Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Oxygen

This is cool. Good friend Menosky has an oxygen machine at home because she's recovering from pneumonia. She had extra nose tubing so I got to watch Top Chef tonight while breathing in pure O2. She even let me keep my tubing, so I can reuse it next time.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Shaming

I read an editorial in The Tennessean to the sixers yesterday. The editorial discussed the possible repeal of the shaming law for DUI offenders, which calls for the wearing of vests that read "I AM A DRUNK DRIVER" while doing road crew duty. The sixers had all sorts of questions about DUI and open container laws. Stuff like, "What if you had a beer bottle, but you filled it up with ginger ale and you had that in your car? Would you get in trouble then?" It was difficult getting them back on track, talking about how text can be used to wield power. When we got back to the photograph, many thought humiliation was a harsh and stupid punishment, and others supported the vests. When some of these same sixers ran through the hall on the way to the book fair, I asked if a vest that said something like, "I RUN RATHER THAN WALK IN HALLWAYS," might be helpful to enforce our hallway rules. They thought that was hilarious and a long list of shaming vests were invented as we walked the rest of the way to the library.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Sevvies

Today some of #1 son's pals came to our home, waking me up from a nap on the couch. 2 of these sevvies were former students. As I sat up and tried to straighten out my couch head, the sevvieboys started down memory lane. Ringleader sevvie asked, "Hey, remember the time I brought a giant bag of cheetos to lunch and passed it around to all the kids and you got really mad?" When the laughter died down, homework slacker sevvie added, "And remember the time I brought a 12 pack of coke in my backpack and brought them up to the cafeteria and that's all everyone had for lunch that day?" More laughter and gleeful shaking of heads.
"I remember well," I told them. "Those were good times." They agreed and then asked if we had any pie left from Thanksgiving that they might enjoy.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Holiday

I'm feeling grateful. Kinfolk are here. We're heading out to Fossil Beach. Tonight's the famed "Festival of Lights" on our downtown square. The dinner yesterday was first rate. The big exciting news is...we got tickets to an IMAX movie about the Nile. Though some here have asked why would anyone care to see this film, I'm heartily charged up. As my dad always says, I couldn't be better. My goal today is to spy a bald eagle down by the lake. Brother In Law says, "And so it shall be. You shall see one." I love the upbeat attitude and optimism that surrounds me.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Steps

I got a new pedometer and I'm on the 10,000 steps per day program. I'm up to 9,000 and it's not even 2pm.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Note

Driving in to the compound yesterday, I felt great anticipation. I knew the note from the substitute teacher waited for me on my desk. I had discussed with the sixer/cinco crew my vision for the sub note. I told them how I dreamed of a note that praised their courtesy and their work ethic. A sixer told me with confidence, "We can arrange that." I was not sure what he meant, but I just let it drop.
Reading the note with trembling hands, I was charged up to read the beginning paragraph which included a plethora of compliments about los alumnos. As I read on though, the note detailed myriad transgressions and named names of the usual suspects through each of the four periods, over two days. Something's not right here, I thought. It occurred to me that some type of arrangement had actually taken place. I guess I'll never know. Cutting my losses, I put the note away and moved on down the day.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Truth

I saw Inconvenient Truth last weekend, the Al Gore movie about global warming. Now I'm thinking ...Gore in 08. The movie's excellent, so you might want to check it out.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Rink

#1 Son just left for the ice rink, a new Saturday night ritual. Last week, Husbandman and I were driving by the rink when we decided to stop in to watch #1 skate. We found him surrounded by a group of friends. He was friendly enough, but didn't talk much. We left after a short chat. The next morning, #1 laid down a few groundrules about the rink. The long and the short of his message to us was this: We're basically not to enter the rink area when he is there with friends. He found our visit "confusing" and "unnecessary." Also, somewhat "annoying."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Relief

I know I shouldn't expect too much of the new kids on the block, but if those results hadn't gone as they did, I'm not sure you would have heard from me again. I probably would have just started walking away. Who knows where?
Hoping hoping hoping for the Senate.
Low expectations, low expectations. These are the words rolling around, going back and forth.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Vote

Posted by Picasa We voted this morning. Maybe things will go our way and the war will end and we'll save the country from ruin. So optimistic am I about our democracy. Not sure why since I, in my insomnia, listened to the radio all night long and heard tales about our problematic voting machines. I'm pushing that behind me and looking ahead. Don't wanna be nosy, but you voted today, right??? If you need a ride to the polls, let me know. I have the day off.

These almond joys were gifts from the sixers and cincos. I told them they were my favorite. They hate them so I got a ton and just kept eating them all day in class. The sixers and cincos didn't mind a bit. And I was pleased of course because Almond Joys are so indescribably delicious.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Camera

When I was in college, I got into the habit of asking people for their possessions from time to time. If I liked something, I would just suggest that my pal should give it to me. I was often pleasantly surprised to find that people would accomodate my request. So when Menosky was showing off her brand new coolio camera at lunch yesterday, I said, "Hey what about your old camera? What are you going to do with that? Should I have it, do you think???" Sure enough, that baby's mine. AWESOME! MENOSKY ROCKS! Husbandman's appalled, but I say, try it sometime, ask for what you want. It's like David Byrne always says, "Be a little more selfish, it might do you some good."
Adorable Alice as LRRHood. Foto credit: Janet

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Conferences

27 conferences down. 3 to go. They're going okay. Most people want their kid to have more homework. But they add, "Don't tell him I told you that."
Foto of cute Kateland by Sam.

The Astronauts

 From a Lynda Barry book, I've used the idea to have the Thirdlanders draw self portraits on occasion.  Draw yourself as Batman, a monst...