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The Excitements

We're in the middle of watching a documentary about Dock Ellis.  I had to stop watching because of chronic fatigue syndrome, but we'll finish it up today.  You should watch this if you want.  I kind of wish I could go to a professional baseball game this summer and catch a ball in the outfield.  It's been forever since I've been to one.  I also have the idea of using #1 Son's mitt to throw a baseball around with Husbandman this summer. I want to work on my throwing arm.

I listened to a Moth podcast today with a talk by Anne Driscoll.  She is a journalist and social worker who was working on the Innocence Project in Ireland when some hooligan tried to steal her phone.  Anne basically took charge and fought with the guy.  He eventually took off running. Let's face it, if this happened to me, I would just hand over the phone and wonder if I should run after the guy and offer him some extra cash. But I kind of wish that I could get physically aggressive with a ne&…

The Vacation

Vacation officially begins today. I'm kind of in a state of stunned apprehension.  Is this for real?  I just keep worrying that our superintendent is going to leap through my front door and scream, "You're going back to work right now!"

In short, vacation doesn't feel real yet.  I've only been on vacation for a few hours so I need to slowly calm my way into it.  The school year with the Thirdlanders ended sweetly.  I did shed some tears, not going to lie. I received several sweet notes from the Thirdlanders.  I liked this comment: "I like you because you are kind and caring and you have taught me over 1,000 things."

I need a book to read.  I need some plants to plant.  Those are today's goals.  Starting simple.  If I push into vacation mode too quickly, I could end up in the hospital.  Slow recovery of force after fatigue.  Essential right now.

The Penultimate Day

It's Penultimate Day, People.  It only comes around once a year, so make sure to shout it from the rooftops.

Because of my combined fatal diseases of sinusitis and otitis I was in a bit of a funk yesterday.  Not going to lie.  Never one to stay there too long, I invited KC, Judith and Husbandman to join me in a day of texting a day trip to Hawaii.  This really perked me up.  Throughout the day I sent and received texts like these:

Long flight.  Good thing we're in first class.

I had three guava champagne drinks and guess what?  Matt Damon is sitting behind me.  We've been chatting about books.

Kona is going to be so gorgeous.  First we'll have some mangoes and sit on the beach.

These breakfast pina coladas out on the beach sure do hit the spot.

Hey, there's the cabana guy.  Let's tip him really well so he'll take good care of us today.

I've signed us up for the fish pedicures and a whale watching expedition.

Boy the pineapple really does taste better here. …


Star Wars character and wire spiral.

Inspiring? Uplifting? Life altering at the soul level?

All of the above.

The Sight

Poor little blog.  I'm sorry I've been away.  I'll try to catch you up on everything that's going on, but first a question.  Should I or should I not go to Promptcare right now?  I've been blowing my nose prodigiously since Wednesday, with no end in sight.  On the one hand, maybe I'm just allergic to the planet.  On the other hand, maybe I just have a cold that will leave soon.  And on the third hand, maybe there's something that can make me feel better so my last 3 days with the Thirdlanders don't totally suck.  I'll keep you posted.


#TwinTuesday.  We've got a can of food and a sponge.  Linking to twitter for KC's brilliant pairing because of her hiatus.  Let's remember the definition of hiatus. It's a "pause or gap" in a sequence or process.  So this hiatus is not permanent.  It's just a slight pause.  If you go here you can see a link to this photo's twin, on this perfect Tuesday.

I'm thinking about sending my students out into the school area in small groups with post its.  We're studying solid figures, so they can label the cylinders, rectangular prisms, and spheres that they find around the building.  Something to do.  My problem is that I keep thinking of new things to do rather than finishing up the projects already in the hopper.  I'm not good at finishing things. That's just how it is and as we all know, I have other fine qualities.

The Worms

The web worms are everywhere right now.  Some people call them bag worms.

There are kids who drop the web worms in to the creek.  They claim that the fish like to eat them.  I discourage that because I'm staunchly against murdering the web worms.

Other kids report that after school they make paper boats for the web worms and sail them down the creek to places unknown.  I imagine the web worms probably enjoy heading out on adventures, seeing new places and new faces. I wonder where they end up.  I wonder about the stories they tell when and if they make their way back to the land of the playground.

Behind the Scenes 2

Mad Max Fury Road is a thrill ride adventure from start to finish.  If you want to see this movie you really should.  It's full of top notch crazy canoodling and chaos, with a slew of strong women characters.

Behind the scenes, Tom Hardy didn't get along with others.  He has since apologized to the director for being difficult. He has also told the press that his issues with Charlize Theron were unfortunate and that he respects and admires her.

