Friday, January 02, 2015

The Serial

I'm obsessed with The Serial.  I listened to all of it and now I read articles about it every day.  I follow Rabia Chaudry on twitter and click on all her links.  I google Adnan Syed's name every day to find out if there's anything new in the case.  I wonder what will happen.

Sometimes I have hope that Adnan will be freed because The Innocence Project is working to get some DNA testing done that could exonerate him.  Sometimes I feel like there's no hope for Adnan being released.  Sometimes I wonder who really killed young Hae Min Lee.  Sometimes I wish I hadn't ever heard of The Serial.

My lawyer friend told me that there are many wrongly convicted innocent people sitting in jail right now, so now I'm going to start reading more about this over here. The Innocence Project does important work.


mm said...

I need to start listening to Serial.

KC said...

Here's my thing on Serial - none of the interviews and tweets are changing my opinion, so I'm letting it stay as a completed project that the Serial team did. Like a book. I really enjoyed it, and I'm okay with putting it aside for now. Of course, I care about Adnan, too, but it's out of my hands.

LH said...

Are you for #freeadnan???

Ms. W. said...

I mean, yeah. I think the case against Adnan is total crap.

LH said...

MM, you should listen to it. It's a good piece of journalism.

KC, I can not believe the flimsy case against this guy. It's driving me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I'm about halfway through serial and I'm trying so hard not to become obsessed but it's a slippery slope. I'm also finding that my focus is not as good as it used to be so I'm constantly rewinding rewinding rewinding.