Monday, July 31, 2006

The Wink

I woke up with a small stye in my eye today and it hurt every time I winked. I thought, "What the heck could be worse than this?" I had to accept that things could be much worse when I checked email and learned that good friend KR is having a hard time concentrating on his work in Haifa because so many explosions are blasting away outside his windows. I felt even more foolish worrying about the eye sore when I sat with JW as she received chemotherapy this afternoon. Living in a war zone and/or having chemo would be way worse, I thought to myself. Soon after this realization, the eye thing got completely better and this evening I went out to a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant with some good pals. So things could be worse and they could also be better is the moral of the story of the stye.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Devil

The Streep movie is pretty good, mostly because Meryl is so way excellent in it. As the credits rolled I commented to Husbandman, "I wish I dressed better." I also need to be about 5 inches taller, but that's probably not going to happen any time soon. As you can see, I'm feeling super defeatist lately. I'm going to see a movie every day this week to help me pull out of it.
Foto credit: #1 Son

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Rigamarole

I'm getting really cheesed off because JW is still in the hospital. They're playing with her mind and with mine, indirectly. Each day she calls to tell me that she'll come home the next day. Then the next day she calls to tell me that they've decided that she must stay. I don't know how she's coping with this hospital rigamarole but I know it's wearing her down. The other night when KW and I were visiting, she told us that the nurse keeps offering her pain medication even though her pain level isn't too high and she doesn't need it. I stared blankly at her for several minutes before sputtering, "When someone asks you if you want pain medication, the answer is ALWAYS YES. Geezlouise, have I taught you nothing???" We've gotta get her out of there. Clearly, she's losing it. Cross your fingers.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Rating

As far as I can tell, cancer is way over rated. I spent yesterday visiting good pal jw in the hospital. It's pretty sad when you're hoping you can get your latest infection cleared up so that you can get your chemo on time. Geezlouise. On the plus side, jw's sister, kw, brought her two nice shirts as a gift and I asked if I could have one of them because I really liked it and they said yes so I got a good shirt out of the deal. Send some healing rays jw's way if you will today. Merci mes amies.
Foto credit of baby pileated: Lewison

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Marrow

I sat between two carnivores this past week at excellent L'EXPRESS. Husbandman to my right was eating bone marrow. And Michel, new pal to my left, was eating horse tartare. Ick. Tonight, the fancy pants veggie place Les Chevres is on the docket. Michel told us that they can make a carrot cost 40 dollars there. So of course I'm way excited.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Tasks

We walked around Vieux Montreal last night and had a nice dinner on a beautiful terrace. Today Husbandman's taking off early so we'll venture forth together in the afternoon. Some progress was made yesterday on analyzing some text, so I'm happy as the proverbial clam. On to the next task.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The View

I'm in one of these buildings in this city. That which shall not be named is getting on my last nerve today.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The North

Tomorrow I'm heading up to our neighbors in the north. Husbandman and I are spending a week in Montreal. He will be at a conference. I will be analyzing data for that which shall not be named. I'm bringing my swimsuit because the hotel has a pool. I also bought a small guidebook and a map. Montreal is a good place for walking I have heard. My goal of working might be an ignis fatuus, but my intentions are good. For the most part.
Venerable father, known around here as PaPa, is staying with the kiddos. Wish him luck.

P.S. We liked the crossword puzzle movie, Word Play. You probably will as well.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Leaf

I thought I saw a slug on the deck, but when I looked more closely I saw that it was just a wet leaf.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Brink

We're home now. I'm working away this week on that which shall not be named. Within the same hour I can verge from elation at finishing up a section and then swing on over to the brink of utter despair at how inadequate t.w.s.n.b.n. is turning out to be. But I remember the profound words of good friend RT, "The only good dissertation is a done dissertation," and I plug along.

Friday, July 07, 2006

La Fin

We ended where we began. A picnic at Place Des Vosges. And of course walking. And eating ice cream. Cross your fingers that the taxi shows up when and where it is supposed to tomorrow morning. We're always guessing our way through transactions here. Au revoir Paris. A toute a l'heure, gator.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Le Pere-Lachaise

The storm came and now we're cool and breezy again. Teen daughter navigated and narrated a stroll through the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery today, reading from a Paris Walks book. We visited the graves of Balzac, Richard Wright, Max Ernst, Gertrude and Alice, Proust, Wilde and of course Jim Morrison. The cemetery has huge trees, cobblestone alleyways and it's been a lovely day. Cross your fingers for the Blues tonight.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Le Chaud

It's only super hot in Paris for about 15 days of the year so it's great to know we've been in town for all 15. But a storm's a brewin and we should cool off for our last few days. We walked down Montparnasse this morning checking out movie theaters that had movies in v.o., version originale. Je T'aime was playing at 11:15 and I asked if the film was in english. The woman told me (in french) that the majority of it was in english, with some french. We headed in and the movie had already started. It was all in french. At first I thought, geez louise, can nothing be easy? But then I felt the cool air conditioning and the film, full of short vignettes from famous directors, became not too hard to follow. We think we got the gist of most of the stories, especially the few that had some english lines. The unifying power of film. I think I've heard someone use that phrase before and it seems appropriate here. We also walked around Au Bon Marche, tres cher department store, also air conditioned. Everything I looked at was tempting, but I bought nothing, despite #1's constant prodding, "Mom, pull the trigger! Pull the trigger!"

Monday, July 03, 2006

Le Nom

We toured the Pantheon today. We loved the chilly coolness of the crypt. In one small alcove, we stood between the tombs of Victor Hugo, Emile Zola and Alexander Dumas. #1 son pointed to the crypt of Dumas and whispered to me, "What a drag to have the name Dumbass."
Teen Daughter wasn't too happy when she found out why I was laughing, so we sauntered off to this nice spot along the Seine and had some premier Parisian ice cream. Then over to the Cluny to look at artifacts from the Middle Ages. They have a real plethora of ruins over here. Last week we meandered into a small park for a rest and noticed we were surrounded by old ruins tossed along its border. The name of the park..."Garden of Old Stones." Tonight we meet some pals for dinner after some champagne and strawberries at the apartment. I'm heading home to sweep the floor. My housekeeping skills have really gone down the tubes this month. But guess what else??? I finished another chapter of that which shall not be named, just this morning. Ooh lala.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

La Coupe

Today we spent a hot but fun day walking around the gardens at Versailles. We got there in time for the fountain show, where they have all the fountains going and classical music is piped in. Then we headed over to Le Hameau, or hamlet, of Marie Antoinette. She had a little village built so she could pretend she was an earthy peasant every once in awhile.
Last night France won another World Cup game and the partying was raucous outside our apt. I fell asleep eventually but Husbandman reports three guys sang the same song over and over, until about 6am. I am hoping the Blues go all the way. That will be a sight to behold.