Here's what I tell the Thirdlanders.  We don't all have to be best friends, but we are all friends here and we treat each other with care and kindness.  It doesn't always come true in real life, but that's our guiding principle, imposed by me.

So, Tom, Charlize, George.  You've made a brilliant and exciting movie.  Next time you get together, which I hope is soon, I encourage you to lose the attitudes.  I expect better of you in terms of professionalism and collegiality.  That being said.  Well done on Mad Max.  You…

The Creativity

It's getting to be that time of year when we're all just hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

Case in point. Yesterday I wanted to take the Thirdlanders out for a 15 minute recess in the afternoon, but they just couldn't get it together to listen to directions.  I told them all to sit down to signal their readiness to go outside. Then I started blowing some great tunes on the harmonica while zipping around the room straightening up all the debris strewn hither thither and yon.  When Thirdlanders would raise a hand or get out of a seat, I would just point meaningfully back to their seat or gesture with a downward hand movement for them to put their hand down. Then I would continue moving at top speed between the recycling bins and the supply tables, all the while blowing random yet melodic notes on the harmonica.   I played jaunty tunes for about 3 or 4 minutes and was a veritable dervish of straightening.  The Thirdlanders calmed down after a minute or so, sat calmly and …

Behind the Scenes 1

There's another little blog challenge going on called Behind the Scenes.  Here are 2 incidents to share.  As you know one of the Thirdlanders stapled her thumb yesterday.  Behind the scenes, there was much talk about whether to pull the staple out or not.  Some people volunteered, others said we should wait.  A doctor ended up pulling out the staple, which had entered the thumb bone.  Another thing that happened behind closed doors yesterday was our faculty meeting.  Next year we'll get some labels for teachers. The best label is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.  I want that label and I will accept no other.  So I have to have a talk with my principal about that.

Thursday Creativity Share

Tonight we watched a show for the first time.  It's called Naked and Afraid.  Naked people try to survive in unpopulated places like the Maldives Islands. It's the number one show on television right now.

We saw a woman making some cool hats out of palm fronds, so it seems like a pretty good show.

Also, good pal Linda has given me the directions for crocheting a cool owl.  I'll make several of these in the summer months to come.

And one other thing.  This photograph shows what happened to a Thirdlander today.  She was extremely calm about it, while I was not.

Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  A show about creativity under dire circumstances, crocheting a cool owl, and some x ray photography showing a dramatic scene from real life.  I don't really see how it could get much better.  In all honesty.

The Club

Book Club tonight and guess who didn't finish the book?  Yes, that would be me.

But here's the thing.  I have read this book long ago in the past.  I enjoyed it.

I'm not a re-reader.  But I tried to re-read this book because it truly was a favorite in days of yore, though I had sketchy memories about its content.

So I've read the cheat sheets, and I've researched the author's sad true tale.  The author worked with a famous editor for awhile on his book.  Ultimately the editor said it needed more revisions.  He also said that the book wasn't really "about anything."  Famous editor acknowledged the humor and fine writing but couldn't publish it without further revisions, which the author did not want to make.  The author committed suicide and a few years later, the book went on to win the Pulitzer Prize because the author's mom brought it to Walker Percy who helped with the publishing of the book.


Shoe, Phone charger.  As I was drifting off to sleep, I remembered about #TwinTuesday and come to find out, KC had an idea.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  Husbandman has been giving input on the #TwinTuesday photo shoots lately and he decided the phone charger should be dangling.  Kudos to Husbandman for consulting and being prop assistant on the set.

It's #TwinTuesday, People.

Time to expect the unexpected.

We've been learning more about Eleanor Roosevelt in Thirdland.

Eleanor said, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

Right now I don't think I can make it to Corporate Coffeeshop and get to work on time. Still, I must try.

The Negativity

Lupe is here beside me, resting comfortably.

We're watching the Braves.

My dad keeps walking by.  Every time he comes through, he gives Lupe a pat and says, "You poor lonely creature."

I'm kind of offended by these comments and I believe Lupe is as well.  Lupe appears to be comfortable and content, watching the Braves with her Hoosier kin.

I think Lupe should come home with me. Lupe needs positive attitudes around her.  This negative energy is really bringing Lupe down.


Thursday Creativity Share

Day late a dollar short, but worth the wait.  I'm in McDonough, Georgia with my family of origin.  My big brother and I went to see Ex Machina today, a great movie about robots, artificial intelligence, trickery and subterfuge.  It's really good and it stars the actor who played Ron Weasley.   You should see it if you want.
Thursday Creativity Share.  Ex Machina.  Believe me, it's more than enough.

