Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yesh khatool.

Tr:  There's a cat.
Today I saw Thor.  Husbandman didn't want to go, so I went solo.  Thor passes the Bechdel test.  That's a fairly minimum standard for movies, but still it's a rare treat to see a movie that has some women characters who have names and talk to each other about stuff other than men. The women in Thor talked about Thor some of the time, but mostly they talked about their scientific work. I liked Thor.  I especially liked the character of Loki.  He's kind of messed up, but I think deep down he's probably nice and wants friends.  When Husbandman picked me up, we went out for a late lunch and I told him the entire story of Thor.  It's a good movie with some surprising humor, so if you feel like seeing it, go ahead and see it.

I made this khatool. It's been a rainy lazy day, but tomorrow my landlady tells me the weather will be better.  Her grandson told her that tomorrow there will be a "chicken sun."  I vow to get outside to see it .


Anonymous said...

I'll take a chicken sun compared to the gray gloom we've had.

bluebirdwoman said...

Nice khatool. Maybe tomorrow you could make a tarnegolet sun.

mm said...

A "chicken sun"... interesting...

Anonymous said...

Gray Gloom and rain rain rain!!! Please Indiana…you're killing me.