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We went to an aquarium today in Eilat.  The weather wasn't supportive of beach time, which made me a little ticked off at Eilat, but our trip has surpassed all expectations, so I'm going to give Eilat a pass this time.

We saw some sea turtles at the aquarium.  They have a program of raising baby sea turtles and they've released over 200 sea turtles into the sea.  They wait til the babies are fairly big and their shells are in good shape, which takes a few years, but sea turtles live to be 100 to 120 years old, so it's okay for them to hang out at the aquarium for awhile. They sacrifice their infancy for a long cheerful life.

We will be releasing #1 Son back into his life tomorrow night.  We certainly are going to miss him, but like the sea turtles, he belongs out in the yonder.  I hope I don't cry too much.


KC said…
I will miss that #1. You guys belong together, but he's got to keep studying music.
Anonymous said…
You guys have had an experience of a lifetime the last 10 days. But it's gonna be missed for sure.
LH said…
Our trip and our visit are over. I'm a little down, but mostly happy about the great time that was had. And also worried because #1 son, after 24 hours of travel has to drive to Brown County to play some jazz. We've communicated to him every way we know how that this is giving us anxiety. I'll be glad when he reports that his gig is done and he's safe and sound in bed.

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