The Stories

An extra fun part of being an editor at Popcorn Press is learning more about themes and topics embedded in Thirdlander social narratives.  I try to find articles and information that tie in with the Thirdlander themes so we can do some research together and publish books that ring true. Because I've been editing like a madwoman the last few days (and I'm still not done btw), I've gotten to read more about:

Adults with Down Syndrome and EmploymentGirls playing football in schoolsThe steep decline of the # of African American FarmersRepercussions of Being ShyName calling and bullyingPlacebo effect on illnessAnimal RightsInvention of the Flying CarImpact of Video Games on Outside Play So, that's pretty neat.  I had a tense chat with a Thirdlander this week about his story.  I hesitated to give him my opinion and he said, "But you're my editor" and he said it so seriously that I realized I needed to step it up and jump in the game.  He's the guy writing a…


So, it's #TwinTuesday.  This week we've got a fork and an eye dropper. So beautiful.  I can't stop staring. WordSavvy has an interesting fork in her photo, called a cheese fork. All my life I've been enjoying cheese without the proper cheese accessory.  I won't delay. I'll get a cheese fork today.  But more importantly, I do love this #TwinTuesday pairing. I may turn this into a poster and hang it around town.  That's going to stop a few people in their tracks.

On a sadder note, one of my beloved Thirdlanders broke his arm yesterday, leaping off a play structure.  I personally believe there should be no play equipment on playgrounds.  Just level fields.  There should be no opportunities for leaping on a playground. Leaping leads to broken limbs and traumatized educators.  Let's just stay put.  I suggest that we amend the old adage "Look before you leap" to "Look before you leap and then just stay where you are."

I'm heading out…

The Goals

It's that time of week where I make up goals for all of us.  Come to find out, the horoscope site where I usually get the goals is down, so I'm flying solo this week.  Let's see.  How 'bout we make sure to vote tomorrow, if you live in this fab town?  Remember our objective:  Democrats in.  Republicans out.  I know it's only a primary, but we can still use this as a guiding principle.  For every day life.

Okay, off to work, where I personally plan to do my best and forget the rest.

The Service

Here are a few things I've found out lately.  First, you can recycle styrofoam if it has one of those triangle icons on it with a # inside from 1 to 7.  Maybe you knew this already and that's fine.  I'm writing about stuff I've found out lately.  That's my focus.   Also, there's a thing called cold brew coffee.  Everyone's excited about it. We have a new Coffee Lab and that's where I'm going to go to get the cold brew. It's on Kirkwood and I'm hoping some friends can join me there because frankly, some cold brew company could be nice. Next, we saw some muscovy ducks at the bird look out last night and muscovy ducks don't really belong here so they probably are rogue muscovies.  And last but not least, one of the big imports to Indiana is hormones.  We are #3 in the country in the pharmaceutical industry, so this makes sense.  We are using the hormones as part of our pharmaceutical research and development. 
Now that I've shared my n…

The Braves

I've been watching snippets of baseball here and there, but tonight I decided to just relax and watch an entire game.  So of course my team is losing four to nothing.

Wait.  My new favorite player Cameron Maybin just hit a two run homer.  So it's 4 to 2 and I'm feeling hopeful.

Speaking of the Braves, the Thirdlanders are reading picture book biographies.  I have 2 picture book biographies about each famous person.  Yesterday I asked a Thirdlander why he wasn't reading a biography.  He said, "I already read the book about Hank Aaron."
I countered with, "Did you read both books about him?"
He parried with, "There's only one there."
So then I had to walk over to the book bins and find the second book.  I found it in about 22 seconds. When I held it up, the Thirdlander said, "That's about Henry Aaron, not Hank Aaron."

I set him straight and he got to reading.

Shoot.  Now it's 5 to 2.  I am back to being annoyed now.…

The Carnival

It's Carnival Day!  It's Carnival DAY!  I'm going to be working at the Frog Jump game, a new game this year, so it's anybody's guess what's in store for me there.  Then I'm pulling a shift at the Bouncy House, where I'll work hard to maintain that perfect balance between exuberant devil may care fun and the physical safety of our youth. After that, I may bid on a few silent auction items.  I haven't heard anything about a cake walk yet, so let's all cross our fingers for a cake walk, because Husbandman's always happy for a cake. Husbandman's not coming to carnival, so he's counting on me to get the cake, if there is cake. If there's not cake, I'll probably just get him a few ring pops.

In conclusion, I'm super pumped for our school CARNIVAL!  Let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in our favor.