decided to stick with you all here on leeway.  So, writing group, I'll be sharing my writing progress with you each Monday, and I'm very sure that's something you all can really look forward to.

I put in a lot of hours today and tomorrow I'm going to try it again.  Hopefully tomorrow I can start work without the tears and the hair pulling. As you probably know, I have to get to the point of absolute annoyance with myself before things seem to fall into place. It's important to trust the process.

Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die.


The picture is so cute, but where was it taken?
Today is my day to do all of my holiday shipping. It's not the most fun job, but unlike writing, it has a start and an end. It's check-off-able. Writing never is. Hang in.
Anonymous said…
You do always have to get to this point, and deadlines help get the work done as well. You have a Q deadline this week, so get busy because I want to read "Put a fork in it!"
mm said…
Monday is going to be exciting because we are here to support you, and you will finish at least one of the last two sections.
Anonymous said…
You can do it!! Set the timer, write for 15 minutes. Repeat. I'm dying to read it!!!
LH said…
Hey IRoaCR, This picture was taken in Jerusalem, in the old city. I was up on the ramparts. This is in the Armenian quarter of the city. Can't wait to take you there. Our Christmas shopping took about 45 minutes this year. I was laughing with glee when I was done.

Thanks, N! I'm a woman on a mission!

Thanks, MM!

JW, Timer's my best friend. I was hoping to have a draft for you to read over your holiday break. Let's see if that can happen. Sure you're SO EXCITED to hear that!
LH said…
Okay, still not finished with it, but I'm working quite diligently. Not at this specific moment, but mostly I've been working diligently.

If I actually do finish it by the time #1 Son gets here on Friday, it will only be the rough draft and then I'll have a million revisions, but getting that rough draft done will be quite the feat.

Here I go.
Anonymous said…
You are the woman to do it.
KC said…
Of course, I would absolutely kill to be in a writing group with you. So, can't wait.

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