Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: Prague Quadrennial 2015

Indiana University Theater Technology professors and graduate students have worked up a nifty interactive sculpture/exhibit that's going to be part of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.  We're heading to Prague my friends, to support IU as they represent us at the Quadrennial this summer.

I've also been doing some drawing lately using this book by Sachiko Umoto.  It's called Illustration School:  Let's Draw Cute Animals. The Thirdlanders like the book as well.  We made the cute dog the other day.

Also, we learned from Time For Kids magazine that someone has invented a rudimentary hoverboard.  It's an extremely creative thing to invent anything that can hover, so I hope the inventors keep working to improve the hoverboard.

I'd really like a hoverboard.  If I had a hoverboard, I could float around town with my new parakeet on my shoulder.  I'm thinking of getting a parakeet so I went to look at them at the pet store tonight.  They seem like creative birds, bright and cheerful and probably thinking about hover boards from time to time.

Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap once again.  We've got a sculpture that's heading to Prague, a book of drawing instructions (I've made the dog, bear and rabbit). We also have a new invention called the hoverboard and a photograph of a parakeet, looking stunning as all get out.  It just goes to prove to us all that the sky's the limit, when your heart is in it.  Well done!


KC said...

Will the parakeet live at school or at home??

mm said...

I kept clicking links hoping for the drawing of the cute dog.

Anonymous said...

Could I just come and stay in your classroom all day????!!!

LH said...

The parakeet could come back and forth with me each day. I want it to fly freely and not be in a cage.

MM, I put it on the next post. I love those little books. I just bought another one called Let's Draw Happy People.

JW, Yes. I wish I had a ball and chain around your leg and you had to stay there whether you liked it or not.