I celebrate Hanukah.

Ani khogeg Hanukah.

Photo Credit:  Eve!  Toda raba, Eve!

Sometimes when I don't want to start working on the article, I write a few one sentence stories to get me warmed up and to waste time.  Today's story was:  

She could not hear her phone buzzing incessantly because, unbeknownst to her at this point, she had woken up with Sudden Onset Deafness.  


mm said…
One sentence stories... like it.
Anonymous said…
Hope your ear is not still creating difficulty! I think the one line stories might be a fun study to try with my class!!! MAybe the week before break when they have a hard time staying focused??? I'm playing with that idea! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Nice. Larry still has ringing in his ears from his concussion about a month ago. Sad to say.
LH said…
My ear's better, but I thought it would be a good source for a one sentence story. I think I got the idea from an author on twitter or tumblr. Maybe Barbara Kingsolver but I can't remember.

The ear ringing is horrible. I have done quite a bit of reading about it the last couple of weeks. It's not easy to get rid of.

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