Friday, January 30, 2015

The Ritz

For various reasons, I started passing out Ritz crackers every day around 2:00 in Room 200.  That's become one of our little traditions. I don't even know how it started, but that's what we do.

Last week, one of the more civic minded Thirdlanders brought in a box of Ritz to help out with our cracker habit.  

As we were passing out the ritz yesterday, Civic Minded Thirdlander exclaimed, "Wait a minute!  Is that the box my mom sent in?"  
I told her it probably was.  She zipped to look at the other boxes over in my office area.  She ran back, using an uncharacteristically loud voice, "This is all making sense now!  My mom buys WHEAT RITZ.  All year I keep telling her I want Ritz because I love them here at school. So buttery! So salty! But the ones at home never taste the same.  Now I get it.  She's buying the wrong kind!"  

Another Thirdlander yelled out, "I think my mom's doing that too!  These wheat ritz are HORRIBLE!"

The two Thirdlanders asked me if they could skip working on lit. logs so they could write letters home.  They even asked for plastic bags so they could bring both types of ritz home, for blind taste tests with their parents.  They seemed to be passionate about their topic, so I agreed to let them do this.  Probably not one of my best moves.  But really, People.  Wheat Ritz?  So wrong on so many levels. Gotta go with the Thirdlanders on this one. 


KC said...

This banana art has me really jazzed up.

mm said...

I love the letters home and also agree with the Thirdlanders. I hope their parents take note.

Anonymous said...

I follow an artist on twitter who creates art out of her food. This is just as good.

LH said...

Thanks for the banana art compliments. Bananas make an excellent canvas.

Update on the Thirdlanders. One said that her mom was very impressed with the letter and will now buy the correct type of Ritz. The other said that even though her mom actually prefers the wheat ritz, she will now buy regular ritz for the Thirdlander.

So persuasive writing once again gets the job done.

Julie said...

That's hilarious. I think letters of complaint should be encouraged. Wheat ritz--ick--misses the point of ritz entirely.

Sandora said...

That's funny! Very creative way to solve the wheat ritz problem!

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