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The Notebooks

I read on twitter that yesterday was National Notebook Day.  I was pretty excited, though the Thirdlanders were a bit tentative about the greatness of the holiday.  One 3rdlander said, "I wish it could be NO BOOK DAY."

Very funny, Chum.

We paired up to look through our notebooks and reflect on the glories of our school year.  They loved looking back on the first day of school.  "Look what I wrote!" a Thirdlander said, laughing.  To my mind the entry didn't look that different from his typical written performance, but he was quite struck by how much he had changed. Others kept running over to me with "Remember when we did...." and "Look at this monster I drew in October..." It was all good fun and I should probably remember to do more notebook reflecting as school years draw nigh.  I told a Thirdlander next to me as we were wrapping it up, "I just love my notebook."
He smugly replied, "Who doesn't?  It holds all our most …

The Hand

A Thirdlander has a weird red mark on her hand from playing on the monkey bars.  Yesterday she picked at it all day long, trying to rip her skin open.  I tried every strategy in the book to get her to stop but she wouldn't.  She finally split it open, got some care in the office, and then removed the bandaid so she could continue to pick at it.  I know she's going to pick at it all day today so I'm going to try to ignore it.  Because paying attention to it didn't work out. 

So, I'm not looking forward to work today.

The Cheers

Today's Mother's Day.  2 days ago was my dad's 89th birthday.  My parents are a lot of fun.  We're thinking about taking a trip down to Florida this summer.  Hit the beach.  Swim with the manatees. Paraglide. Head out to the strawberry farms to pick the strawberries and make some strawberry shortcake.  I'm not kidding.  These people are up for anything.  They're totally nuts.

The Board

Every May, I am responsible for putting up a massively large bulletin board in our section of the building. I'm always late putting up this bulletin board. This year, I put up the board on Friday after school.  Kids will get to enjoy it for the remaining 11 days of the 2017-2018 school year.

We've been studying Bloomington history.  The Thirdlanders made posters about outdoor sites in our town that kids can enjoy during the summer.  They had to focus on areas of our town that were public and free and that connected to our study of important Bloomington resources.

I had a cool Fifthster cut out big letters for the words GET OUTSIDE! for the top of the bulletin board.  As I was up on a ladder stapling the words on Friday afternoon, I decided to be more concise.  I just stapled the words GET OUT! across the top.  It's more in line with my feelings right now.  And I think everyone will get a kick out of it.  I myself think it's hilarious.

The Tinies

Because it's Voting Day, I have the day off.  After the important accomplishment of participating in our democracy by voting, I got back to work on the following goals:

Back and Forth editor suggestions for stories written by the ThirdlandersRevise an article I'm cowriting with Mitzker and Zawan Publish an enticing and creative blog entry
As I previously explained in an earlier blog post, I'm not feeling super energized right now.  Luckily, and perhaps miraculously, today's newspaper included a great piece about combatting low motivation.

Basically, there are three steps. First take some time off for yourself.  I did this last night by going to bed early and watching three hours of Teen Mom 2.  Next, divide tasks into tiny increments and chip away little by little.  I'm doing this by setting my timer for 5 minutes at a time and rotating through my three goals. I've completed editing 1.5 stories, revised 4 pages of the article and might just finish this blog en…

The Risks

The Cakes

It's carnival day.  I'm signed up for a shift at the cake walk. In all my born days, I've never won a cake at a cake walk. My older sister won cakes galore.  Every single year.  She'd wander around the Holy Rosary school carnival passing out cupcakes and slices of cakes to her pals.  Every single year. I personally thought she should bring the cakes home to share with the family, but my sister is and always has been an in the moment kind of gal. Regardless, it's always seemed strange to me that two people in the same family can have such different experiences at carnival cake walks.