Monday, January 12, 2015

The Mix

I'm not a huge fan of the wintry mix.  We're dealing with the wintry mix right now.  Little bit of rain, little bit of ice, throw in some sleet, maybe a snowflake every now and again.  It's a mess.

 Every county surrounding us is closed today, but we don't even have a 2 hour delay.  I need my 2 hour delays, peeps.  I need to talk to someone about this. I'm probably going to have to go straight to the top.

Monday's a good day for thinking about goals for our week.  Today, I'll make up goals for myself and for you as well.  That way you don't have to think about making up goals.

Let's try to stay upright and not fall on ice. In general, let's try to take extra good care of ourselves this week.  The wintry mix can get us down, so we need to wrap ourselves up in care and kindness.  If you're a California reader, you probably can skip this goal.

Let's shoot for speaking in a calm voice to adults and children, and to ourselves inside our minds.

Let's go to the store and buy our own special surprises for our lunches because sometimes people who make our lunches say they don't want to deal with the pressure of having to think up special lunch surprises. That can happen.  Let's try not to judge.

 It's all about self care this week.  And staying calm. And let's not judge other people.


mm said...

Thanks for making my goals. I think I can follow through with them.

jdoc said...

I have an idea. You should purchase a large number and variety of surprises for your lunches. Then the person who makes your lunches (we all know who that is) just has to pick one from a jar (or some other container) and put it into your lunch. You won't know which of the surprises he's picked for he day and, alas, it will truly be a surprise. What does the lunch maker say to that?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to work so hard toward these goals.